Rihanna’s Couture Photo Shoot

Good Girl Gone Really Bad

Rihanna’s long awaited and much hyped Vogue Couture Cover made it’s way online last week to much fanfare. Some loved the cover shot and some hated it… and I’m guessing these inside pics will cause just as much debate. The singer is featured in an array of poses- including several with a pair of crutches and a cane (Chris Brown reference no doubt). Rihanna is also shown topless, sans a pair of pasties and in what some are saying is black face.

Several shots you can view below and for many more you can hit up the World of Rihanna Photo Gallery.


  1. WHy should there be a debate, Rhianna has been prancing around half-naked since she came in the game. I would be shocked if she were classy and wore clothes.

  2. The theme of the photoshoot was extreme couture and it is what I expected. FIERCENESS OUT OF CONTROL!!!

    The styling and theme of this photoshoot had to portray something… extreme couture would not embody her just looking at the camera being cute… she had to take it to another level and I think she did.

    Out of all the singers turned wanna-be models Rihanna is by far the only one I see pulling this shoot off. And the topless photo with just the pasties… I don’t see her donning blackface but whatever….

    I have no problems with these pictures and I look forward to seeing what she puts out/does next…. WERK Ms FENTY WERK!!!

  3. As art pictures I think she pulled it off. I think they are classy but they are extreme couture’ which is just a fancy word for semi nude art photos. But I think she passed with flying colors.

  4. Ruserous … SIT YOUR ASS DOWN…. ri’s more classy then you will ever be

  5. Yeah RiRi is about the only person I can think of that could pull this off and she did. While I prefer to see more beauty she captures the extreme that was meant to be. I don’t pick up blackface at all either because all the pictures are dark so its not a big deal. Now if she had on a mammy costume then that’s a different story…Anyway I’m glad to see her keep up her swagg despite recent events and one things for sure the girl has that it factor that makes people want to see her.

  6. She is crazzzzzzzzzzzzy beautiful! Some of the most artistic and interesting shoots i’ve seen in a while, especilly from a musician

  7. Finally she does Vogue! It was about time! I was wondering when she will grace the cover because if someone (non top model) deserves it,it’s really Rihanna.

  8. Grace Jones part 2! I think they should have let her OWN beauty shine threw, but all I see is Grace Jones! She’s prettier than this!

  9. I LOVE IT!

    I don’t think it’s blackface – it looks like the same kind of makeup but lighter that she used in the Umbrella video – Fantasia used it in some promo pics she did for her second album – very Grace Jone-ish and I like it!

  10. Wow, she looks like a natural. The best so far of all the singers that have taken so called professional super-model style photos.

  11. Have or do any of you watch ANTM? if so, then you know this is way to much photoshop going on and her look is the same in every pic. Not model material, sorry! If you recall Riri said she would not go this far with the almost nude pic, but then again what was the tour costumes about.. Again, overrated!

  12. boring..dnt see the chris stories or the a big things about her titties..she like them out and has shown that more times then one//

    @loulou, she is not the cover of the main mag dnt get it twisted..she is covering and featuring in the supplement-extra booklet in the mag..

  13. I know her mom, no i her father… he has to be beaming. my lil girl all grown up and nam.

  14. all grown and naked on display for the world. I know he is dying for his male friends to see this. Her beauty is beyond, i wish her self-esteem matched. She would have on clothes. Where are my ladies??? When did half-naked become chic, sexy, classy? I’d kill my daughter if she ever did this, i don’t care how much $

  15. ITs funny tho, i notice sum beyonce haters luv Rhianna, but they hate Beyonce for the same things Rhianna does. Sell sum sex like the pimps they are. They pimp the public. The B haters claims she got no substance, and Bland Rhianna does?? Guess what i don’t care 4 neither.

  16. AND when the hell does it matter if are R&B singer could kill a model shoot?? That’s the prob now. If you look at the singers in the 80’s and 90’s they weren’t ideal model looks. If she was average looking we wouldn’t know who she was or attractive but not in a European look, she woiuld be non-existent. (sigh) hyprocrisy- i luv it.

  17. What’s even mre funny are you serious is the fact that YOU always talk about how pitiful people who dont like beyonce are because they post about her yet i can’t seem to find ONE post recently about rihanna where you haven’t posted so that makes hypocrite+liar+jealous+envious+ignorant= the perfect beyonce stans congratulation you just won a picture of beyonce to add to your collection psycho!!!!! and goons you are right there too with “ruserious” talking about she is not on the cover dont get it twisted so the fuck what? at least she is not on the cover for FAT cows edition of vogue, You people kill me we can argue over vocal performances because i KNOW rihanna can sing but you guys don’t even know that if we have to get on rihanna beyonce can’t sing neither when we go by fundamental rules of vocal performances but what the hell do yall know?yaki and ass is enough to make you scream virtuoso pathetic mofos!then you wonder why people dont give beyonce her respect shut the F-CK UP getting on our nerves and see how much everyone will love beyonce again!

  18. i meant CANT sing about rihanna oh and ruserious i was on the amber post and ooooh there you was with rihanna name in your mouth, face it whatever yout hink people are because they dont lick beyonce period juice is the exact same thing you are, if we are “haters” so are you but you are even worse because at east we “hating” on a washed up old “missed her call as a legend” chick while you are just amd at youth and beauty, RAISE UP

  19. Most of them are hot, but Rih Rih, we don’t want to see your titays, we’ve seen enough of that. Save that for in case you get dropped or something. Don’t show them for every photo op, kay!

  20. @Voice It’s funny, i didn’t even read ur whole comments, but im kinda baffled @ your stepping to the plate when my comment was specifically addressed to Beyonce haters? Ru a Beyonce hater? The subconscious is powerful.

  21. @Voice-ok i just skimmed through your ranting. From what i gathered ur point is at least ur hater on sum1 that deserves to be hated on (Beyonce), but im hating on RHianna can sing and etc. (sigh) i posted earlier im not a fan of neither for different reasons. i listen to the likes o fAlicia, Crisette, Mary mary, Mary j.Blige,. But Voice i can feel in your posts and u keep revealing urself, not as an observer, but a hater and a Beyonce hater.

  22. I don’t respect any artist that show their bodies. But i want you to think about this. Why did you step 2 the bat and address my comment on Beyonce haters? I can neutrally critique, but look at you, i can tell you probably stomping the keys. yes, you know how 2 put a sentence together, your witty, but you think that is going 2 override the obvious-ur a hater, uno it, i know it, and most of the board knows this. But ur not by urself on here. Just like there ar Rhianna haters.

  23. Voice- wait u just said Beyonce can’t sing-this is another reason why ur a hater. Yes, she is overexposed, media-wise and in her attire. Yes, there prob is sum truth to the rumor she does shady business. Yes, she is lacking creativity. Yes, she lacks true depth. But can’t sing??? Did you see how i objectively critiqued her without letting emotions get in the way. Now, you try,

  24. this is my she is on fire she got a movie coming out she is gonna have a great career i love her music i am a tru fan

  25. Can any black female ever have a post without Beyonce name being mentioned. They don’t even make the same kind of music. Rhianna makes more international music and Beyonce makes RnB somewhat. They are not even the style entertainer. Why can’t a black woman come out and not be compared to Beyonce. She is not the end all be all to black female performers. Nothing against her but she is not the measure stick for everyone.

  26. well said bee, there was life b4 beyonce damm some of you act like she is your everything, she is a good entertainer but so is riri like it or not the girl is getting paid. if you cant talk about ri without beyonce then she must be her biggest threat. there ar so many talented singers its a shame that the media had made beyone the pedalstool

  27. Let’s keep this in perspective. Rhianna is a less talented version of Beyonce, just with a much more better fashion sense. Both sing about Anything of substance, both are majority of the time naked, both git major hype cuz of their looks, just B can sing, and Riri sing cute. Now, you can’t compare Jasmine Sullivan and Rhianna, or Estelle or Rhianna, but B and RHianna same people 2 me.

  28. RHianna makes international music, what?? “Umbrella”. Im gonna say this again i don’t care 4 neither, but the B haters are dying 4 sum1 2 knock B out the light that she hogs, and they hope its Rhianna, but…Rhianna ain’t really different so who is the next great hope. SHe’s a very very pretty girl who can hold a tune with a great fashion designer or sense of fashion. That’s it.

  29. I agree Ruserious 100%. Rihanna is FIERCE, no doubt about that. But…had Beyonce done this same photoshoot (exposing herself), these comments would read much differently ( the majority being negative).

  30. Bee you tell them, and at the beyonce stans beyonce could never handle a photo shoot like that because she is seriously out of shape and even when she is in shape her body is not the business as some people are making believe and talking about talent, beyonce is just as talented as the next person she has not done anything so amazingly out of this world for everyone to be obliged to bow down to her so please stop being jealous you people give so many attention to rihanna yet you claim not to be interested in her? do you think rihanna is trying to keep up with beyonce? if anything your so called “virtuoso” beyonce is trying to keep up with rhanna and the fact that you won’t even admit that speaks volume, rihanna fans unlike you don’t take garbage before the critically acclaimed gggb we didn’t buy rihanna’s music because it wasn’t that good, beyonce just produced the worst cd for a female of her carure and you ate it up, so please stay in you lane just because you know in what key a song in sung does not consist of any knowledge of music, all of you beyonce fans sound very ridiculous given the lenghts you’ll go to put rihanna/ciara/all of them down to uplift beyonce if she is so great let her work speak for itself, i am sure once she is not here anymore people will talk about how “video phone”, “deja vu”, “irrepleacable”, “me myself and i ” and all of those songs “touched the world” let’s face it you can talk about rihanna all you want and trust me i am no fan ,but just remember that beyonce’s most “serious” songs are platform for jokes and her music has NO substance ,so all of that “talent” is there for what ? Rihanna and beyonce are in the same categorie and rihanna is her fiercest rival your constant acharnement on her is clear proof of it, and it is so pitiful that after all beyonce has done for you people you are still insecure on her behalf and that’s sad

  31. @ Ivory

    I LOVE Beyonce, but you are right about her doing that type of shoot. Nothing wrong with being honest. I’ll just leave it at that.

  32. Funny how “ivory” said the exact same thing i have been saying fior ever and stans wants to agree and act all civilized had it been me or lady say it you all would be writing novels, You people are so sad Lmao

  33. Ivory and others.


    BeYawnSay gets the cover and nobody cares,

    Rihanna gets a supplement and the world pauses, the media nearly crashes Rihannadaily site linking the pictures.

    Get my point? I’m right there with you 100000% Beyawnsay’s entire “career” has been nothing more than marketing and hype. She is the most overrated annoying boring chick in the game.

  34. @Voice-im the only one on here who dared 2 say something against Queen Rhianna so i must be the “Beyonce stan” .I see ur the type who likes 2 hear or read what you want. I dare you to go into the archives & read how i ragged on Beyonce. I’m just not gonna jump on the bandwagon & like Rhianna just so she can knock B out the light. THe difference between me @ u is i don’t like Beyonce, but we all know u HATE her. ANd the difference btween Rhi & Bi is B for all her overhype can actually sing & Rhi just got a cute voice. i already broke down their similarities.

  35. And let the madness continue. Now Beyonce’s body is so out of shape she can’t do this photoshoot. Is this a white board. When in the Black community did thick become unattractive. Oh, when it comes to hating on B right?? Gimme a break.Both girl are drop dead gorgeous & both have model looks. Once your honest wit urself @ acknowlege the hate, you can put it 2 the side and be more objective.

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