Rihanna’s “Disturbia Video” Premiere


The video for Rihanna’s latest single “Disturbia” was premiered earlier today via the singer’s official website. The clip was shot last month in downtown Los Angeles and was directed by famed photographer David LaChapelle, whose prior credits include Loverboy by Mariah Carey, Try It on My Own by Whitney Houston and Good Stuff by Kelis.

Dusturbia is the third single to be released from Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded CD and was co-written by Rihanna herself and singer Chris Brown.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I love love love it! Her in the cage with the blond wig and white eyes is so scary looking, she looked insane lol! I love the whole concept.

  2. This is a real different style of video for Rihanna, I love it. It kinda reminds me of one of Christina Aguilera video.

    This song has really grown on me now, didn’t think much of it at first…… but the video is really cool…..

    Absolutely loving Rihanna…..

  3. Rihanna is just the women of the moment! She’s so hot right now that whatever she does the public goes mad for it. The video is uhm… Different . But Iguess its cool. It kinda makes me wonder If Beyonce can catch up to the trail that Rihanna is leaving behind!

  4. “It kinda makes me wonder If Beyonce can catch up to the trail that Rihanna is leaving behind!” Honey

    What trail is that Honey? If I remember correctly, Ri still has some cathing up to do.

    On another note, that video is scary& dark as hell. I like it. It’s suppose to disturb you after all lol.

  5. I like rihanna alot she bring something different to the music world. She get hated on and she well like just like beyonce. So to me can not compare the two at all. @SnijanaFleur yes ri-ri do have some catching up people be forgetting beyonce been in the game longer then Rihanna people forget beyonce started in a group rihanna did not. People forget that jay-z put rihanna on he seen the talent and ran with it. So she going to be around for along time. Because she have a fanbase. Her style is very nice. I know someone going to say she got a stylist. All the celebrity have a stylist.

  6. That’s “House Music”. Sometimes it’s called “Garage”. A while back, Ms. “Flo” called that style “Neo-Soul”. I love it.

  7. Why do people keep comparing Rihanna to Beyonce. Their styles are so, so different. Rihanna might not have the pipes of Whitney Houston or the stage presence of Janet Jackson, but she has the it factor to keep people interested for right now.

    People also need to stop putting Beyonce on a pedestal in thinking that she can’t be knocked off her high horse. The only reason she reigned in 2006-07 is because she had no real competition. She will not always be on top. The industry has changed since the glory days of music when talent ruled. Now it is all about image and who is the youngest starlet. Fast forward to 10-years from now, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara will be replaced by young, fresh new starlets and just like Brandy, Monica, Ashanti and Janet will struggle to make comebacks. Unless music goes back to the old days where it was about singing, talent, passion and substance; not image.

  8. Rihanna’s pop music game is bringing the business. Chick is not playing. She’s original and the ideas that she’s bringing to the game are fresh. And they aren’t contrived. Everything about her says that she thinks outside of the box. It’s obvious that her music career isn’t about her vocal talent; and Rihanna doesn’t need to sound like she just left the wailing family choir to chase her dreams. She’s just a hot pop sensation who knows how to work her strengths and weaknesses.

  9. I love this! So creative. And she is gorgeous. Love it.

  10. I absolutely love this damn girl! There is no comparison between her and Beyonce so I wish people would lay off of that. They are completely different ever since Rihanna did this whole Good Girl Gone Bad era. But Rihanna is officially the “IT” girl right now. But that always comes and goes… =D

  11. @ Toy, I agree. There is no comparison between she and ‘B’. ‘B’ is in a class all her own and Rihanna is forging her own image and is being quite successful at it. Someone mentioned she’s like a Black Madonna and I’m inclined to agree, save for the ‘dancing’. Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie has a little more ‘pep’ in her dancing steps, than Rih. 😉 Still this video is crazy! Loving it! Reminds me of that movie “The Cell” (I can explain in another post if you like) and some other *cough* things I’ve seen *cough* LOL.

  12. Cool video but give me a break about her being original…dont forget her inspiration fefe dobson. She straight her whole style….

  13. Loved it! It’s not super original (many videos have this style, most recent that comes to mind is Ayumi Hamasaki’s Marionette and definitely Christina’s Fighter) but it is a departure from most of what everyone else is doing at the moment, so it is unique in that way. She’s doing very big things as a Pop Artist, and I hope she stays around.

  14. @ Kanyade, you’re right it’s very The Cell. It also reminded me of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series with the whole dark non-human vibe.

  15. It’s is very disturbing and I love it! It’s so dark and craZY!



  18. Nice work. She just keeps getting better and better.

  19. this video does remind me of FE FE Dobson’s I mean FE FE has her hair like that and a video like that also. go to youtube and type FE FE’s name in you’ll see, but i like the song though.

  20. The video is alright. A lot of these videos look the same these days. Fefe and Rihanna are similar in their Island influence and style but Rihanna’s star shines brighter…at least in the US…donno about Canada/the rest of the world!

  21. The video is definitely disturbing. Especially the scenes with the white eyes. Rhianna is in a class by herself, from her style to her music. I have to give her credit for being her own person. If you look at some of her earlier videos you could compare her to Beyonce, but she has broken from the pact. Good for her.

  22. Remind of the cool videos in the 80’s.

    It is unfair that people continually compare her to Bey. She is pop/punk while Bey is ghettofabulous pop. It is also unfair that black artist are expected to have a stellar voice. Most of those rock and punk artists can’t sing but millions relate and appreciate what they express. Her lyrics, singing and personal style is appealing to does who like their punk in small doses.

    Well done, Ms Ri Ri.

  23. RIhanna is going for her own crown and she will get it !
    love the video

  24. It’s the same concept as Madonna’s Die Another Day video…. Madonna’s video is circa 2002. All ideas started off as someone else’s idea BUT it’s all good as long as we recognize and stop thinking it’s original. Nevertheless RiRi is the bomb right now.

  25. I love this chick’s style. Tired of people saying she can’t sing. She is a punk/pop/international singer. Remind you that there are tons of artist past that have had successful music careers not based on their vocal talent (Bob Dylan, Madonna, TLC, Britney Spears). She is not and has never been an R & B soulful singer. She has an international sound that has crossover appeal. So people’s argument that she can’t sing is so irrelevant. People like her because she is edgy and likes to change things up. She is living up to the title of her album “Good Girl Gone Bad.” She is not Beyonce, not trying to be like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Ciara or Ashanti. She is Rihanna.

    This is also a huge universe. Nobody in the music industry has any originality anymore. They have all admired someone before them and has borrowed their ideas.

  26. @ sjhhh, Sean, Lady, and Rae:

    I thought the name Fefe Dobson rung a bell. I remember her and liked her songs. I think that it is disturbing that Def Jam got rid of her at the same time they signed Rhianna. And now Rhianna’s style is just like hers. Sounds fishy to me.

  27. Rihanna is no way shape or form trying to copy Beyonce. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with her, but she actually reminds me of an artist name Fefe Dobson. An edgy punk rocker who never really gained commercial success.

    Do a Google search and check out some of her images.

  28. @Torya for the info. Why is people comparing her to this other woman. If it fishy you can blame the people behind the scene if she took fefe look. But i think everyone take other people look in the industry and the real world. That why i do not go after trends because you be looking like the next woman on the street. So that why i do love rihanna style because she is different.


  30. @Teeda: I was thinking the same thing. Madonna came too mind when I saw this video. I think that the reason people like her right now is because she is doing something different. I also don’t understand why everyone has too be compared too Beyonce. B has her thing and let Rhianna have hers. Every black female particularly the younger ones do not have to be compered too Beyonce and vica/versa. Let everybody shine in the spotlight.

  31. let me laugh befor ha ha ha…. who right this song?? ( rihanna has just heard it after want she wants to sing it)…who make this sound?…who make the video…this girl is just famous becouseeeeee she cut her hair and change her style…miss rihanna doesnt want to looks like this other singer ok..but sorry WHEN YOU JUST CHOOSE A SONG AND SING IT AFTER FOR ME ITS NOT A WORK OF ARTIST….


  33. that video was great, kudos to the director,
    Rihanna pulled that off really well. she looked hella creepy lol
    she would be an awesome model

  34. It is incredible to read the posts…it seems people have such a tough time appreciating an artist for getting out there and working. She is obviously working hard to realize her dreams and seems to be enjoying a steady climb up. As compared to the people who sit around just wishing they had half the courage to follow their own dreams.

    Rhianna is Rhianna. Beyonce is Beyonce. Why compare? Does it make you feel comfortable to be able to try and put them in a box? Why not celebrate their differences and send positive energy to both since they are very visible and successful women of color? If you are trying to compare: take a long, hard look inward and chip away at the bitter, close minded-ness that is not allowing you to be open to different women being successful and celebrating it.

  35. @Lynette i totally agree with you. Let these two women be who they are. There can be more than one black woman on top.

  36. Honestly. in my opinion it just looks like a bunch of madonna viedios put together i dont think its very original. Everything about this chick is Maddona and fefe dobson the only diffrence that makes people think shes not biting off maddonas style to the max is the fact that shes black

  37. Like I said before (and a few others here have said the same) no idea is orginal it doesn’t mean that we have to look inside at ourselves Lynette – maybe some of our opinions are simple and genuine with no hidden agendas. I like RiRi, always have. With that said this video still reminds me of Madonna’s Die Another Day – the concept, the darkness, the raw and dirty feel, the S & M influences in the clothing. I can go on and on. Madonna started those trends a long time ago (look at Bedtime Stories, Erotica, etc.) and she still puts it out there like no other. Maybe RiRi is an admirer of Madge’s and that’s ok – I certainly am a long time fan. I appreciate Rihanna no matter who she gets her inspirations from. I for one do not compare her to Beyonce at all. Every black woman in the game is not Beyonce and maybe they’re not trying to be. Also the directors of the videos bite off one another. If a trend works you go with it for the artist. If you admire someone’s style typically you work off of it but you try to put your own personal spin on it.

  38. Um… Ridonna/Riyonce… Marilyn Manson called. He wants his style back.

    I simply despise this bobbleheaded goat yodeling chick! Why must she BE EVERYONE except Rihanna? Are we to believe this is YOU Ridonna/Riyonce? You still cant sell albums in the states… so I’m pleased your shenanigans aren’t working on the majority of us. 😀 Yes I said I was pleased.

  39. I take it you really, really like Rihanna deep down.

  40. This young lady is doing it real big right now. I am happy for her success, because for a moment I thought she wouldn’t make it, because of people comparing her so much to others. Right now this style she has going on is hers, and she’s working it like she owns it. Bey or FeFe aren’t owning it like this because they are different. So what about the hair style,who really cares?!?! It just compliments the many outfits she wears. And besides fashion and hair styles have been around for ages. These things are just recycled. That’s all.

  41. How did I know this was going to turn into a Rihanna vs. Beyonce show-down? Please just let this young sis do her thing. She is hot right now. Next year, we will see. That is the nature of pop music. Best wishes to Rihanna.

  42. Oh, and I loved the video. Very edgy and sexy.

  43. I can’t wait until she comes out of the dark and makes a lighter sunnier video

  44. Actually Rihanna co-directed the video and I think it’s an excellent one. It’s been out 2 days and already creating a stir.

  45. Opinion_Distriutor: How cute?
    you created or support whatever
    a blog to nuire to someone you don’t know I just can tell how exiting your life is…

    Anyway i think rihanna is a good singer i don’t know what is wrong with your ears … expend your horizon not anyone can be whitney houston or jennifer hudson….
    hell ,ashanti and beyonce are good singers too and they can’t touch neither or these two divas so enough with the hate she is doing her thing and besides she had yet to do [or say] something to embarass they hell out of us
    “i wish i was latina,i’m so jealous i was not born latina” “everyone hates me because i’m pretty and light skin” should i say more? don’t hate her just because she came from her island and push everyone asides to make a little room for herself, talking about she is not original EHO THE FUDGE IS ? who is? who is doing something that never been done before?
    Come on people give it a rest she is not going anywhere so stop hating

  46. ^^^^wow you are an idiot to put jennifer hudson screaming ass in the same sentence as whitney houston. jennifer is nowhere near as famous as beyonce or as good a singer as whitney so kill that noise. ashanti who? Your whole statement is dumb as hell.

    Next tmeyou might want to do your research. Rihanna has said “People in Barbados are haters and jealous of me”. She has also said “I was bullied in high school because I was light skin and pretty”. So Rihalien has embarrassed her country and said some dumb ish. She will never be on Beyonce level who has 10 grammy’s, sold over 130 million records and is the most successful black female artist of this decade.

    I feel sorry for you and other dumb Rihalien stans who don’t know REAL talent. When Rihalien wins 10 grammy’s or can perform without people text-messaging through her performance (BET awards) then you can compare her to Beyonce and others who can actually sing.

  47. “jennifer is nowhere near as famous as beyonce”

    Yeah nd bey cannot sing like jen yet she is so damn “famous” proof that u dont need to be the best singer to make it

    I mean what are you mad? If rihanna is not doing anything that hurt beyonce’s career what makes you stans’s blood boil? I mean lets see
    “she has a big forehead, can’t sing,can’t dance , can’t speak english,can’t even wipe her own butt”

    yet she has stans and she gets to get called names , and take so much time in your life since you are obviously “opinnion disturbor”

    Get a life

  48. This song and video is one for the history books. I think it will be bigger than Umbrella or Take a bow. There is no need to compare Rihanna to anyone else because if there was confusion befor this video has now set her apart from the masses.

    And who said Rihanna can’t speak english? Compared to most other popular artists who use southern slang and ebonics like “y’all, aint and gotta” (which are not english words, she is very well spoken. I think her accent is what throws some people off even when she sings. But please remember that she is a West Indian girl not an american. So just accept it!

  49. keke must be rihanna herself. either that or you are 14 years old. anybody who stans for rihanna like you do is the definition of pathetic. are you going to argue with everybody who says she has no talent? LMAO rihanna should be paying you. You rihanna stans can’t even talk about her without mentioning Queen Bey name. That speaks for itself.

    “it” girls are only here for the moment i.e(jlo,ashanti,etc). artists with REAL talent last. (beyonce-10 years, alicia keys-8 years) rihanna been out 3 years and everybody think this is her first album. All people talk about is her clothes. You can say what you want but at the end of the day Beyonce is the better singer, better dancer,more famous, richer, more successful, and rihanna hasn’t done even a 1/4 of what Beyonce has done.

    “Men lie women lie numbers don’t”

    BTW I am not opinion distributor and you are pathetic to think that it’s impossible for more than one person to not like rihanna. In fact, a lot of people don’t. Grow up kid. Stanning for a no talent like rihanna is not a good look. I’d understand if this was WhitneyHouston but rihanna? LMFAO!!!

  50. @rihanna has no talent you is a hot mess you act like she not getting no money or she is just as famous as beyonce. Do not get me wrong im like both of them because they r doing there thing. But we need to stop it for real. When it come to the both of them GET THAT MONEY.

  51. Rihanna just cant sing the rock star pop thing she is doing is a gimmick to sell more albums and get more people who really dont know that much about who she was before buy into her pop rock gimmick image that was giving to her overnight lol some people just dont like her because she is a gimmick she has done reggae and that was not working they did the wannabe Beyonce thing and that was not working she went dark and rock and pop and people wants to call Rihanna orignal because she is a bajan from the caribbean making rock pop music and clearly is stealing other singers style even if Def Jam give her orders to look like this or sing songs like this she is doing it and saying its all her ideals when her ideals come from Kelis, Fefe Dobson, Madonna, & Beyonce she study these other singers and recreates herself to gain more fans who think she is a new artist when she been out since she was 16 she is fake and is a gimmick the video was not orignal and its looks like someone was studying who to swagger jack next none of the rock pop singers are safe when Rihanna and Def Jam need a new look and sound she recreates herself all the time to get attention and she never do have good performace that is because she lack personality because she has none just a look and a gimmick stories that was giving to her to sell some damn albums.

  52. Rihanna is still famous is not she? Alors??? Let the haters hate

  53. Rihanna is a great talent in her own right. Some of you girls are some miserable broads.

  54. All the artist of today have taken from artist before them and done something with it. Why, because there is no such thing as originality anymore.

    Rihanna is a pop star, she is not a singer, but yet she has a style that is appealing. Yet Beyonce is a carbon copy of Tina Turner and steals ideas from the white girls Britney Spears, Shakira and Kylie Minogue, but gets praised for everything she does. I just don’t get it. Maybe Beyonce fans are just pissed because Beyonce’s ego is constantly stroked to make her think that she is the best thing out there and now Ri-Ri who is much younger is giving her some competition.

  55. “ll the artist of today have taken from artist before them and done something with it. Why, because there is no such thing as originality anymore.

    Rihanna is a pop star, she is not a singer, but yet she has a style that is appealing. Yet Beyonce is a carbon copy of Tina Turner and steals ideas from the white girls Britney Spears, Shakira and Kylie Minogue, but gets praised for everything she does. I just don’t get it. ”

    I agree

    “Maybe Beyonce fans are just pissed because Beyonce’s ego is constantly stroked to make her think that she is the best thing out there and now Ri-Ri who is much younger is giving her some competition.”

    Everyone knows that I’m a million miles away from being a beyonce’s supporter, But it is not her fault that her fans feel threatened by rihanna
    who is younger and imo much sexier than beyonce IdT that beyonce actually condone her stans’s behavior that would surprise me , So its not her fault if her people need a drink .I love disturbia its so club-ish and rihanna looks amazingly fierce

  56. I agree. Because singers are not required to carry a tune, be original or entertain. You must learn to appreciate artist for what they are, even if you can’t quite figure out what that is. I’ve noticed you’re only a hater if people don’t like when you tell them the truth.

    Hater moment coming up:

    Alicia Keyes outsells Beyonce & Rihanna combined, looks better than the both of them & has more talent. Mariah sings better than all three. Beyonce is the only dancer/singer on the list. And Rihanna can morph into anyone at the drop of a dime.


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