Rihanna’s Grammy Awards Campaign

Rihanna Grammy Campaign The MTV Awards are known for using celebrities in unusual ad campaigns to garner attention for their event- and now the Grammys are taking the same steps in order to boost their viewership. The show’s rating have been steadily declining over the years, so stars like Rihanna, Stevie Wonder and Lenny Kravitz have been brought in to save the day. Each artists’ ad consists of a portrait of the singer made entirely out of songs the singers say they were inspired by. Rihanna’s portrait boasts an eclectic list that includes songs from Prince, Whitney Houston and most noticeably, five songs from Destiny’s Child.

Survivor, Say My Name, Independent Women, Bills, Bills, Bills, and Lose My Breath, all made the list of songs Rihanna said inspired her most.

Look the campaign to be featured online, billboards and television spots worldwide.

As for the Grammys, they air February 2nd on ABC.


  1. she not gon win no damn grammy any way she has never written her songs they were all written for her.

  2. Of course she was inspired by Destiney’s Child…that’s so obvious…LOL

  3. i hope that people can finally stop trying to compare her and beyonce. she is obviously a huge fan of her and destiny’s child.

  4. I know Mrs. Jones…it’s even more ludicrous when people try to say that Beyonce is copying Rihanna. Just stop it.

  5. I, personally, don`t watch award shows anymore unless, my girl, AK or some great ol` school artist is performing. It seems to me that most of the great artists are indeed ol` school. I said, “most” because even today there are some great artists but they just so happen aren`t “mainstream”. These music award shows are following in the same step as “mainstream” radio.

    First of all the talent pool is so limited that you inevitably will end up having bad shows. On record these artists` shortcomings can be masked more effectively. However, on stage they are exposed for the world to see. It`s one thing to go into the studio and overdub, mix, etc; it`s a totally different ballgame when you`re on a stage. These “mainstream” artists for the most part don`t have a clue when it comes to the art of performing.

    Nowadays there are far too many gimmicks with the coming down from the ceiling on ropes, the robotic costumes, the piratecs and the whole nine yards. What these award shows should do is grab some of the real talent who`s not “mainstream” and then they`ll start to have better ratings; however, I won`t hold my breath. The Grammy awards, like all music award shows are not what they once were, nor do they have the same credibility.

    At one time receiving a grammy award really meant something because it awarded true talent and those most deserving. That`s why Quincy Jones, aka Q, holds the record with the most grammys at an astonishing 27 awards. He`s very deserving and in my opinion the greatest producer/composer/arranger in the game; Stevie Wonder comes in second with 26 awards. Stevie, like Quincy, is also very deserving because he`s one of the greatest songwriters and producers there ever was.

    Better yet, to make these award shows worth watching they should grab some of the ol` school artists and have them perform. Even today the great performances from yesteryear still stand out and are “classic” performances. Naturally MJ`s performance, comes to mind first and foremost since he`s my fav. artist, with his performance in 1988 when he performed “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man In The Mirror”; a ” CLASSIC” performance that`s posted on YouTube by the way.

    There are many others with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Ashford & Simpson, etc. etc. Yes I`m dead serious when I say, “the execs for the grammys should approach the greats about performing.

    On a different subject, in the past we`ve even talked about the lack of “signature” songs and possible classics from todays` artists and I think it goes right along with the lack of talent. I can`t think of any “signature” songs from todays` artists, excluding AK, that I can see becoming a classic 10, 20, years from now. With the ol` school atists it`s like childs` play naming their classics.


    “Don`t Stop Til` You Get Enough”, “Rock With You”, “Off The Wall”, “Human Nature”, “Billie Jean”, “Man In The Mirror”, etc.

    Stevie Wonder:

    “Isn`t She Lovely”, “Overjoyed”, “Higher Ground”, “Superstitous”, “Master Blaster”, etc.

    Diana Ross:

    “Upside Down”, “I`m Coming Out”, “The Mahogany Theme”, “Do You Know”, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, etc.

    Ray Parker Jr:

    “A Woman Needs Love” (Just Like You Do), “Two Places At The Same Time”, “You Can`t Change That”, etc.

    It`s such a shame that the days of yesteryear are no more…….

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  6. I love the cover! Rihanna loves Sasha, look at my gravi! They’re both fans of each other, so no need for comparing apples and oranges, or bickering over facts and numbers, desperate attempts to bring one up, and tear down the other!!!!!

  7. smooth criminal I love the information that you presented because you said a mouthful and it needed to be said. I really don’t watch awards shows and now that I have a dvr, I can record the event and skip through the parts that I don’t want to see. I just want to see who wins and their speech. All that other so called performances is not what I call worthy of watching. I like Rihanna, really love her singing, but her performances are so boring that I think they are making a mistake even mentioning her as a headlining performer. Kravitz and Wonder, yes, yes, and yes again. I will dvr this event and just watch the acceptance speeches.

  8. Umm no one actually is interested in a Rihanna performance. Maybe a red carpet appearance. If you have to use Rihanna to sell a non beauty product than you minus well give up.

  9. Rihanna has been giving Beyonce props from Day One. Maybe this will finally stop the comparisons..NOT.

  10. i love that riri did that…and it just go to show…of course they are “competing” against each other but in a friendly way nothing serious…im sure beyonce was caught a few times dancing to umbrella…its funny how everyone want them to be against each other…i honestly think that both these women are more mature than we think and they both probably talk from time to time. there is no reason for us fans to try to tear one or the other down…

  11. Umm Rih Rih has already won a Grammy in the Rap catergory for Umbrella.

  12. Steph,

    Actually she has 6 DC songs….you forgot Emotions. She even sung this song to get her record deal

  13. I agree Smooth Criminal, Alicia Keys is already an icon beacuse of the substance of her music and she does have an old school feel to her music. “You Don’t Know My Name”, “Superwoman” “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” If I Aint Got You” are all classics. Its just her and her piano, now thats old school. She has 10+ grammys and 17 Billboard awards, I forgot how many AMA awards but yes, you can gurantee that her music will be remembered 20+ years from now!!

  14. I agree with everything that smooth criminal said as well, but as a person who actually has studied and read on pop culture in the nighties and the millenium(2000s). We also have artists who represent this generation, when you look now in the next thirty years when your 15 yr old thinks that the music then is the sh*t, she will ask about the music in your time, and u will mention artists that now stand out from this time. With talent, I agree there is not much of it, but when it comes to the style and stuff like that people will also remember today’s music then. For example, u cannot deny that umbrella is as much a classic as crazy in love, coz both songs change the face of pop culture, now we can look at both these artists and say in the next years that they did these classics. And im not just talking about pop only, wen you look at hip hop, big names now that have classic songs will stand out, soul, r and b, rock etc….u cannot deny that each genre has its today icons that have broken records that the predecessors set. Just like music in the next 30 years will break todays records. I dont think that this generation is poor according to music, just that music is changing, and it always is.

  15. And Beyonce wrote ALL those songs, again lets me know that BEYONCE

  16. is her role model!! So Again there is NO comparison, Rhi hasnt written ANY songs that she sings….

  17. I’m really tire of people saying music is not like it was, it is dead blah blah

    They said the same thing in the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s so it is nothing new

    Our kids will be saying the same thing lol and so on

    I know alot of people was saying music was dead when madonna butt was singing
    Like A Virgin but look where she is now.

    And no one from this era is a icon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yet

    Alicia keys has yet to change music, I don’t care if she has a so call old soul,to me her voice is nothing new, Her music is childish even if she try’s to sing Superwomen

    It is the same old damn thang lol

    Anyway i do love her and the rest of my Brownsistas singer including the ones who sing pop,rock,r&b,cruck anything do you


  19. flowerchild i agree with you because my grandmother even told me that music wasnt the same when she was raising her childern but now my parents say the same about my music…and i will say the same about my children generation….music isnt dead your ears are just custom to what you like

  20. Oh this is gorgeous
    and this is so cute how beyonce’ s people are the one starting the drama as usual.. she was inspired by Destiny’ s child, and dc is Not beyonce alone,the only song that cite beyonce as a prime writer is bootylicious and you don’ t wanna go there Rihanna has been giving Beyonce props from Day One that’ s true but the fans use that to put her down, so now she doesn’ t do it anymore, I remember she used to say how much beyonce set a bar for all female artists, and beyonce’ s stans ran with it talking about oh rihanna is a beyonce stan, as if! and Beyonce is copying Rihanna, not musically because they are so different but in style, child she copied rihanna more than once, but so what? the smoky eyes weren’ t made for rihanna alone, neither was a designer dress, Why is it so hard for you people to admit that beyonce might like rihanna’ s style or even music, it’ s like it’ s killing you to think about it, so some have to bring up how “fan” rihanna is by posting pictures or articles,how reminding everyone that rihanna can sing beyonce’ s songs in swahili, do you realize how pitiful you sound, I KNOW beyonce copies rihanna, and i KNOW rihanna copies beyonce, they are just apreciative of each other’ s talents and the sooner the cl-t riders get that the easier it will get

    SMOOTH CRIMINAL: You alreADY know i agree 100% with you

    Bronze_Beauty : I’ m with you alicia is the truth and if they let jazmine sullivan she will be too

  21. @Voice–I need you to use some periods when you write.
    However, I did agree with most of your thoughts. Both ladies are inspired by each other. Nobody can tell me that Miss Sasha Fierce wasn’t inspired by a little Good Girl Gone Bad..Rihanna had everybody copying her style when that album dropped. Everybody was running to get A-line cuts and jet-black rinses. She is still one of my favorite people to watch.

  22. I so agree with “smooth criminal”. I love old school music too and I am getting nostalgic about all this great shows people used to have back then… I am a black girl from France, I just landed on this blog and I just can’t stop reading it !
    however… Here in France some channels used to air the Grammy’s, but nobody was watching it. We’re only interested in “REAL” artists and small show commities, and when people want to see perform black american artists, they don’t think about Rihanna or Beyoncé. But they think about Tracy Chapman and Gnarls Barkley.
    Plus, even if it seems like I am promoting Europe, there is a lot of great black artists from the U.K. ex : Estelle, Keziah Jones, Leona Lewis etc… Maybe the Grammy’s should promote other black artists than american’s.
    And one other thing… I love this blog there’s no such thing in french. And god knows I’ve been searching !!!! I’ll be definitely read thig blod E-VERY-DAY ! And sorry for my rusty english…

  23. I want watch a awards show unless more then one good artist i like will be performing on the show.

  24. @ Say no more- we all know that beyonce doesnt write her own songs, stop kidding yourself. There are two popular songs with the title emotions- one is by mariah carey (which she probably wrote since she actually writes her own songs) and the other is by the beegee’s. Destinys child covered the beegee’s version, and even though it was written in the 70s beyonce claimed she wrote it (was she even born then? i dont think so)

    I agree with everything smooth criminal said, music today is dreadful. Fair enough there are hundreds of artists who are really talented and have good albums but we dont get to hear them because radio and tv stations dont play their songs i.e. chrisette michelle. chrisette’s debut album is fantastic, one of the best albums to come out of this decade, but if it wasnt for the black american blogs i would never have heard of her! The grammys should have artists like chrisette perform, talented artists who aren’t neccessarily popular. Im sooo sick of hearing and seeing the same talentless overrated crap over and over again! The grammy’s are supposed to be impartial in that theyre not supposed to award artists based on popularity but sadly they do. Perhaps big corporations like SonyBMG pay them to give their artists awards? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Hopefully in the next few years more talent will get the attention it deserves, and labels will financially back more talented artists as opposed to the more ‘marketable’ ones.

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