Rihanna’s All-Star Performance

While ATL cutie Keri Hilson was given the honor of warming the audience up for the NBA All-Star Game, Rihanna was given the pleasure of cooling them off during halftime. As the evening’s hottest attraction, the singer used her time in the spotlight to go through her very extensive catalogue of hits, including “Umbrella,” “Only Girl in the World,” “Rude Boy,” “What’s My Name,” and “All of the Lights.” For the latter two singles, Rihanna, who also turned 23 today, brought out Drake and Kanye West to join her. All in all, the mini-concert was pretty decent and the mostly young crowd seemed to enjoy it. Check out the performance below.


  1. Rihanna is a mega star artist who has proven time and time and time again that you don’t have to wear yourself out singing, dancing, shimmy and shaking to be on the main stage!!! Rihanna is the “it girl” and will be for a long time to come. I can’t wait to see her perform Man Down some day!!! Anywho, congrats Rihanna. Oh and believe that we ALL watched with green tomatos in our eyes. Get it???!!!???? LOL

  2. So in other words Rockon, you’re saying Rihanna is actually showing young people that you don’t have to work hard and kill yourself over something you love, just be pretty and show up, and you’ll get praise anyway. And that is what a lot of young people think anyway!!!! SMH!!!

  3. @Rockon – The only thing Rihanna has proven time and time again is: you dont need talent to be successful, just a pretty face and a ruthless management behind and you can become a superstar.

    She sounded horrible and dance terribly.

  4. Yea I didn’t like this performance at all. I haven’t really been into her performances since the last American Music Award show (I think that was it). This was really boring and her outfit and hair looked a mess. =/

  5. Her performances started out slow, then she really got into them 🙂 .

    My biggest thing with her performances is that unless she is doing a little dancing, she doesnt do anything but model walk (talking about only girl) But with that said, it IS a dance track sung at the top of her lungs I dont think she will want to be moving around much for it.
    I love Ri Ri however I do think she needs to think outside the box when it comes to her live performances. Her AMA performance was spectacular – I think that should be the standard she should aspire to.

  6. Oh I liked how Drake changed it up to wish her Happy Birthday , that was cute!

  7. Pretty is def a talent. LOL! I love her whole attitud and style. I have come to the conclusion that she will forever be a studio singer and that’s fine with me – there are a lot of singers that can’t sing a note LIVE – Rihanna could be on MUTE and I am watching her. LOL!

  8. @Rita – this is 2011 – can we stop pretending that everyone with a record contract got it because they can sing? I mean Madonna is DEF a weak vocalist – but she gets mad props. And Janet Jackson is too. Rihanna is nothing new.

  9. @KSH – Janet Jackson and Madonna performing skills; dancing and entertaining live, are way above rihanna’s, there’s really no comparison.
    You didnt need me to tell you this,Youtube is your best friend.

  10. I actually have come to love Rhianna over the yrs( you can thank that to the BIG makeover she had during the GGGB era b/c BEFORE then it was O_o). Her style, the I give don’t give a fluke attitude, a new song selection has drawn me in. However, no matter how much I love her, I still say the girl isn’t the greatest of vocalist. Yes her vocals HAVE improve, but STILL… she doesn’t do well live at all. The last time I seen a decent Rhianna live performance was when she was on Ellen. Either way, she looked pretty & she was having fun & I guess that’s what counts.

  11. The beginning was scary but it eased up a bit. Rihanna can’t sang but she has a unique voice. I think she should stick to punk rock and reggae. Singing to the top of her lungs is out of the question. Rihanna can definitely dance she is just holding back. If she let go and get wild with the dancing she could put on a killer performance. She’s still young and I don’t think she anywhere near finished yet. Let’s see what she going to do with her next album. Hopefully she’ll keep that hair in check.

  12. Rihanna sucks at singing and her dancing is not much to talk about neither, but I’m not losing sleep over it, She has said NOTHING to offend me as a woman or a black woman,she doesn’t claim to be a virtuoso, she’s not trying to compare herself to anyone, NOTHING so she can keep on making her money, More power to her.

    Now let her paint her face black,talk bad about the Jacksons,Say she wants to be white or Hispanic,call herself a virtuoso, lie about writing songs that came to her while she was day dreaming,steal outfits and songs from others and swear she came up with it on her own,butcher a religious song; Then i’ll have beef with her. Until then I’m good

  13. smh. Shontelle u r so pathetic. U dont know beyonce personally & the fact that u have so much hate 4 someone u dont even know is scary. Smh bey is still the biggest most successful black female artist of this generation so get over it. Ur hate wont stop her. And as for rihanna performance…..she is no performer & everyone know this.

  14. So, in other words SHontelle, as long as medicrity doesn’t offend you, you’re good?

    The world is really nearing the end huh?

  15. I wouldn’t say that Rihanna has the best voice in the world…or that she is an awesome awesome singer , but I do know that she works just as hard as any other singer if not harder. I don’t understand why some people think you should have to be a whitney houston or a mariah carey or something like that to be talented or famous. As long as you love doing what you do, work hard, and have some (maybe not a bunch) talent, then you deserve it. And Rihanna deserves the number 1’s and awards etc. that she gets.And she makes great music! She is a great person towards her fans. Her voice is unique, and she definitely has some work to do on her live performances,but they have gotten much better. When she performed What’s my name? at the AMA’s , I was wowed and surprised. As long as she keeps working, she will be the best….

  16. “Now let her paint her face black,talk bad about the Jacksons,Say she wants to be white or Hispanic,call herself a virtuoso, lie about writing songs that came to her while she was day dreaming,steal outfits and songs from others and swear she came up with it on her own,butcher a religious song; Then i’ll have beef with her. Until then I’m good”

    @ shontell lls…

  17. The performance was ok but the sound crew needs to be fired. I couldn’t hear Rih, Drake or Kanye.

    As for bringing back Bey, LMAO! If she’s still gonna screech & roll around on stage like a dog in heat she can stay right where she is!

  18. @Smh: Yes i hate her with all of my heart sometimes i wake up at night and i practice a witch ritual so that she can die, i spend every second of my day thinking about her, I will call my unborn Child “I hate beyonce”.

    Cinthinya: I speak it like i see it 🙂

    @Love child: Exactly because as far as i’m concerned she is just as mediocre as any of these other hips roller that you people trip yourself over, so i’m glad you got my point, and if rihanna is your sign that the world is coming to an end, You are a moron.

  19. You really shouldn’t have “beef” with anyone when that “beef” isn’t mutual. ie: with those in the entertainment industry where no one knows of your existence…

  20. @gigi- cosign with her having a great voice for reggae – she seems more comfortable singing and performing it too.

    Can’t wait for man down to be released.

    When she first came out, I remember she had a ballad- unfaithful?- and omg it was the equivalent of nails across a chalkboard for me.

  21. Shontelle isn’t throwing shade nor does she hate Beyonce, the truth is the truth, the nature of the beast, the music industry…Will I Am and many others have done the same!

    Excerpt from Billboard Interview with Rob Fusari 2-24-2010

    “How did you finally break through?

    A buddy of mine knew this guy, Vince Herbert. Vince is a producer and an entrepreneur. A hustler with a capital H. Back then he was producing on Destiny’s Child’s first album. One day he came to my mom’s basement and I was working on the hook to “No, No, No.” When I played it for him, he said, “You’ve got to give me a copy of that. I’m working with this group who might be able to do that.” I gave him a cassette, and he calls me that night and says, “We’re cutting the record. And I’ve got a guarantee it will be their first single.”

    How did five people end up sharing credit on that song?

    You write songs, that’s how it is. I didn’t know that then. I felt like it was my baby. And it is. I don’t care if there are 70 people on it.

    Did “Bootylicious” come together in a similar fashion?

    I came up with the idea to build a track using the guitar riff from Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.” I really wanted to play the riff from “Eye of the Tiger,” but I was flipping through my CDs in the studio and I couldn’t find it. But I saw the Stevie Nicks CD and I remembered that the riff was similar.

    I figured I’d put the guitar loop on there temporarily, and later go into the studio with a guitar and replay it, because I’d learned, after sampling Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” for Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West,” that I didn’t want to lose 50% of the publishing. I vividly remember telling Mathew Knowles, “Mathew, you got to book me into your studio and let me replay that riff.” It was Guitar 101! One note!

    But Mathew didn’t want to do it?

    He didn’t want to do it. So 50% got cut for one note. That whole experience was bittersweet for me.

    I remember watching Barbara Walters interview Beyoncé about “Bootylicious,” and she told Barbara about how she came up with the idea for the track. And I was just like, “What?” I called Mathew-which was a big mistake; I got emotional, and I apologized after-but I called Mathew and said, “Mathew, like, why?”

    And he explained to me, in a nice way, he said, “People don’t want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offense, but that’s not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I know, Mathew. I understand the game. But come on, I’m trying too. I’m a squirrel trying to get a nut, too.””

  22. Cynthinia: Thank you sister, But i came to the understanding a long time ago that people throw the word “Hate” around, just to avoid staring at reality in the face, and since i am tired of defending the fact that i do not hate a woman i never met,Let them think what they want, at the end of the day , they can’t make a solid argument defending the less than ethical ways of Mrs Knowles.

  23. I’m so proud, I come back and I see everyone has joined my band wagon, I’m crying tears of joy that we are all on one accord except for that one lone idiot! Say what you want but I work for my money therefore I want some one to work for my money and Beyonce wins every time. What Beyonce does on a cd or what ever she gives her all not for self proclaim but for the people that’s why no matter what she does it goes straight to the top. Rihanna on the other hand is a product of a look and nothing more and it’s getting to be real sad when the only thing you can say positive about someone is they look nice and you a singer. This performance was a typical Rihanna performance and you know it and that equals terrible! Be back later but I’m still proud of a lot of you for facing the truth like a true person! Rihanna is cute and that management team is awesome.

  24. Shontelle,

    You’re welcome! I just never understood the deep hatred for Rihanna (given she’s never projected herself as this greatness or music icon in any way). I really like your analogy!

    Rihanna’s in her lane and the white media tauted the performance as great (where it really counts)…she’s spent the summer, fall and winter ripping the billboard charts…number one singles/record…recorded music that does it for millions of people (given she is a RECORDING ARTIST and is doing her job), more than just some hook singing…so there you have it! Who is she hurting anyway?

  25. Cynthinia,

    She is hurting Mrs Knowles fans, Think about it, They are always on her posts, they are always talking crap about her, They refuse to even admit something as simple as her being Beautiful.

    The problem is Beyonce have to fold in four to make money and rihanna does not.They are jealous of the fact that rihanna just got in the industry 6 years ago and she is immensely successful.

    What can one do about that? I’m sure beyonce is happy with herself and her work, I know she does not wake up every morning threatened by rihanna and vice versa, What i find sad is that her fans clearly don’t believe in her enough to not feel the need to put everyone else down in order to make her look good, It’s so pathetic, she works so hard and her fans don’t even respect her enough to involve her with silly comparisons, Yet we are the “Haters”…

  26. It has never been a secret that Rihanna can’t sing whatsoever. But she is still a superstar and for most of her fans that does not matter. Honestly though I miss the old Rihanna from Pon de Replay and The Last Time. Back then I never would have thought she would have gone the slutty route, but to be honest about it, if she hadn’t gone the slutty route most likely she wouldn’t have the success that she has now.

  27. Shontelle,

    Beyonce has definitely made her bones and will be around! And, one day there will be another one to reach her level and beyond, so her fans should brace themselves! Rihanna is blowing up in the same manner, different, but as Beyonce and this may trouble Bey fans! Like it or not Beyonce will age like all of us and will have a wonderful legacy, just like you and me as we put the work in!

    Everyone doesn’t see Beyonce as the standard for talent, believe it or not! Jill Scott is FOR ME the artist of the decade, hands down! Pristine vocals, great timeless music with substance, creative integrity, excellent stage performance and is a tremendous actress…an original and versatile artist on so many levels. She, too is in her lane!

    It’s silly to think one artist can be the one and only, very immature! Rihanna is doing her thing and has legions of fans…I’m one while huge fans of Jill Scott, Heather Headley and Ledisi. Do people think TNT and the NBA had her to perform if the rest of the world felt like many express on black blogs?

    I’m sure too that Beyonce don’t like the silly comparisons when they’re totally different artists…but, the hate won’t stop, because Rihanna’s reign ain’t stopping no time soon!

  28. rih is clearly fresher and more wanted at the moment, beyonce as talented as she might be can not fight time and age, her fans are mad at that

  29. Shontelle sounds bitter. Rihanna is just nice to look at and has catchy songs.

  30. Cynthinia :
    U just spoke to my soul, You’re like my cyber twin, I LIVE for Jill Scott, lalah Hathaway ,Heather Headley and Ledisi, I seriously own every single album from these ladies, I’m starring at them right now, I love Soul Jazz and pure Rn b, That’s what I’m talking about sista!!!!

    Beyonce is as talented as rihanna and the rest of them,she might carry a tune, but we all know that isn’t how she got to the top, The booty shaking helped a lot so Call me when she can sell out a venue without looking like rihanna’s madam 🙂

    I am in Love with Jill, Seriously, and i love how she is always confident, it’s not easy in Hollywood, but she is charismatic and has a fantastic personality,She is seriously Under rated but us “grown folks know better 😉

  31. @Shontelle,

    Well looking like Rihanna’s madame is working out for her. She’s making a 100mil on tour while Rihanna is barely making 30 with just as many dates!

    As far as the talent, I think I’ll take the opinions of MJ, Patti, Ms. Ross, Prince, Barbara, Mr. Mandela, Bono and a lot more legendary people over yours.

    You in here talking about Beyonce fans when you appear to her biggest stan. You must admire her for her to spend so much time consuming your head!

  32. Shontelle,

    We do speak the same language, indeed! Jill just blows me away and she’ll probably never get the acclaim and recognition, musically she deserves, but that’s ok, I’m pretty certain, she will win an Oscar one day!

    Jill did a duet with Ron Isley on his Contagious album and she just wrapped her voice around each note as she dipped it in honey!

    I’m big on “phrasing”…Heather Headley’s gospel album and remake of Lionel Ritchie’s Jesus is Love is awesome, “I Wish I Wasn’t” and “In My Mind”…storytelling music.

    Ledisi, is a singer’s singer…her youtube “Take Time”…I adore!

    I like pop stuff too…love Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and California Gurls…I love the melody…that’s what’s missing from a lot of the music and also why people buy…Rude Boy, What’s My Name…it’s about feeling good…vapid makes you vacant! Music that doesn’t need a video is music that you can feel!

  33. wohoo: “She’s making this, she’s making that”, and i care because?Baby i have money 🙂 Only poor people and Poor minded people hang on to dollars for deal life, I love how you make 30 millions dollars sound like nothing Tho, You will never see that in your life, praising celebrities 🙂 . Oh and yes i spend every single second of my life thinking about her 🙂

    Cynthinia: Oh Yes.. The song was entiltled “Said enough” i think Good music Indeed 🙂
    Jill is well on her way to win an Oscar, i have no doubt about, as soon as she find that groundbreaking role, it’s a wrap.

    Pop is fine as long as it’s not a repetition of sexual innuendos and i think that’s were a lot of pop acts fail, It’s like they always have to sing about something in the club, or at least send that mindless crap to radio …

    I kind of Like Katy too, It’s interesting because she sings surprisingly good, when “i kissed a girl” came out, i was like no ma’am, But I really like “Firework”, What about Pink? I absolutely adore her “Just like a pill” was on heavy rotation when it came out, I like her versatility, Avril lavigne too.

  34. @woohoo: Btw thank you so much for not caring enough about my opinion to address me,Have a great day :)Now let me go back to how do you say “consuming my head” 🙂

  35. Cynthinia
    “Music that doesn’t need a video is music that you can feel!”


  36. Shontelle,

    Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name…the cd is not within reach, I haven’t played it in awhile…I really like Pink…her story is incredible…she makes good music with substance and wit…she’s a good storyteller…I like Avril, haven’t really listened to her music all that much…even with white artists, they have loyal fans, but it’s the same game…money…fast as it can come…I listen to white people “b and moan” about today’s artists, just like we do…I’ll ask who do they like and it’ll be Kings of Leon, Green Day, Thievery Corporation and others that don’t get all the attention like Gaga and other billboard 100 and 200 top ten artists. Even so, being loyal fans, artists can still do quite well and be well known within circles for devoted fans!

    Shontelle, It’s good you’re into music…because it makes a difference…it’s our soul!…I look at how mean people are today, not the celebrities, but everyday people, it’s sad. After asking myself 20 questions over and over again…I finally discovered a big portion of me and that is what I like, I have in abunance, good music, film noir, books, creativity, fun, the internet, research, my favorite blogs, Brownsista for sure, human connections that are actually spiritual connections, a field of energy and now a cyber twin!

  37. I have to give Rihanna her props…this was honestly a VERY good performance for her. She usually doesn’t impress me much and I had heard so much hateration and gossip about this performance I decided to check it out 4 myself, and honestly I really was surprisingly impressed! She worked within her means and her voice has gotten a lot stronger. Also, she’s no Beyonce, but she did a good job dancing little bit 4 that not being her forte, and she looked beautiful.

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