Rihanna’s New Album Debuts Strong

According to first day sales projections, Rihanna’s “Loud” album, her fifth for Def Jam Records, will debut inside the top 10 with sales of around 190,000. The singer’s exact position isn’t known, but if she manages to fight off country crooners Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban, she could very well take the #3 position, behind Susan Boyle (300,000+) and Jackie Evancho (270,000+).


  1. Yeah, I know- but it is very typical of her previous sales. She is consistent if nothing else.

  2. OoOh I love Keith, I heard good things about rihanna’s album but i do not buy this generation’s idea of music, Congratulations to her , I never sold any albums so I can only Felicitate.

  3. Well, that’s good for RiRi. I am liking this album better than Rated R. I will be picking up a copy!

  4. WHAT! I was expecting a number 1 position!!! I am shocked! well RiRi next time.. (she has never had a #1 album) I LOVE THE SONGS ON LOUD! What’s my name, California king bed are my favourite

  5. I’m def getting the album. Rated R was when my love for Rihanna really began. I didn’t know if she’d be able to get me again, but ALL of her recent singles are in steady rotation on my playlists. So loving her right now!

  6. Yea umm that isnt strong at all, but it is in her normal sales range for albums. IDK this time I thought she would sell more, shes all over the place and with 2 hits! Oh well……

  7. I think her label and the public assumed she would sell more based on the time of year. Albums released in November and December tend to sell a bit more in the first week(s) because of the holiday shopping that goes on.

  8. It seems like yesterday she just had an album out. No disrespect to Rihanna, but she needs to give the public time to miss her.

  9. She one interruption of a speech from selling 500K – “where is kanye?” LOL!

  10. To KSH- Taylor Swift has sold more albums even way before the “interruption”….

    Anyway, this is the only blog that calls Rihanna’s debut numbers “strong”. Others even predict that she will fall to number 4 because they still believe Taylor Swift is going to be number 3.

  11. Y’all actually thought she would do better? She needs to stop performing until after her stuff comes out. Her music is basically the same with different titles.. This sexual content is over the head for the little kiddies who made her in the first place… GGGB had pop for the kids, RR was just a big ole lie, and LOUD is her telling what she is doing and thinking about, SEX (Chris Brown).. She is not GAGA who has a theme, wholesome Taylor Swift bashes her boyfriends and she sales. Angie M asked her the right question, will you do Playboy cause that’s what it seems she has been audtioning for with each album cause she shows less each step. She needs to tone it down so the little kiddies will ask for it, and their parents will buy it for them but this over sexual stuff is way to much… Strong Sales!!! what a joke! I really dont think this one will sale as more as RR. Black Friday prices will range from $.99 to no more than $6.99 and she still will come in at the bottom. I see her next tattoo will read “Singles Artist” across her big forehead..

  12. RIRI’s last album didnt’ debut any better, with 181,000 and it sold roughly 900k in the US, so this will do about the same. Also, single wise, she is only doing slightly better. Like Katy perry, Rihanna is a singles artists. Alicia, Beyonce, etc..those are album sales artists. I also predict that she won’t top rascal flatts. Country artists tend to do well in comparison to weekly trends.. R&B/Pop artists typically fall a bit short.

  13. LMAO, I love how someone named “RIHANNAHOLIC” is inquiring about someone else’s life or lack thereof. Wow.

    I bought Loud, I think it’s fabulous =]

  14. Well atleast she doesn’t decline in sales so I guess that’s alright. But most the songs on this album are pretty good, so good luck to her.

    LOL- lol I was gonna say the same thing.

  15. 190,000 is not strong considering all the promo she got. Every other website calls her sales dissapointing is Rhinah on ya payroll. Susan Boyl has strong sales Taylor has strong sales Rhinah has 2 hot songs out and cant debut at #1 how sad..Oh and Kid Cudi sold 186,000 and I be half of you dont even know him her did this with 0 promo and pulls the same numbers as Rhi lol

  16. Rihanna’s sales are far from disappointing. Since when is 190k which is almost 200k a bad opening week. Also rihanna always go on to sell millions of her albums even after not sellin more in the first week. Yeah Kid Cudi may have sold 186,00 first week, but bet rihanna outsells him in the long run. ITs not how you start its how you finish, and rihanna always sell consitantly and finishes strong. Much success to her and loud will be copping my copy later today!!

  17. Wow! I listened to the album and I am NOT impressed in any way shape or form. I like ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Man Down.’ Even the track with Nicki Minaj was disappointing. I like GGGB and RR a lot better. I guess this new ‘image’ for Riri isn’t working for me right now. I thought it would grow on me but it still hasn’t. =(

  18. Uhhhhhhhhhh………………….

    Keri can Sing…

    Ciara can dance…….

    Both things that Rihanna CLEARLY can’t do….

    Keri & Ciara had #1 Albums…….

    Keri & Ciara write their own music……

    So BITCH you fail with that statement…..Rihanna is not hot shit…..I give her credit with her #1’s but with that being said….She still can’t sell massive numbers…..That’s sad….

  19. I have the New Rihanna and I am not impressed at all. Her first album was great as well as her second one..but this album is all over the place I like two songs on the whole album…it’s lackluster!! I’m sick of hearing RiRi singing about sex, what’s my name, rude boy, only girl in the world…we get it she likes to get it in, but does she constantly have to sing about it? As for Taylor Swift her album is great she’s a true singer with talent…

  20. She is a singles artist, period. She just is not gonna be one of those people to move tons and tons of units.

  21. “If I could give you the world On a silver platter Would even matter You’d still be mad at me…”

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