Rihanna’s New Movie Role

After the overseas success of her first feature film “Battleship,” it appears Rihanna has officially caught the acting bug and is looking to beef up her big screen resume.

According to “Spiderman” actor James Franco, the 23-year old Bajan singer is in talks to co-star alongside him and Seth Rogen in the New Line Cinema comedy “The End of the World.”

Franco made the revelation in an interview in which he also revealed that Rihanna originally wanted him to co-star alongside her in the now infamous “We Found Love” video.

“She actually asked me to be in that video, the one with the relationship that gets crazy,” Franco told MTV. “I couldn’t do it. But, I guess, I hope that that means there’s mutual love between us.”

As for their potential screen time together in the upcoming film, Franco didn’t disclose much about their characters, but did say his time spent with the singer would be “any man’s dream.”


  1. I like James Franco. Casey Affleck would also be another actor to work with!

    I hope she has a successful film career.It doesn’t always happen, like Madonna. There’s a spot (void) open. While I love Mila Kunis, Carey Mulligan, Anne Hathaway, I would love to see a sista in mainstream films playing plum supporting or leading actress roles, not because she’s Rihanna the pop star, but because of her acting skills.

    Hopefully, Rihanna is a good actress..we’ll see…

  2. Rihanna has no talent! you cant keep placing someone in positions were the outcome will be a win win and give them credit for it and that’s the case with Rihanna.

  3. @bored how can you say she has no talent. This post is about acting. Have you ever even seen her act?? Look at the movie when it comes out before you judge whether or not she can act.Then it would sound like you’re just giving your honest opinion rather than sounding like a hater…just sayin

    On the other hand, I’m glad for RiRi. Glad she’s succeeding even more.I can’t wait to see Battlefield. I’m hoping she did great in it.And I hope the overall movie is good too.

  4. agreed

    how can we judge when no one has seen her act yet?


    now if she is bad i will GO IN lol but until then….

  5. I would have liked James Franco with her in that We Found Love video. I’m not a big fan of his, but I think he would have done a better job and it would have been a more interesting dynamic with him instead of that Chris Brown look-a-like actor she ended up casting.

  6. James = FINE!!!

    Happy for Rihanna. Get it, girlie! 🙂

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