Rihanna’s Official “Rehab” Video



  1. I’ m pissed Because i love this song and the clip is just of rihanna sitting there and acting pretty she could have done so much 🙁
    Be very very careful rihanna don’ t start feeling comfortable because whatever you do go number one It won’ t be long before i and plenty of people that like you, start being upset with your lack of imagination in your video, You can’ t go from disturbia to this?! :loser: :thumbsdown: for me

  2. Yeah she could have done a little more in the video but the girl looks fly!! I like the song as well. I do have one problem, are leotards the only thing they are making now? Between her and Beyonce where is the rest of the outfit? Just asking…

  3. On a side note, I heard Jennifer Hudson’s second single ‘If This Isn’t Love’ is supposed to be hitting the air today or tomorrow any truth to that?

  4. oh please stop complaining sex sells you buy it you know how you buy it tell me who’ s your idol and i’ ll tell you if u buy sex shooo
    she still look good as hell and lol Sex sells and rihanna is the new queen of charts only those with a huge fanbase can fight her Go head rih rih you look fine girl

    ps: Britney’s new album is the ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yallllll i’ ve been saying for the longest that once people go throught some bad things in their lives they come back stronger britney is the truth she won’ t beat my girl A keys but her album is going to be multiple platinum for sure!

    @koko: I heard too If this isn’t love is beautiful! and jennifer deserves success

  5. nice video riri i aint gon hate on this girl her behind stay on the charts

  6. I love this video…. she looks soooo pretty in the video and even in it’s simplistic nature she still puts all other chicks to shame…. Rihanna is beyond fly…. I soo love the song and video I was even able to overlook Justin being in the video and that’s saying alot considering I despise all things Justin…. I’ve seen Rihanna perform Rehab live and that is actually what made me hooked on the song…

  7. i agree, the video is weak. i imagined the video to be something like disturbia, her trapped in a mental hospital or sumthing. but this???? shez jus resting on pretty.

    and yes though she looks nice the video could’ve looked more interesting.

  8. This video compares the addiction she has to the man to that some have to drugs.
    The video is an extended metaphor, a look into her mind. And all the lights and random objects are meant to mirror the mind on LSD. The mind is crazy, the senses unfettered. She’s warped. But it isn’t liberating (hence the sober mood)…she’s just “gone”….
    So, please stop saying there’s no meaning. There is!
    It’s artistic .

  9. @ Voice
    I was thinking of something along that line due to her facial expressions throughout the video. Anyway I was on Billboard.com and it was mentioning Rihanna and all her singles:

    Here is a summary of Rihanna’s eight charting tracks from “Good Girl Gone Bad,” in chronological order:
    “Umbrella,” No. 1 for seven weeks (2007) [Rihanna featuring Jay-Z]
    “Shut Up and Drive,” No. 15 (2007)
    “Hate That I Love You,” No. 7 (2007) [Rihanna featuring Ne-Yo]
    “Don’t Stop the Music,” No. 3 (2008)
    “Take a Bow,” No. 1 for one week (2008)
    “If I Never See Your Face Again,” No. 51 (2008) [Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna]
    “Disturbia,” No. 1 for two weeks (2008)
    “Rehab,” No. 91 to date (2008)

    It also mentioned that Janet’s Rhythm Nation would have had 8 releases:
    Janet Jackson could have had eight hits from “Rhythm Nation 1814,” except her label decided not to release a commercial product on the eighth single, “State of the World,” and only sent promotional copies to radio, making the 1991 song ineligible for the Hot 100 according to chart rules in effect at that time.

    Shania Twain is the other artist to have 8 singles from her album Come On Over.
    I guess it isn’t so crazy after all.

  10. don’t care for the song.
    don’t care for the video.
    (listening to brandy- drum life)
    jam right there……but reminds me of janet so badly.

    the video was drier than a crack heads knee caps. :lol2:
    but that’s just me.
    outtie 5000-y :brownsista:

  11. Im going to say it :stop:
    So………Beyonce releases a video wearing a leotard, gyrating, dropping it like its hot, copying someone’s dance moves (fosse), and flashing her ring that she was so eager to hide, to say im married so yall should put a ring on it and everyone thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. Rihanna releases a video that is beautiful, beautiful song, no gyrating, no flopping around and people think its weak.
    Video really did kill the radio star. If we only heard Single Ladies and Rehab on the radio without seeing any visuals everyone must agree that Rehab is best song to listen to even over If I were a Boy

  12. Ummm….

    I dunno how I feel about it. She was stylish, looked good- nothing spectacular or unique, ya know?! Wasn’t expecting anything from the video. Actually, this probably was my first time hearing the entire song. Don’t really listen to Rih Rih unless it’s a happenstance situation like, I haven’t plugged my ipod into the car stereo system yet and the radio is playing her song *shrug*.

    I like this song though 🙄

  13. Love it. I’m a fan of the visuals, I must say. Every shot looked like a good photograph to me. If this is what people call “Selling Sex”, then I’d hate to see what people call a ton of other videos coming out right now. Her and Justin did a good job if you ask me. Forward Rihanna!

  14. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: Whew… everything you just typed I so totally agree with…. I’m not going to get on the double standards that occurs when mentioning Beyonce and Rihanna but to me at least Rihanna is always judged harsher… no matter what it is if it’s about Rihanna someone will forever find fault in it…. I guess that just means she’s doing her job and making other folks sweat….

  15. For those of you saying she’s resting on her looks…well, if you look like that, then that’s all you need to rest on.

  16. For those of you saying she’s resting on her looks…well, if you look like that, then that’s all you need to rest on.


  17. Why is Rihanna is in a bikini laying on a car in a desert? What is the significance of her wearing a long sleeved one piece bodysuit with fishnets standing in the desert….sorry, but I don’t get the reasoning behind it.

    Love the song.

  18. She looks beautiful as usual…

    video wise, the song is dumb, i mean “i have to check into rehab coz you’re my disease”…wtf, the video was not necessary at all, a leotard, come on ri…

    very boring visuals, but then again it is rihanna…stick to the dance songs coz they always have great videos, ballads for you are like listening to a dial tone go on and on and on and on and on to the point where i wasnt to shank my ears, stick to what works for you and gives you number ones!!!!

  19. I think Rihanna’s pretty and all, but if you want to be a singer and want me to like you – you have to sing. This chick can’t sing to save her soul. So sad.

  20. @ Worried…
    i feel you all the way…
    that’s why i can’t take her seriously…she doesn’t sing or take the art of singing seriously and that is an insult to singers..

  21. Im tired of the whole beyonce and rihanna thang. Rihanna is doing the damn thing for real. Beyonce been doing the damn thing for along time. To me rihanna work hard on her album and it did good. She change the world of fashion and i like her voice because it is different. Yes i think she need more stage present but other then that she is doing her. Like she said she do not gave a damn she not going no where. Just like bee. The only thing i do not like about beyonce she have these stupid song out. I feel that she did not grow as far as her music. Go ri-ri do you baby girl.

  22. For those of you saying she’s resting on her looks…well, if you look like that, then that’s all you need to rest on.


  23. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Chick needs to give it a rest now, tired of talentless singers.

  24. Yes that is what the industry has come to don’ t blame her blame those that made it so that unless you have the body you can’ t make it!
    I will be the first to agree that i hate this video too sexed up thought i like rihanna but i said it before and i’ ll say it again if you want to point the fingers at her you need to point at others too

  25. @Dark sista thank u lol. When she does she this and that when other do it it ok like come on.

  26. Regardless of what people say, I think the girl is good.

    I like the video, this is one of my fav songs on the album…. Didn’t think she was gonna release it but hey…

    And although alot of people don’t agree, Rhianna has got talent, I think she can sing, she doesnt sound like ‘what a typical rnb singer is suppose to sound like ‘ but I like that about her…. She has her quirky way of singing due to having the bajan accent and thats cool…she switched up her fashion and music style and went for something that is way different from the rest and that has made her stand out….

    Maybe other artists need to take note from her, switch up the game a little, stop coming with the same ol tired crap….

  27. I know a lot of you think the video is boring, but I like the visuals. I think RiRi is beautiful and the lighting is fab. I’ve gotten over her vocals, and I’m willing to except her for who she is. I’ll give JHud and Jazmine Sullivan props for having strong pipes. I’ll give Beyonce credit for putting on exciting shows, and I’ll give Rihanna credit for making catchy music and taking model-like photos. Each person is different. Plus, I like the song. Its not a favorite, but I’ll listen to it on long car rides. :brownsista:

    Sidenote: Rihanna gets away with wearing risky clothing because she doesn’t gyrate and do stripper dances. You’ll never see me walking around in leotards. These women wear them for shock value and it worked. It’s all a game.

  28. @voice said, so sex is the only thing on her mind these days..

    Britney Spears will have this chick but naked also in her next video!!

    The video is weak, boring and the only thing people can come up good about it is that Rihanna is cute?

    Her cuteness is such a cliche now to were that’s boring!!!!

    And people quit misstaking Catchy songs too TALENT..

    Rihanna went out of states to get some money and she got more bad reviews talent dont get the same reviews all the time in and out of the STATE. She has catchy songs that sell….

  29. Rihanna is gorgoeus in her video. Sometimes you need variety. All her videos can’t be like disturbia because you all would get bored quick! I like the video, it reminds of one shot in the 90’s before there was way too much sex and violence.

  30. @ bored your statement is full of untruths. Rihanna has received excellent reviews in and outside of the states.
    People are not as stupid as you think they are. If all it took was catchy songs then why did’nt Cassie or Amerie blow up? Rihanna has something that draws people to her and despite what you think she can sing.

  31. @BOred aren’ t u a beyonce fan? any beyonce fan CANNOT Can never COmplaina bout someone being sexual because beyonce is the queen of that, i’ m not talking about talent when u have talent and you know it there are som sh@t ya dnt do! who doesn’ t sell sex? for example in single ladies it could have been a video telling a story but nah nah it was all grinding and bumping and mind you she is supposed to be a mature married chick, so come on with it don’ t use rihanna sexuality against her, and brownsuga said it all rihanna has the it factor whatever it is she got it!

  32. lol, but others who are sexy can actually perform live and not leave your ear bleeding after they finish

  33. Rihanna really did it with this video and song. When I first heard it on the radio, I fell in love instantly. I did not have to see the video to love it nor did it have to grow on me. I really hope that this song goes to number #1 like Umbrella. Rehab is a great song. I like the fact that Justin Timberlake is in the video. He has an album coming out so you know it is time to be seen everywhere to boost his sales. I love Justin too though.

  34. MRSJONES the topic at hands is sexuality in the entertainment business not performances don’ t take it there , the real legends made it just by singing , so truth be told the ability to sing is the real talent that should matter which is why Alicia “dressed up and classy “keys outsold your idol, It’ s easy to compare her to rihanna who is musically and infant , and it is very weak of yall.But i ain’ t surprised :hifive:

  35. ORGASMIC! lol they looked hot as hell on that car….D@MN! ok so i didnt think i would like the song but i guess seeing that video with it i give em two :thumbsup: :thumbsup: the song is catchy good job girl and that video with jt in it she knows what shes doing hot hot hot! milking that gggb album dry but i aint mad at you! :bowdown:

  36. dark sista i agree with you though i liked the video something like disturbia will keep her on top of her game… but in this video you could see the emotions in her facial expressions and body movements…im impressed with how far shes come since her first album :lol2: i hated it but now shes my girl

    whew i must say…alot of people did have alot to say about beyonce leotard but the thing is dancers use them while performing all the time wheres rihanna has it on in the video for no reason….it seems like at least beyonce wasnt just walking around in the sand trying to look cute with it on….now i aint taking nothing from either of them because i think riri looks nice in the leo go head on sista! body looked tight!

    @NothingWrongWithSexy :lol2: :lol2: that was to funny

  37. @ Mario

    I really REALLY appreciate the fact that you respect and support another artist than Bey especially Rihanna which is very rare from a beyonce fan!!
    You rock girl!

    Rihanna is fantastic and the video is cool!! THE SONG IS JUST WONDERFUL!!!

  38. @mario what she your girl lol. You is too funny i really like u. Seem so down to earth. I think ri-ri did come along way. I just like different in people and she just one of them. But keep them comments coming mario lol.

  39. thanks marie and lady…yall know i love some beyonce but i have to give it to rihanna that girl is bad! and yes im aware of the competition both fan base have against each other…i love beyonce but sometimes her fans….i donno! i cant say that for rihanna fans because im never on her fan sites but boy as soon as i say that i like rihanna they gang up on me!

    but no seriously rihanna has something that makes people love her…and i think its more than looks and style…dont ask me what it is because im not sure myself she just has presence and i LOVE HER VOICE people can say she cant sing…i dont care…of course i dont listen to her for her performances… i just love her sound take a bow was my song from day one…this song i love and disturbia was hot! umbrella welcomed her to the world and i didnt even care for her before that song…but when i heard it and saw the video i knew rihanna finally had it. good job because she has come sooo far and i am proud of her…its funny i really really didnt like her when i first heard her first single…but now its like hit after hit beyonce is hot right now (in my opinion) and rihanna is hot right now as well (again IMO)

  40. @Mario

    You seems to be a fantastic person really!!
    You even say that you love Rihanna’s voice, you love her records and you love her in general! You’re even proud of her!

    That’s the very first time I hear something like that from a beyonce fan that’s why I can say that you’re clever than the majority of Bey and RhiRhi fans!

  41. :hifive: ill even admit to buying the gggb album haha! :bowdown: and noone not even beyonce stans can deny that the gggb album is hot…how many hits did she get off that thing? and counting… but i still cant take away from beyonce being my favorite artist…but i still recognize talent…

    oh yeah and for Jhud….as soon as i heard ‘if this isnt love’ i decided right then and there to purchase the album so i hope what you all are saying about that being the next single is true GREAT SONG!

  42. @mario you is a hot mess lol but i like that fact that people like you can admit that they do like someone. I really did not like beyonce b-day album but when get me body come on. I give the dance floor all this body lol. Single lady i do not care for but i was dancing off it sat because they mix both of them up. I just like the beat. Like i said about BEE i think she should came stronger with this album. Like i said her first album i love it. With the mix review of this album alot of her fans r upset with the album. But we see next week what happen. But like i said she can perform her butt off i never will take that from her.

  43. lady i hear you i tear that dance floor up too when get me bodied first came out haha now i tear it up with single ladies because its more fun when you have a video to go by lol but seriously i donno if you heard her songs from the i am side of the album the ballads but i am really in love with them…i usually love beyonce fast songs but her ballads on this album blow them out the water i think….everyday my favorite song on that side of the album changes depending on my mood

    oh yeah i still have rehab video on repeat… i like how its…i donno sexy but not over the top i love her movement in the video it made me feel like i can see her on the big screen

  44. You is too much mario. You be good on here i holla at you. By the way where you from. Albany New York


  46. v girl….she doesnt need to stop so what her performances arent grand…everyone is different. where you the smartest person in your graduating class from high school? my point is someone has to be better than another just because u didnt graduate the top of your class doesnt mean you cant become president….let her do her thing, shes making money and probably living a very happy life… why should she stop that because you dont enjoy her?

  47. M@k said, No. Voice is right. It references an LSD trip…It’s funny that people accuse Rihanna of constantly being inappropriate yet when she goes there and gives you something farrrrr beyond political correctness, you don’t even see it! It’s as if you don’t expect it of her! LOL That’s ironic! Ahhh well. Yep, Voice is right.

  48. Be carful, Rihanna. Beyonce work very good with new CD. You have a great answer with this Rehab song. You are fantastic but Beyonce have a sexy video for Sasha Fierce. I think next year the most terrific catfight between the two most important and beautiful women of music industrie today.

  49. I think Rhianna and JT should’ve turned up the heat just a little bit more. But I liked it.

  50. I love the video and she’s so beutiful. I was loving this song since the moment I heard it. The words hit close to home

  51. beyonce has sold over 130 million records so the voice aka psycho rihanna stan need to get your facts straight because alicia is nowhere near as popular and successful as beyonce. rihanna stans stay having beyonce name in their mouths even on topics that dont involve her. why ya’ll so mad? lmao

    as for this boring video and even more boring song. two thumbs down.

    lmao at rihanna having to milk this album for all its worth because she knows she is finished after this.

    and i dont care if the psycho rihanna stan gets mad. i’m entitled to my opinion.

  52. I just came from Target to buy some Diapers, and The sims game (ya’ll know that game?) Anyway when i walked by the cd section to pick out shontelle’ s new cd and a copy of jazmine sullivan’ s for my Colleague’ s birthday there was a rack full of “i am sasha fierce” looking at me, :lol2: if it ain’t sold out where you live pick as much copies as you can ,and make Christmas’ s presents early, help her sell that million the first week and shut all the “haters” up

    @Voice: I just read your comment and watch the video again and thought i don’t really agree with you, i’ m beginning to see what directions the Video was headed, Still oversexed to me though

  53. Rhianna has done waaay betta but its fair. Britney who? Her album wreeeecks no creativity and she cannot sing nor dance. Please don’t waste the cash brit cd sucks!

  54. dark sista in many places around the US the deluxe edition was sold out by 10am so beyonce fans are not really worried….

  55. Please don’t waste the cash brit cd sucks! :lol2:
    Lol i said the same for “i am..” The truth is people are going to buy , who they want to buy :lol2:
    I love britney God bless her everything she went through but she ain’ t getting a penny out of me
    maybe a cheeseburger 🙄

    @Mario: I’ m sure it was :lol2: I read and heard otherwise, but if you say it i believe you it wasn’t even my point if she sold out or not, I said instead of taking anger out on rihanna [and i wasn’t talking to you 😆 ] “if it ain’t sold out where you live pick as much copies as you can ,and make Christmas’ s presents early, help her sell that million the first week and shut all the “haters” up” that’ s what i said

  56. @ Mario,

    Why would Beyonce fans be worried about her selling out or not? 🙁 I mean, why do fans CARE the number of albums sold? It makes no sense. You just love the music; you shouln’t give two shittazays that it went triple-double-platinum in five minutes.

    @ Voice,

    This video compares the addiction she has to the man to that some have to drugs.
    The video is an extended metaphor, a look into her mind. And all the lights and random objects are meant to mirror the mind on LSD. The mind is crazy, the senses unfettered. She’s warped. But it isn’t liberating (hence the sober mood)…she’s just “gone”….
    So, please stop saying there’s no meaning. There is!
    It’s artistic .

    Thanks for the breakdown :brownsista:

  57. I looked at the video for the 5th time today and tried to imagine myself having to free myself from my man and honestly i can feel now how the video is related to the song, It’ s still not as strong as i would have but i see now :thumbsup: Voice

  58. kanyade said:
    Why would Beyonce fans be worried about her selling out or not? 🙁 I mean, why do fans CARE the number of albums sold? It makes no sense. You just love the music; you shouln’t give two shittazays that it went triple-double-platinum in five minutes.

    Because they want to brag on blogs about how their favorite artist out sold someone else’s favorite artist lol.

    Nah on the real people need to stop comparing Rihanna and Beyonce. Both are sexy and talented ladies. On another note, I”m going to have to agree with Mario. The ballads on Beyonce’s new album out did her fast songs. The Sasha Fierce album was a let down. If you not a Beyonce fan, like myself, you have to admit miss honay makes you dance. The other day I was doing the dance routine to “Single Ladies” up in Wal-Mart lol. I just love the video. Every time I see it I just throw my shoe at the screen and say work bitch like the shady queens at the balls lol!

  59. @loveroflife and you know the queens going to be working it too lol. They have this white guy on utube dancing of that song. He do it better then her lol. I have to get the link for u to see him do it. He be working it.

  60. lol yeah i seen the white guy on you tube….he was really good the dances are actually very easy once you get your body use to doing each move after another…it becomes natrual

    ‘dont ask me why….the sky’s blue? thats not my business all i know is i….. look up and tell myself “be patient love, that could be us….”‘

  61. I was in Best Buy today buying a cd and I asks one of the workers if the new Beyonce cd was selling and the guy told me it wasnt selling that well at that store.

  62. Atention, plase. Sasha Fierce have been selle 750.000 copy firhst week. Will be true? You can read in Beyonce in this blog. I hope very sucess for Rehab imediatly.

  63. ^^^^^^
    huh? she looks great as usual! but that’s where it ends, I also heard from a JT enthusiast that this song he “wrote” for her is just recyeled material from one of his previous album, as far as the “concept” its lost on me, but if it’s supposed to be similar to an LSD trip I think that concept was best executed in Jay-Z’s “I know” vid

  64. i like the video and music. the lyrics could be better- that is to me at least.

  65. @ islandgurl…
    :stop: you actually really care enough for beyonce to ask someone if her cds are selling?

    :stop: no really, you need to stop, i am the biggest beyonce stan out there
    and amazingly enough the only think i’m concerned with is what she produced, and i loved it…
    if it is good, that’s my concern, it sells or not, not my business…
    plz get a LIFE…

  66. Voice, I wasn’t going to mention it…I was actually shocked that it happened, stunned for a minute; however, I wrote that analyisis of the video lol I can’t believe you didn’t say you’d copied it from a Rihanna fansite..which is where I went to see the video the second it premiered in a really shabby LQ form…I wrote that because I saw stills from the video and I was curious to see just how it would all play out. So, I went there and after seeing the stunning video, I posted that for some who found it devoid of meaning. Well, when I came to this site and saw you’d posted it again, I was shocked a bit lol but said nothing… I almost did..if you noticed I backed myself up in a reply to someone who scoffed at the idea that there’s subtext. But are you really going to accept credit for it like that? lol

  67. Misty Knight, are you talking about the video with Zoe Kravitz in it? I’ve only seen pieces of it…it was far too literal to be better than Rihanna’s…at least the pieces I saw…and it seemed at bottom to be about her “under his spell”…If you wanted to make the argument that it mimics some sort of drug-induced state or episode, it could be believed at best just another trendy take on the ecstasy-laden club scene… Rihanna’s video is a purer reference, I think…ironically, like LSD itself in comparison to ecstasy. Not that I take or have any intentions of taking either! 🙂
    I could be wrong, though…As I said, I’ve seen Jay Z’s video in pieces…but nothing about what I saw seemed cryptic…

  68. You know what, Voice? Maybe you merely copied and pasted and didn’t say you’d done so because someone would have immediately dismissed it if they knew it came from a Rihanna fansite… I can understand that! .

  69. Oh i’ m the one that posted it there 🙂 i have been on rihanna daily since 2006 😆

  70. Nah if it comes from me people won’ t dismiss it but if it comes from a rihanna fansite they’ ll say you’ re being a stan i didnt mean to take credit for your thing Sorry loool 😆

  71. people are always saying rihanna is milking the album for all she’s got because its the last. Didn’t people say the same thing when she came out with pon the replay, and then music of the sun. Yet, here they are saying the same thing about GGGB. Please, rihanna ain’t going no where. She is not fading, she is growing and becoming a bigger star year by year. Sorry to disappoint you haters, but there are actually people out here that like rihanna and look forward to seeing her succeed.

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