Rihanna’s Record Sales Skyrocket

Rihanna While this week’s album sales were dominated by Grammy winners and big debuts by India.Arie and Lily Allen, there was one subplot playing out further down the chart: Rihanna vs. Chris Brown. In the wake of a Grammy day altercation that left her in the hospital and him under arrest, Rihanna was embraced by a clearly sympathetic public. Sales of her 2007 album, Good Girl Gone Bad, surged 33 percent, selling another 25,000 copies at No. 31. Meanwhile, Brown’s 2007 album, Exclusive, continued to see sluggish sales, failing to register among the Top 200.



  1. Something about this situation bothers me. Chris’ career is in the toilet. He was replaced by Justin Timberlake at the Grammys. Justin did a song with Rihanna. Anyone notice when Black stars cancel appearances unexpectedly Justin gets called in? It happened last year too. The fall of Janet Jackson was also associated with Justin. Justin Timberlake is behind this all. I’m serious.

  2. Ronda:

    I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist but that is a bit nutters. :thumbsdown:

    I do believe there are people waiting in the wings to monopolize off of someone else’s downfall, but that’s life.

  3. :stop: People are crazy! Buyin an album because of that it’s sad ! People are really wack today ! I m not an hater but you have to face it .

  4. lol @Ronda that is one heck of a theory, though its not convinced me i do agree that the music business is one big crackhole mess.

    Irrespective of this situation with Chris, the next album from Rihanna will make or break her career. She needs to prove that she can evolve and has longevity in the industry, if she has another great album that is even better than GGGB then she’s pretty much made it. If she put her experiences with Chris into her next album, that would be very powerful indeed.

    After what she’s been through I think she does deserve the success, but she needs to end her relationship with him before she ends up like Whitney, Britney or those other celebs who stay with shite partners and allow abuse.

  5. I agree Narymane to a certain extent. I can’t help but think that secretly L. A. Reid is glad this happened because it will undoubtedly boost her career and her album sales due to sympathy. And you better believe her PR team are going to milk it for all it is worth. In that sense, I think it is sad.

    Best of luck to both her and Chris. It’s just a sad situation all around. I am a fan of both of them.

  6. :iagree: this whole situation is strange to me and i’m ready to know the truth!

  7. Gotta say I’m with the first poster … I don’t get why that white boy is the go to guy when black folks are having issues. I still don’t even see why our community supports him at all, but whatever.

    As for Ri Ri … I like her music but this situation is rubbing me the wrong way. Something about it is just off … I’m still staying mum on it until we get more details. I have a feeling that she won’t be smelling like roses either when everything really hits the fan.

  8. I am not making excuses for Chris because he was wrong for hitting a woman, but something just ain’t right about this whole story. There are three sides to a story, his, hers and the truth. And when the truth does finally come out, Ms. Rihanna will not come up smelling like roses and should get ready for the backlash.

  9. MRSJONES AND Narymane



  10. as long as he is still selling then that is all good..CB, i got your back..will definately buy your next project.. as for riri, i am done..Fuck and def jam for trying to ruin your career..Such a talented dude..Just on that, please take note that its only america that is extremely trying to make it as if the whole world hates him..its not the case, we got his back..he is not going anywhere even if you tried…

  11. I told ya she was going to come out stronger, chris is dead and gone , america is NOT forgiving of abusers, Ike turner anyone?
    as for the nayers you need to shut the fuck up because if your queen was the one in the situation you would up and talk about unity and embrace this black woman lets buy her album and make her feel loved yada yada yada so you all are a bunch of hypocrites unfortunately for you a few punches did not and will not take away rihanna’ s success and i can smell your jealousy from behind my damn pc 😀 Curl up and die because even in sorrow she aint going no where :lol2:

  12. @ Voice, who is the Queen?
    And if u r refering 2 who u r saying, i will have to tell u that all or most of her fans are not for abuse, and are sorry this happend to Rhirhi, and CB must pay 4 what he did. Maybe when he is 30 he can have a reality tv show and try 2 revive his career. Personally, i will not support a woman beater, I am a woman. And to the one who said it is Def Jam trying to ruin CB’s career, please!!!
    Why is it that women always favour the evil man instead of the abused woman?
    If this was u, your sister or mother u would be speaking differently.

  13. America, like the rest of world IS very much forgiving of domestic violence. Many people see it as none of their business.

    Ike’s downfall had nothing to do with his abuse of Tina Turner but rather his addiction to drugs. Charles Barkley openly admitted to abusing his wife and girlfriends and many people admire him. The list is very very very long.

    Chris Brown and Rihanna will BOTH recover from this.

  14. Oh puleeze gggb hardly left the top sales album since its release, rihanna is doing it, she made it to superstar status and three punches won’ t stop that, so what if people feel sympathetic to her? you mean in this recession people bought an album they won’ t listen to ? Youa ll need to get real maybe some people weren’t that attracted to rih from the get go but been in her situation and started to warm up to her, and if that is the case where is YOUR problem? it’ s not your money is it? i don’ t tell you brainwashed who to buy and who not to buy don’ t tell me what the hell i have to do with my money!! and i so agree with voice if it was a woman by any other name than rihanna it would be “awwww” at least she knows we support her, blogs all over are painting rihanna as the bad guy, people have no way to call her on her cellphone and say how sorry they are and how supportive they are so buying an album is close enough, you all are just a bunch of hypocrites and you can kiss everyone’ s that bought gggb recently behind, truth is the album will sell more because unlike some people rihanna’ s fans don’ t just talk the talk, build a pool and swim over it!

  15. @ Voice: you made some good points. I realised with this story that a lot of women are jealous of Rihanna. I had no idea before. Maybe not on this site but I read comments about her on other sites and you can really tell that some of the reactions are the cause of pure jealousy. People are so mean and what amazed me is that most of the comments have been made by women. To say that someone deserves to be beaten is crazy.
    Why did she deserve to be beaten? Because she dates Chris Brown? Because she is light skin with green eyes? Because despite the fact she can’t sing she managed to have a career? Pathetic.
    On topic: It the same thing with every artist: drama creates sympathy and publicity ( Heath Ledger anyone?)

  16. Why did she deserve to be beaten? Because she dates Chris Brown? Because she is light skin with green eyes? Because despite the fact she can’t sing she managed to have a career?

    Tout a fait!!!!! t’ as grave toucher le point sensible quoi, faut pas aussi oublier qu’ elle est pas americaine et ca ca leur fout la RAGE parce que pour uen fois une des femmes les plus celebre ici n’ ext pas black americaine toutes des rageuses!!!

    You ain’ t lying

  17. i wish people would stop acting like they never had a fight before at that age i still like them both the media are liars

  18. :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: and whoever s ays she cant sing is deaf she sounds just like beyonce to me just in a different tone but rihanna was on her way to be better than beyonce

  19. Tracie U should have just sh@t up now the #1 deranged stans are going to come up in here and make a point of how popular she is since someone brought her name up

    and here they go…

  20. I just knew someone was going to bring SWSNBN into this post (and by a nonfan at that). This situation has absolutely nothing to do with her. And if this was her, you would probably say it was karma, and you dare wouldn’t buy her record, now would you? Answer: NO!

    I do not condone Chris’s behavior. He was wrong and must pay for what he did.

    Nevertheless, I want Rihanna to succeed (I am a fan), but she should want to based on her own merit, not by garnering album sales out of sympathy.

  21. @tracie- you need help because a fight should not involve domestic arguments i.e. violence! There is never a justification for domestic violence, a man should never beat a woman end of! Because of Chris’ appalling behaviour I would actually not give a damn if his career disintegrated unless he trully learns from his mistakes!

    There are a lot of jealous women hating on Rihanna because Chris beat her up- common it makes no sense whatsoever. Whether you like her or not, any decent human would at least acknowledge that this is a sad situation for her and Chris was in the wrong! I honestly worry about black people when I read these stupid comments like “she deserved it” WTflying F***!!!

  22. Good Girl Gone Bad has sold over 7.5 million copies worldwide.
    this report is false. how did sales soar if the album was at a higher position 26 the previous week!!!

    RIHANNA DIDN’T NEED CONTROVERSY TO SELL UNITS. THIS YEAR ALONE SHE HAS SOLD 280,000 and that was before the relationship drama.

    Check your facts.

  23. Thanks Loulou
    janetplease: if you didnt feel concerned by my comments why did you answer? ill say it again if it was yall queen you would not mind her, getting more sales on her album and would call it “love” but since its the pretty island girl it’ s not okay to buy her shit and make her feel loved smh get out of here with your hypocrite self

    sanchez, chris brown ain’ t going to survive sh@t he made a big mistake touching the biggest black star in the whole wide word, everyone is pissed at him and 15 teenager saying she deserve it will not save him :hifive:

  24. I can see her sales skyrocketing, people are only able to support an artist by buying their music….so this says she has alot of support. Everything is about public appearance, the people have chosen. Its sad because white people are more supportive of her then blacks, black people are saying “she provoked him” or “she deserved it”….but yet and still they want to cry “we dont know the story”. We have facts…
    Fact 1. Cops were called due a dispute
    Fact 2. Chris Brown left the scene and cops were searching for him
    Fact 3. Chris Brown was arrested then bailed
    Fact 4. We all saw pictures of Chris Brown’s knuckles were bruised and red
    Fact 5. The Grammy appearances were cancelled
    Fact 6. Chris Brown released a statement regarding events (so something happened where he need to get help from his pastor and family)
    Fact 7. Rihanna’s father confirmed that she is bruised, and he encourages her to move on
    Fact 8. Chris’s ad’s were suspended because of the allegations; usually the advertisers lawyers would get the facts before they suspend or terminate an endorsement deal…and Rihanna still has her endorsements
    Fact 9. The D.A. will still file domestic battery charges, he is expected to do it any day now

    Basically something happened where his side looks bad because he did something wrong. If Rihanna was at fault she would have been charged with something too, even if she did hit him first he did enough damage where is still will be charged with something.

  25. @ Dark Sista: oui t’as vu. Elles sont mĂ©chantes. J’ai mĂȘme lu des gens dire que tout cela venait de son caractĂšre parce qu’elle Ă©tait caribĂ©enne et bla bla bla. Ca m’a foutu la rage Ă©tant caribĂ©enne moi-mĂȘme (French Caribean). Avant cette histoire quand je lisais des critiques sur cette fille je me disais bon ils l’aiment pas ,ok next. Mais maintenant je me rends compte que tout cela est vraiment dĂ» Ă  de la jalousie et ça me dĂ©goute. Le pire c’est que je ne suis mĂȘme pas fan (je n’aime que Umbrella).

  26. Il ont juste la rage parce qu’ elle est plus belle que beyfacedethon :lol2: t’e st quoi martinique gwadada?

  27. Ronda, Chris has no one to blame but himself for being in this situation. He can’t blame Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, or the Grammy organizers.

  28. CB’s album wasn’t selling before this incident, and he doesn’t have a current single out. However, Rih has a current single and just released GGGB-REMIXES the end of last month. It makes sense that she is selling.

  29. @ Voice: les deux. Ma mÚre est martiniquaise et mon pÚre est indien guadeloupéen.

  30. rihanna was on her way to being bigger than beyonce?
    rihanna the biggest black star in the world?

    ROTFLMAO. rihanna stans are beyond delusionl and psychotic especially psychos like voice and tracie.

    didn’t it take rihanna over a year just to go platinum in the u.s? and didnt it take her 3 albums, a haircut, and a rumor set up by her pr team in order for people to finally notice her? puhlease.

    rihanna is getting sympathy point blank. nobody was even talking about her before this incident and her song ‘rehab’ flopped.

    beyonce has sold 3 million worldwide in just 3 months so dont even try comparing rihanna to the most popular and successful black female artist of this generation aka beyonce.

    its sad that it takes rumors and domestic violence in order for people to finally notice rihanna. she has got to be the biggest joke in the industry.smh

  31. @ Voice: Ouais t’as sĂ»rement raison pour celle dont il ne faut pas dire le nom. Ils la croyaient tellement imbattable et Rihanna au dĂ©but n’Ă©tait qu’une pale copie et au final elle a su trouver son truc et devenir une star en Ă©tant elle-mĂȘme. C’est sur que ça doit les Ă©nerver .

  32. Well Chris, you are the new OJ. This happens when you do stupid ish. Your career will never be as stellar as it could have been. Black fans are the most fickle and will only be around until the next hot guy steps onstage. The paper won’t be as long now that you let your anger get the best of you. Well, its still not too late to go to college.

  33. I’m not understanding any of this non-sense, though I haven’t been following it much either. By the time I read the first 2 lines of the articles regarding this matter…I’m confused.

    I just hope/pray that RiRi and Chris can overcome this vicious situation and move on. Too much craziness in the news already.

  34. if people want to show their support of rihanna by buying her music let them do it. To all the posters above who are stating that something is wrong with the picture , and they are not behind rihanna then why was she at the hospital and chris wasn’t? why didn’t he call the police if you all claim that she did something to him? Why was she alone and he gone? and if she wanted to villanize him wouldn’t she have been saying more to the media and fueling the fire. The girl was attacked plain and simple, and I don’t know what more to the story there needs to be. Even if she hit him first, then it would have been a simple fight between two lovers , but the police report and pictures show differently she was beaten badly more than just a lovers squabble, more like 12 rounds in a boxing ring so do you all get the picture now?

  35. @smh are you delusional? no one was talking about rihanna before this? Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Rihanna was on every magazine cover, on every blog, on every countdown, on every award show before this, so you are the delusional one. I can tell by your comment that you are a hater, so anything you say will be taken with a grain of salt. So what if it took rihanna 3 albums, the fact is that she is successful now and that is all that matters. People don’t care about where you come from, only where you are going, and rihannas star is on the rise, and haters like you won’t stop her. Leave the girl alone and let her live her life. and I am going to have to agree with Voice above, rihanna surely have alot of people jealous of her, that means she must be doing something right. GO ri ri. do your thing.


  37. Rihanna looks really bad, this is what he’s done people. Do some of you really think she deserved this?

  38. Well if buying her album is how people want to show their support for her then let it be… this is the fans way of showing her that they care and they are behind her all the way. Why is that a bad thing?????

  39. I swear this world is coming to an end. She did not deserve to get beat on period. Some of the people that support this i want to you to get lump up like ri-ri and see how it feel. What beyonce have to do with this posting like damn. This girl got beat up and you bring her in it. I know chris brown better becareful because her family member about to get in that @ss and jay-z.

  40. Damnz. Is it pitty?

    I just hope Rih Rih pulls through. What about Chris’s sales?

  41. @ TRACI Lmao…Rihanna will never b better then Beyonce nor does her tone deaf, dreadful voice sound like my Bey…please don’t add insult 2 injury . And I 4 one never purchased her album. I guess those stans wanna see Rih get richer instead of love and mental support. I have CB’s album is fiyah!!

  42. :lol2: @ women who make a comment about Rihanna being haters. That is the most common word used in the black community whenever one voices a certain unpopular opinion.

    I actually like music from both Chris and Rihanna. This is just me, but I will continue to support both anyway I can. I am not about to throw Chris Brown away like some rag doll, and at the same time I will not go out and buy ten of Rihanna’s cds either. I just wish both of them well, and hope they both heal and grow from this experience.

    Lmao @ the black women who hate Chris Brown but will shake their butt’s to an R Kelly track. Smh. Hypocrisy at large. ‘

    Oh and let me add. How are you a better person by wishing ill will on someone? I’ve seen certain women post they hope Chris gets raped in jail. Even those hoping Jay-Z “tags that ass”. Uh, comments like that coming from Jay-Z only makes him seem immature and a drama loving fein. Instead of wanting to kick a guy’s ass younger than him, he should be offering support while at the same time letting Chris know what he did was unacceptable. And for some of you women so adamant on pushing Chris as the new image of domestic violence, lets just hope your sons never get their asses beaten so horribly by a girl to the point of needing medical attention.

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