Rihanna’s Rocks the Brit Awards

The Brit Awards just kicked off and Rihanna has already performed and walked away with the award for “Best International Female” artist.

Check the performance and red carpet pics above/below.

And FYI: Despite what you may have heard, Rihanna’s publicist denied the singer has been dropped by ROC Nation and Armani due to her recent collaboration with Chris Brown.

It seems for now the public at large is mostly unconcerned about to two young artists musically reuniting.


  1. Time for her to start performing some other singles. This one never interested me.

  2. Yes, it was a good performance and love the dress!!! Love the stage design, they put so much more into their stage design. The long runway and glass box, the paint, that was hot!

    I hope they don’t get back together, but only time will tell.

    She picked a great time to do the controversial remixes because all eyes have been on these slinky and gorgeous 1930s inspired gowns she’s been wearing!

  3. That gown is oh-so-hot. Somebody please get it for me. Thank you.

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