Rihanna’s Take A Bow Cover Art: Part 2

What was said to be the official cover art for Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” single, may now be not so official after all. A new image has recently surfaced and it too is being touted as the “official” cover for the single. The first cover is the one that surfaced about a week ago and I really liked it. It was dark, subtle- but still made a statement. The second cover is the one that surfaced today and it too is very subtle and yet also makes a statement. Honestly I like them both. But if I had to choose- I think I would go with #1. Something about it just jumps out at me. However, the more I look at it the more it just looks like a shot from one her concerts and possibly something made by a fan.


  1. I like this song. You can also tell a Neyo-written song. It always opens with a capturing lyric (i.e. ‘to the left, to the left,’ ‘you look so dumb right now,’ ‘baby i just don’t get it’, and so on).

  2. It is a shot from one of her concerts and I always thought it was fan made. Stans do stuff like that all the time and then sit back and watch people run with it. Remember that robot image of Janet Jackson from earlier this year. The pics was everywhere but a Janet stan did that as a mock up of the original.

  3. i don’t like the pics, they are a little off to me. especially the hair.

  4. i like the 2nd pic…its simple however it says a lot

  5. I absolutely love the second one. This is my first time seeing the first one… but I guess I’ve seen too many images of her in concert so I’m not a big fan of the first one.

  6. Both pics are pretty, but I like the first one more.

  7. I like both of them, but I prefer the second picture….
    Still fly as ever Ms Fenty…

  8. Both are very nice. The second is better done, but the first is more fitting.

  9. Both suck. This chick has absolutely NO talent! She gives ppl like me who can’t sing hope!! **Has a bright idea** Maybe if I spread my legs, I just might get a record deal too!!

  10. hey TRUTHHURTS RELAX!!!!! As far is I know we haven’t ask you if you liked her or if Rihanna has talent or not ok? And it’s not because you don’t like her that the covers suck!
    Really if you don’t like her then it’s ok but I think that people here can’t care less about your opinion you know so don’t spend time writting comments on her!!!
    Really GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (ps: I prefer the second one!!)

  11. @ Marie
    B*tch Please!!!! I can say whatever the F*ck I want to say!!

  12. HEY I haven’t been rude so shut up now!!! I said you what i thought about your comment and that’s true!! You have to be a very frustated woman (or man???) to spend time writting comments about someone you don’t like first , then if you think that you can sing better or as good as Rihanna good for you…but sorry I’ve never seen you performing all over the world, release a album, winning an award… I think your only fan is yourself actually if you think you’re as talented as one of the hottest chick in the industry right now!
    So now if you don’t have anything else to say so just SHUT UP!!! and please don’t be rude anymore, you just show me how DUMB you are!!

  13. @ Marie
    B*tch shut the F*ck up! You illiterate B*tch, please reread my post and tell me where I’ve mentioned that I sing better than that hoe! Learn to F*cking READ AND WRITE. Get the f*ck outta here trying to start some sh*t over the internet! lol. This is a F*cking BLOG and you, MARIE, are a F*cking joke!! lol MOVING RIGHT ALONG.


    thank you darling, but now: TAKE A BOW!!!

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