Watch: ‘Rise Up’ Video by Andra Day


Andra Day Releases Two Versions of ‘Rise Up’ Video

Get ready to cry your eyes out folks. If Andra Day’s vocals on her single Rise Up aren’t enough to bring you to tears, then the visuals for the song will most likely do the trick. Andra released two videos for her Grammy-nominated single, both beautifully directed by Oscar nominee M. Night Shymalan.

The “Inspiration Version,” as it is dubbed, features a woman and her disabled veteran husband enjoying a day out together. This is the one I truly love because the visual and lyrics go together perfectly. Anyone who has ever taken care of a sick relative, something I know a lot about, will feel this deeply. It brought tears to my eyes.

The second visual, dubbed the “Introspective Version,” features Andra walking through the forest, and while not as gut-wrenching as the “Inspiration Version,” is no less beautiful and pleasing to look at.

Rise Up was released over a year ago, but is only now getting the video treatment. According to Day, she fought hard and prayed even harder to bring these visuals to fans. Via Instagram she thanked Shymalan and his family for their support, as well as her fans for being so patient. “Hey Fam! This is my baby,” Andra wrote. “Been waiting to get this out to you all. A lot of prayer and fighting for this. Thank you so much to M. Night Shyamalan for directing, and his entire family for being a part of this project. You all are such a blessing to me!”


  1. It rained on my face while watching both versions. 😆

    Andra’s vocals are everything.

  2. Beautiful. So happy to see Andra finally get some love on this site.

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