Roberto Cavalli Speaks on Beyonce Shoot

Italian Designer Roberto Cavalli, who dressed Beyonce head to toe for the shoot we posted earlier this week, took to his Twitter page to let the world know that the singer was indeed shooting the video for the first single off of her upcoming album.

News of Beyonce’s first single debuting this month have been running rampant for weeks and Cavalli’s tweet has only added to the excitement.

Also stepping into the mix is Dennis Handlin, head honcho at Sony Music Australia. The executive reportedly got to hear Beyonce’s new album courtesy of the singer herself.

Handlin said he was played six tracks and that the best way he could describe them is “groundbreaking.” Handlin went on to say that Beyonce “has gone to another level” and that Sony was very pleased.

So when will this groundbreaking new material be made available? Words has it Sony is eying a June release date.


  1. Every since Cavalli made that tweet Beyonce stans have been stressed. You would think they would be happy to hear she was filming a video. But because of how she looks they are worried her image won’t be up to snuff this time around. They been running around the internet claiming that Cavalli was playing an April Fools Day Joke even though his account is clearly used only for business with no personal tweets appearing to ever be sent out.

  2. I see nothing wrong with the way she looks. Nothing at all. Everyone has been slamming her look but I bet when we get the professional pics or video they will be hot.

  3. How bout we just wait and see. I’m sure minds will be changed…unbiased minds that is.

  4. I don’t like the look but definitely can’t wait for her return. This look seems likes she’s late 30’s or early 40’s or so. =/ Way too much make up and the hair and outfit are a mess. Guess I will just have to see the video then. =/

  5. Jessica you are right. From That Grape Juice to Bossip those stans are out in force lying about the shoot. They even claimed on this blog that it was a Dereon shoot even though it was stated that she was dressed in couture. Nutty fans will say anything. I will never understand how people can become so attached to the lives and careers of celebs they don’t know.

    As for how she looks, I agree I see nothing wrong with it and the final project will probably be visually stunning.

  6. I hope her new album doesn’t get overhyped! This may lead to dissapontment. I am sooooooo glad this chick is back. It’s time for all those other so called “singers” to pack up and hide for a good while.

  7. I cant wait for the album. And if her Album does get over hyped its because the media is doing it. Beyonce doesn’t wont anybody talking about her new music. Sean Garret and other producers said that they weren’t aloud to speak on it, because Bey didnt wont them to.

  8. Beyonce stan here. Do I like the look? No. But I can’t wait for the music.

  9. SHANICE- Then you’re not a stan your a fan, because stans can see nothing wrong that their fav artist does.

  10. She looks quite tall here. I never thought she was no more than 5’5, Maybe its the heels.

  11. Lord here we go.Im glad she is back but can the girl grow?She is NOT a kid anymore.She is a married women of 3yrs and a buisness women who wants to change up a bit.

  12. We all know beyonce fans need to be hospitalized, it shouldn’t reflect on beyonce tho, and i feel like it does, i feel like the more her stans get on people’s nerves the more they hate beyonce and that’s sad.
    I don’t like this look, but i know she will be successful, so i’m rooting for her.

  13. time for the queen b takeover!! were happy to have you back we have been patiently awaiting your return the music industry needs you right now its gonna be a sad day in music when this woman throws in the towel she has given us so much cant wait until the new single drops!!

  14. Beyonce is on some other shit these days, you are either with her or against her. I personally cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve.

  15. She reprtedly has 200 african dancers appearing in her new video…Can’t wait.

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