Robin Givens, Taraji Henson Added To “Prey” Cast

Robin Givens has learned that Taraji P. Henson, Robin Givens, and Cole Hauser have been added to the cast of Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys Together. Already included in the cast are Sanna Lathan, Rockmund Dunbar, Alfre Woodward, Kathy Bates, and Tyler Perry. The story focuses on two families from different sides of the tracks that become intimately involved in love and business. It is the first Perry film with a prominent storyline that involves white characters. Perry will also handle directing duties on the film with Reuben Cannon. Lionsgate will release the film on September 12, 2008. Tyler Perry’s Family That Preys began shooting March 2nd at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. For the record, Jennifer Hudson is NOT in the film- as previously reported.

Taraji P. Henson Taraji P. Henson was last seen opposite Don Cheadle in Kasi Lemmons’s Talk To Me, and will be featured in Bill Duke’s Not Easily Broken with Morris Chestnut and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ with Brad Pitt. Both films are slated to be released this year.Robin Givens is ready to make a comeback on the big screen having completed filming on ‘Queen of Media’, which tells the controversial story of the life and times of syndicated radio personality and “shock jock” Wendy Williams. According to wikipedia, in 2007 Givens toured the country playing a part in Tyler Perry’s play, “Men, Money & Golddiggers” (which is rumored to have been written with Givens in mind). Hauser was last seen in the Fox TV series K-Ville opposite Anthony Anderson, but with Anderson ready to join NBC’s Law and Order at the end of this season, the series is expected to be cancelled.

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  1. Tyler keeps the sistas working. Somehow I knew Robin would end up in one of his movies. Good for her she is a great actress who never quite got back on track after marrying Tyson.

  2. I love Taraji. :brownsista: Congrats to Robin on getting another movie role.

  3. This is going to be good. Looks like a great cast.

  4. This movie is not going to do well. Tyler Perry fans aren’t going to want to see this movie cause it appears they are trying to pander to the White audience now. Trying to bring them into mix as if his Black fan base isn’t good enough all of a sudden. I give this a :thumbsdown:

  5. Yeah good for Robin she need to do something to make money on her own other than thru MIKE. :lol2:

  6. [quote comment=”22416″]Kanyade, who is that in your gravatar?[/quote]
    Sorry it took a day to reply, but it’s Kelly Rowland! :brownsista: This beautiful brown sista has no problem making goofy faces. 😆 Or letting the camera catch her unawares. :brownsista:

  7. I like Robin Givens and she deserves more credit. I just hate the fact that she looks so sad sometimes 🙁

  8. I understand that a lot of people love Tyler Perry’s work and whatnot, but his stuff is coming out one after another too fast if you ask me. My family loves his work, but even they are like “Eh, I’ll see it when I see it.”

  9. I wish other directors would take a hint and start seeing how successful his movies are and start moving in the direction of making quality movies. That movie that Gabby and Morris put out at Christmas time was just horrible -the writing the acting everything and I couldn’t believe they felt as long as they put two of our favorite actors on screen that we will watch it…that movie did not do well at all….

    I think Robin is ok, but for some reason I have never liked her…but I can’t wait to see Rockmund back on the screen…I love how Tyler keeps using different black actresses to put them out there like Angela Bassett. Now I can’t wait for him to work with Nia Long its her turn to get in on one of those movies and there is so many others I can name but I applaud him for trying to keep putting out so many movies to keep our actors employed with quality.

    I am glad the remake of Raisin in the Sun did well, even though Diddy could not touch Sidney the rest of the cast was phenomenal….*loves it*

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