Rochelle Aytes Poses For KING

Hollywood prospect Rochelle Aytes is strangely drawn to men in dresses. After diggin’ on Shawn Wayans, who delivered a totally bitchin’ Becky impersonation in White Chicks (2004), Aytes found herself onscreen with man-in-pumps Tyler Perry in Madea’s Family Reunion, which raked in $30 million in its debut weekend. But don’t get your signals crossed. The Harlem native clearly knows the difference between a suit and a skirt. “I’m into athletic dudes,” says Aytes. “I like a nice muscular chest. That’s very attractive.” KING would love to discuss our chest preference with not quite 30-year-old Aytes, but she’s opposed to performing nude scenes. Doing pole tricks as a stripper with upward mobility for the camera, however, is a horse of a different color.

Courtesy: KING


  1. She played on Madea’s Family Reunion as the chick Blair Underwood was dating and beating up on.

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