Rockstar 101 Video: The Director’s Cut

Following in the footsteps of her idol, Beyonce, Rihanna has decided to release a second version of her “Rockstar 101” video. The newly released version is being called a director’s cut and features quite a few new scenes- enough in fact to make it a totally new video altogether. Word is this version will be also be made available via Itunes on June 15th.


  1. Is this an alternate video or the same video with extra stuff? that would make this totally different from Beyonce’s camp releases. Rihanna is on tour and still releasing singles from her latest CD. So the videos are no biggie. Now if she continues to release after she is off tour and the CD is 2 years old – then that would be Beyonce like.

  2. :lol2: Her idol bk….puuuuu. im sure bk was the first person to rlse an alternate version of a video (MJ, JJ, Madonna, Tupac! just to name a few)… is this person who writes for brownsista a moron.

  3. Everybody know RiRi is a Beyonce disciple and has attempted to follow in her steps. Don’t get mad Melanie just bow down to the Queen B and call it a day :bowdown:

  4. Beyonce is not Rihannas idol, Beyonce is not the first to have alternative vide, many arists have done it
    You act like shes the first to do everything, and her videos are not that great in the first place, regardless of how many VMA Awards her daddy buy her, no wonder Black music is dead, when you should of been supporting artists like Kelis you were worshipping Beyonce, Shes the the Queeen of commercial RnB when it is dead , maening she is everyihng that is wrong with RnB,

  5. Queen Bee u must be crazy BK is a good and I like her but keep it real stan. Real queens don’t copy they innovate. Give props were props due.. fall back.. Just keeping it real.

  6. :bootyshake:
    oh oh oh oh oh oh no no!!!
    so many Haters in the house….or should i say… :hater:

  7. The only reason this one is being released is because the first one has not moved, it’s like #300 on itunes and TeAmo is following in it’s footsteps. The video is not about a rockstar it’s more like she is trying out for a runway show or something and the songs are boring, typical Rihanna showing more skin and trying to be hard…..

  8. I didn’t know an alternative version and a director’s cut were the same thing.

  9. I like the first one better. But why is it that everyone is tired of someone but is the first to bring up his/her name? Rihgt now you should be appreciating the break.

  10. For all of those not thinking that Beyonce is not one of Rihanna’s idols, please tell me where Rihanna has NOT mentioned that. PLEASE! As I recall, when Rihanna FIRST CAME OUT, she mentioned Beyonce being one of her idols. So :stop: with the disrespecting and recognize the real.

  11. @Melanie – I’mma need you to back track on Rihanna’s earlier interviews. (-_-)

  12. @Kat, Beyonce is her biggest idol, or atleast WAS! lmfao she said it in an interview when she was still a new artist :P.

  13. I think they’re trying to keep interest in the song, while she’s touring this summer with Ke$ha, along with Rated R Remixes…plus, director’s cut, makes you think of a film…I’m sure that’s coming, her first film role…it doesn’t seem as dark in the beginning as the first one…they tweaked…it’s a good video…

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