Rocsi, The Rumors Are True

I grew up watching 106 and Park. In fact I am in the generation when Free and AJ were the hosts and it was actually cool. It was a part of every teenagers daily regimen around the country. Unfortunately, time went on, I grew up and so did Free and AJ, so BET thought they needed some younger hipper hosts for the next set of high schoolers. In comes Rocsi and Terrance J. Now, Terrance is harmless, he is a cutie and kind of lame. However, from day one, individuals, many of them women were not feeling Rocsi. Many of the reasons I heard were she is not really Black she is Latino why is she hosting a BET show, she is funny looking, too skinny, I don’t like her voice and so on. Here we are years later and Rocsi is still disliked by many. However, now, everyone has access to blogs where they can properly express their dislike.

I never had a negative opinion about Rocsi. She seemed like a cool person and I ignored the rumors of her sleeping her way to her position because she seemed like a hard worker. She also hosted a daytime radio show in Chicago while simultaneously hosting 106th and Park in New York. That sounds like a gruesome work schedule. I respect that. Then the drama hit. Rumors started to spread about Rocsi not only being a hoe but also being a hoe that likes to sleep with married men. More specifically, Lisa Raye’s husband T&C Premier Michael Misick. Raye went on from show to show and she would discuss the affair with some respect to her ex and Rocsi but Rocsi never denied or confirmed it. Even when pictures emerged of her with Raye’s husband still no response from Rocsi. So, when I saw her interview posted on Honeymagazine I just knew that she would finally clear her name and dispel all of the negativity that has been coming her way. On the contrary, Rocsi chose to not speak about it.

“And although she won’t discuss what her manager refers to as the “LisaRaye situation,” she did touch on her relationship choices. “With men in my life, I’ve always made good choices. I would love to think that. It’s just really hard to trust people, and that’s just coming from not knowing everybody’s intentions,” Rocsi says.”

Really? So this is your opportunity to clear your name and stop some of the shade that is thrown your way from women and men alike and you do not want to talk about it? This is your opportunity to let people know you are not a home wrecker and indeed one of the hardest working chicks out there and not because you lay on your back. You do not want to talk about it. Which brings me to the this conclusion: Bitch you did it. Sure she has her right to her privacy but screw all of that! I know if I was in her position and my good name was being thrown around on blogs and by an accuser like cow shit I would be one of the first ones to nip it in the bud. I would shout it from the mountains above “I did not sleep with that lady’s husband!”. Instead she chooses not to discuss it and refer to it simply as the “Lisa Raye” situation. If the rumors are not true, I cannot understand how you or anyone guiding you would feel that ignoring the situation helps to plead your case. Especially when Lisa Raye is on radio shows discussing it regularly and there are pictures of you and the man circulating the internet.


Damn Rocsi. I go to so many of these blogs and see the comments and women are trashing you. I held out hope for you that this was all some rumor created by haters to cause more confusion in your life and career. However now, it is becoming more clear to me that perhaps this was never a rumor and Lisa Raye has reason to feel slighted by you. You broke up a home. That is just not the business. Perhaps the reason why you do not want to talk about it is because you feel ashamed of your own behavior and decisions. Am I judging? Perhaps. One thing is for certain. I am so damn disappointed with her.

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  1. But then again celebs owe us nothing at all but their talents in my opinion. Like I remember someone on a blog saying they needed to know how exactly aaliyah died(God bless the dead) because they needed closure and I’m thinkin what the F*CK??? family needs closure not fans, so again if she doesn’t want to tlak about it thats her business, I dont see an article about alicia not saying anything…or am I talking too soon?

  2. well let me start by saying when A.J& Free hosted 106 & park I to was one of the teens to watch every time It came on…but now that time has passed and it’s for the new generation of teens & host Rocsi & Terrance I remember when BET had somethin’ called who wants to be a VJ and they were on it and when I found out they won I was like they are going to be “BORING” I never cared for Rocsi and still don’t not only because of the “lisa Raye situation” I just aint feelin’ the chick and Terrance Is a clown too…I don’t even watch 106 & park any more unless they have my fav artist on there It’s too kiddish to me the W.O.W (wild out Wednesday’s) freestyle Friday’s aint what it used to be straight up “Wickady wickady WACK” but over all whateva SMH rocsi aint the only one messin’ around with married men there’s plenty more out there just hasn’t been revealed yet

  3. I agree with 17150918

    These people really dont owe us anything but to entertain us, they are human just like us and make mistakes no need to make them feel worse than they already do(not saying your being negative or anything but im talking about other blogs)

    I have felt that way for along time when celebs mess up they have to apologize to everyone even though it’s actually a personal issue that doesn’t effect us in our own lives. Yea im disappointed in Rosci but thats life who knows this man could be her one true love and she could be his. People put to much idolization in celebs which is why the entertainment industry as a whole has become so fickle especially the music industry! People like to get to involved with these people that they don’t know and make things personal when they aren’t, it’s nice to know what happens in their lives but I mean really I never understood how peopel can bash people they dont even know!

  4. Also I heard about her coming out and talking about the things people say on blogs and she is right people spread way to much negativity…we I see stories about celebs especially women I feel bad for them because some are just trying to find love and happiness like us and yet they get labeled as whores and all other things! WHen I see negative blogs about Solange, Rihanna, Ciara, Beyonce, Amerie, Mariah Carey and so many more I try my best to ignore them and not even view them because the things said about them are so crazy and it all comes from so called “fans” people calling them evil, or B*tches or saying they should just die….what kind of mess is that?!?!?!

  5. I hear Rocsi, Gabrielle & Alicia are the best of friends.

    LOL! 🙂 couldn’t help it.

  6. Again WOMEN tearing eaching other down. I wish there was s spotlight shown in every aspect of the lives of the people here who make comments about situations that they don’t know the full situation . I remember when the Meg Ryan, Russel Crowe and Dennis Quaid situation and folks calling her a cheating this and that and turns out when we finally heard her side, Dennis was the one that cheated on Meg just chose not to discuss her private life at that time even though she was being trashed… SMH…

  7. wow what a tramp!! i knew that skeezer had homewrecker written all over her face. that’s ok, because karma is a BITCH!

  8. I dont think the main focus is that she is a celeb., but the fact that she knew of the marriage and still proceed to get involved. That is wrong people, yes we are all human but God gave us a conscience to know right from wrong, whenever we are faced with a serious decision, we get that strong gut feeling, and questions the RIGHTS & WRONGS. What she did was wrong and over and over everyone has something to say and she did not denied it. Simple. As woman the right thing to do is backoff “Marriage” mean there is a bond between two people, if you have interest in one of them, walk away, maybe one day you will get to be with him, if that bond was to be broken.

  9. I see yall are running out of topics to write about, cuz this was pointless. No one owes anyone in this world an explanation of their choices especially, if they don’t share a bank account.

  10. harlemgirl;

    i totoally agree. i dont think the article was pointless, but like others said she aint got to talk a damn thing if she dont want to. its none of our business. ppl dont even know her and hate her, it amazes me how much hate and dislike ppl have for another but never me them.

  11. I agree to an extent that Rocsi doesnt owe anyone an apology or explanation (excpet maybe Raye).
    But she is completely wrong in what she did and deserves the negative feedback(as well as A.Keys)! Now, people saying she needs to kill her self (and things of that nature) are totally uncalled for. That is what Jesus died for!!! I believe Rocsi “could’ve” addressed the issue at hand in some way, but that’s on her. Apparently she wants to continue to wear the label that people are giving her. There are some things that dont need to be addressed (example: arguing whether you stole a cookie from the cookie jar) but something serious like this would have been a great time to clear her name of the drama and mess. Oh well, thats her… She is still here an still making paper so I guess nothing else really matters.

  12. im sorry but that point is so mute-she don’t owe us anything-of course that’s a given. And we don’t have to have opinions-but we do. IF sum1 says they thinks she is a homewrecker because of the information that has been put out-what does her having to owe us or not owe us have to do with anything??? Rocsi don’t have to tell us her life story and we don’t have to like or dislike her.

  13. oh wait a minute- i didn’t c the pics/ YEah she a homewrecker, but i could tell she was weak when the whole 106 park thing with her co-worker(don’t remember his name and don’t care 2 try, after Free left who cares)and she ran out under the pressure. You can tell she’s easily persuaded. But yeah, she’s a homewrecker and she don’t owe me an explanation for y she is one.

  14. True, she doesn’t owe any1 anything, BUT @ the same time some1 is goin out PUBLICLY putting her name in mess & to me IF what went down is true, that would warrant defense mode. It’s 1 thing for simple rumors to float, but when ppl call you out ( esp, the wife) that’s totally different story.

    I agree when Rocsi & Terrence Hit 106 by that time I lost intrest. I have only got pieces & glimpses(sp?) of her job performance on the show. I WILL say that I DID see the video that she spoke of 50 being “garbage”. That was VERY unprofessinal ESPECIALLY since she sees these artist ALL the time. Journalism 101 u MUST remain neutral, even if u feel a certain way. You can’t let your emotions get the best of you, sure there are ways to speak your mind w/o breakin that rule, but she just straight came out & said his album is garbage.. not good. As for her sexual laisons.. I don’t know.However, there has been plenty of talk about that & her attitude towards others during her radio days & now *shrugs*. BUT I will say this JUST b/c she stood in the line @ the BET casting doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have made some arrangements to be in the top 2. It happens all the time & no I am saying that this is the case for her, but I am simply puttin it out there.

  15. Alicia Keys and Rosci have every right to remain silent! They’re going to be disliked and trashed, only men go blameless or we trash them and get back to forgiving and loving them as we should!

    I can’t imagine how pure and flawless so many are that their lives could be held under a microscope and dissected and come out smelling like a rose, some will, many won’t!

    They’re people, who falter, like all of us…there’re no perfect people…as there’re just people with talent, celebrity, mistakes, baggage and hopefully, redemption!

    One-sided stories is why at least we have a judicial process, faulty as it be may, to condemn, not talking about having an opinion, but to condemn is scary. We never know when we might find ourselves in that position, not cheating, but falsely accused or actually guilty and want mercy.

    That’s why there’s “Grace,” undeserved kindness.

  16. We live in a self-center world, self-serving, self-seeking..self, self, self…in the end God holds all accountable…all no one is avoided.

  17. Rocsi is scandolous, even 50 Cent put her on blast.


    You are right. We hear rumors about celebs all the time and most of the times it just goes away, but when something new keeps popping up and when people that could lose fans accuse you, they can’t be lying. Like when that rumor about Ciara being a man, no one said it was true so it went a way, but almost every year since she been on the show she’s been accused of messing with other women’s men.

  18. @ NNE

    LMAO! You are a mess. But this article is not pointless, when people do that kind of stuff they need to be put on blast. I believe in respect, and I won’t support someone that does that kind of stuff. Rocsi is attractive to alot of men and she is successful, I bet she could have almost any man she wants, why she gotta get a married man?

  19. You all are too cute “homewrecker”, “Skeezer” ,loool you all are some Pathetic Bitter, The worst thing is All you mouthing off right here will keep a cheater but get ready to go beat “the other woman” down …

  20. Jealous people who have made NOTHING of their lives will always try and tear down another person… Half these women here have let a man impregnate them without the benefit of marriage and wanna talk about another’s misgivings…lol

  21. @nisha- i said the exact same thing before on a different post and it true.(about the having a baby without being married)

  22. It’s nobodies business but their own. EVENIF celebs commit the fornication sin, they’re human. If they’re religious, it’s between God and them. Leave Gotcha witch hunt alone.

  23. to me Brownsista posted the wrong parts of the interview, having read large excerpts of it. All i have to say is Rosci is full of shit…her comments on being raised properly and how much of a lady she is, are quite funny.

  24. it takes two yall…it takes two…they’re BOTH wrong if these rumors are true

  25. isn’t it a given that about 80% of men are dogs- i mean lets keep it real-i ain’t bashing cuz there is 20% left in my statistic. Of course he isn’t off the hook-DUH!! bUT we do expect women to understand, sympathize, more because she is one-AND THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT ROCSI.
    @Brownsist- so they will stop crying put up an article about lisa raye’s husband so we can bash him too.

  26. Of course many peope who are bashing Rocsi always wanted 2 host 106 and park rite? What are ya’ll talking about?
    Voice- if a woman keeps a cheater she is self-destructive-ok we know that. If a woman has an affair with a married man?? SHould i go further- u honestly in your mind do not see a difference. i notice u always defend grimy females. have u been in that position b4?? no sarcasm, its just odd 2 me ur position but then on other issues you conscious- MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

  27. uno what i am big enuff person 2 admit when im wrong- homewrecker is 2 harsh, “assistant homewrecker” yeah that’s better, or better yet “co-homeworker”

  28. @Cynthia

    But that is part of the problem. Ppl go around thinking that celebs( even tho I don’t consider Rocsi 1) can’t make mistakes & that they are holier than thou. Ppl REALLY think that these ppl (celebs) are flawless, but they are NOT. Some of them are more scandalous than the avg joe b/c their money & pwr give them a more advantages than Sue & Joe up the street they can get away w/ more. Honestly, ppl run off @ the mouth when their neighbor does something foul, so why should celebs be exempt. YES entertaining is their job, but Sue, Michael, & Paula have jobs too. That doesn’t stop ppl from talkin. The downside of it all is that for a celeb his business gets put on front street where as Sue & Joe’s is only known around the community. Is it right ? No not really, but it happens. You can’t crucify a civilian b/c of the wrong doing( who prolly owes nothing to you either) & give a pass to a celeb b/c they sing your fav song or act well( hence the common sayin.. I am only care about whateva said professional does). At the end of the day BOTH of the 2 are humans & committed the same crime. If you can give a pass to the celeb, then Sue & Bob should get a break too.

    *No I am not sayin that you think or actually feel this way.. but once again just putting it out there.

  29. Also I would like to add that it is alledge that LisaRaye was messing around w/ Gray Payton & this was just Karma getting her. That maybe right, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. The Prime Minster is just as foul as they come too & just like Lisa got what she may hav had coming .. ALL parties in this affair( Rocsi, Prime Mintser, & who eva else) will get theirs too. It may not come to day, it may not come tomorrow… but best believe that they will get their just deserts.

  30. R-U serious don’t give me that for the last few weeks brown sista turned into this home to bitter angry undersexed chicks and i am SICK of it for real, A tramp is a tramp REGARDLESS, Alicia ,rocsi,banqueisha, Them sleeping with a guy knowing that he is taken is wrong no questions about that, but BLACK WOMAN are KNOWN to always take it to the other woman, damn love yourself first, I’ve been cheated on, I didn’t even try to find out who the chick was i took it directly to the guy because it was me and him in the relationship I don’t know her, She don’t matter at all, I’ve been reading every single post on “home wrecking” and what not, and most of you don’t even say a word towards the cheater but every isha wanna get the Vaseline and go after “the home wrecker” it’s like there is this understanding that men will be men but let’s tear the woman down, Which one of you HERE can control who she falls in love with? whoever can need to holla at me and teach me,Any of you ever stop to think that these women fell in love with those cheaters? and that maybe it was up to the person IN THE COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP to make the right choice? I am so sick of this sh-t, Alicia keys and rocsi’s only mistake was to not know how to control their hearts and that might be wrong or right depending on who you’re talking to but on the real you all need to stop that weak ass “victim” sh-t it is not cute and it’s further more reason why “home wreckers” keep on gaining more territory , If you all really think that another woman closing her legs to your man is going to stop him from leaving you , You need to be hospitalized.

  31. I don’t condone cheating at ALL and dealt with it in my own relationship and it’s very painful but I can guarantee you that if Alicia Keys or Rosci never existed those men would not be with Lisa Raye or Mashonda..

  32. u said who can control their emotions holla-well im hollering. Example-if my homegirl man happens 2 look like denzel washington, it won’t matter cuz they is no way i wud EVA look at him like that-he automatically becomes fam-i have male cousins who are attractive,no im not attracted 2 them cuz they ar fam, -OFF LIMITS- just like married men or taken men- once a man tell me that he might as well have become an alien-ain’t no way. automatically i can’t fall cuz my mind shuts down. Now, if a man LIES and then feelings are formed i wud have sympathy but still who wants sum1 who would break vows- MARRIAGE IS NOT A GAME. just like i can put my life on the line, i would never commit murder(self-defense only) cuz i KNOW ME. NOW all this fighting the other girl nonsense, that ain’t applying 2 me cuz i neva said that so i won’t address that. If sum1 robs a bank and i call them a robber im judging and saying what they are. I neva said rocsi should go 2 jail or what her consequence is, which seems like she has already received it, im just callin it what it is. So much support for the ones accused but the ones who are affected-ex-wifes, children -get no luv from u. Who called lisa or mashonda victims??? you keep stressing this its the man’s fault-GREAT-now when will u give some responsibility 2 da woman?? neva i c. When ur addressing me, u seem 2b addrssing the whole board-stick 2 my script only. I have tirelessy-THEY ARE BOTH AT FAULT-and i knew u was the type 2 do it-that’s why u can sympathize- thank u for that missing piece. “which one of you on here can control who she falls in luv with”-that’s from you. actually i think u did it b4-2 much passion for the mistresses.

  33. btw i neva said they would have cheated if alicia or rocsi weren’t around- that’s obvious-im just a balanced person- i see all sides. i need 2b hospitalized. look at ur rant on here and on many Beyonce posts. i used 2 actually get scared reading them. You get overly emotional.My post is ur length but im calm. i didn’t insult you. Your very passionate, but about nonsense, i can cu getting swept off ur feet then crying its just emotions.

  34. And this is our business because….???? This is a situation between three adults. It won’t affect our lives one way or another. Lisa Raye’s acting skills will not improve or fail, Rosci’s vj skills will remain the same Michael will land book deals, corporate jobs and other opportuniies, and the rest of us will still need to go on with the things that matters in our lives. I don’t see the connection between them and me. Again? Has this turned into a cheap gossip site or will it remain a place of inspiration for Brown Sistas?

  35. @talentagent-this ur first time on here? At least give brownsista this-they don’t allow vulgar language, but no debates over the article-sorry we haven’t reached utopia yet-one day maybe.

  36. Thank you Nisha

    Ruserious: You confusing lust with love and you are talking about women who sleep with men belongings to female in their family or friend circle, in this case we are targeting rocsi and or Alicia, if you can honestly sit here and deny that if it weren’t for those two women swizz beats and whatever his name is would still be with mashonda or lisa ray then our discussion is over and in tru beyonce stan you have to bring her name in here when she and her “career” have nothing to do with it, How the hell would you know if I’m calm or not i can still curse someone out and be as cool as a cucumber those or typed words honey do not insert any emotions in my posts because i don’t care enough to do the same for you…

    talent agent: Well said

  37. I MEANT

    if you can honestly sit here and deny that EVEN if it weren’t for those two women swizz beats and whatever his name is would still be IN BAD TERMS AND OR DIVORCED with mashonda or lisa ray then our discussion is over

  38. @Voice-i knew it would go over ur head that example-the point was a taken man might as well be family or a friend’s man cuz they are all off limits to me-that’s how turned off i would be with someone taken-both are extremes TO ME- never was my point that if alicia or rocsi weren’t around they would not ahve cheated-that’ 2 obvious-the point was these sisters did not have 2 AID these men in their aldulterous ways, therefore they aided-u give them NO REPSONSIBILITY- I wud rather u get my point and disagree, then not get it AT ALL. SINCE we are not on different pages, but different books-THIS is pointless. toodles

  39. Its not like this is just heresay, there are pictures, there are always pictures.

    But now that I think about it who is to blame. What pisses me off about this is the people that look up to them for inspiration, there are young people that look at them and think, “If I love or like someone enough, I can break up their marriage.” Its not right, but who should we be mad at the celebs or the paparazzi? This is nothing new. All I know is this, all of these people in hollywierd are a hot mess. Its all about the money.

  40. Oh God! You’ve got to be kidding me… so what? Only petty bitches would read what she said and think “YUPPP I GOT A REASON TO HATE THAT HO NOWWWW!” Reading is fundamental.

    Her response was, “It’s just really hard to trust people, and that’s just coming from not knowing everybody’s intentions…”

    You don’t know WHAT that statement truly entails beyond A) She trusted “him” (perhaps) and B) She did not know “his” intentions (which are also unknown by us). Sounds deeper than a case of a chick looking for married men to sleep with.

    As Cynthia stated:

    “Alicia Keys and Rosci have every right to remain silent! They’re going to be disliked and trashed, ONLY MEN GO BLAMELESS or we trash them and get back to forgiving and loving them as we should!”

    THIS bit of info in NO WAY validates hating someone we do not know.

  41. Lmao @ “if there were no Alicia Keys or Rocsi the men would be with their wives” -dead-

    Swizz was leaving Mashonda whether another chick were to come along or not. There will ALWAYS be “Janet” “Jane” and “Jill”.

    Mashonda doesn’t OWN her husband, nor does Lisa Raye. You cannot OWN people or hold yourself responsible for THEIR feelings and choices.

    These men CHOSE to ignore their promise to THEIR wives.

  42. You no we all make choices that we have to live with, and at the end of the day who are we to judge. It is unforunate that young Americans have looked at her as a role model. It isn’t the type of role model I would hope the youth of today pattern themselves after. But the “I Take Yo Man” mentality plays a role in todays society.I really think that it’s disgusting. Although it’s my opion, I don’t think she should be hosting a show that teens are looking at her as a role model. I mean as young Sista’s in the world today, we should hold ourselves accountable for the next generation. Again I’m not judging I leave that for my Heavenly Father, but it is something for you to think about.

  43. theComplex You should have read the rest of the post that was a typo i agree completely with you

    Ruserious: Our conversation is over, You stay mad at alicia keys and them i am done speaking with you and your likes, that’s the reason why you all men are going to find other women and screw them until they don’t have any juices left in because you idiots would always let them off the hook and try to go after someone else , Self love and respect restrain you from hating an other woman because YOUR MAN CAN’T HOLD HIS D-CK good night

  44. @Blame It On the Rain

    I know ppl worship celebrities and think they can do no wrong or justify wrong behavior, it’s not right. But, is this the fault of the celebrity, the mass media or their public persona created for marketing reasons? I don’t justify or condone wrong behavior in the least bit, because I’m very much into reaping what you sow!

    That’s what has kept me from becoming bitter, when I’ve been cheated on, back-stabbed by a bestfriend over a man, a friend I loved like a sister, would give her my bill money to pay her bills because I had people I could go to, so I know the pain of cheating!!! Sisterhood is powerful and well needed, we should respect each other, but some just won’t! This girlfriend, ended up on crack. A person who didn’t drink or smoke cigarrettes, weed, cheated with a man who lived in the same building, someone else’s man and he got her into smoking, living in an very upscale neighbhorhood, jacked her credit, swindled her out of a downpayment for condo and then kicked her out. She smoked throughout two pregnancies with a child that didn’t walk for about three years, married to a man she loathed, but was the only one who wanted her, a former drug dealer, lost every friend she had, a cousin got her fired from a great paying job, telling her employer she was on drugs. This was the girl who won best dress in high school, still cute today, I’m sure, but she paid and she told me how she paid when we reunited by chance. I forgave her and she needed help to get back the custody of her daughter, she whipped her before a visit to her father and he called the police and they came to her job and arrested her. I got her assistance, a man I had dated, but remained close friends with and she tried to do him. It was after this that she was pregnant with her son who didn’t walk, living in a place I didn’t think possible and the lost not just my friendship but my entire family that would do anything for her.

    I don’t think celebrities should get a pass, I KNOW they’re going to reap because no one goes exempt and I don’t have to punish them. Second, I have been lied on, or the facts tainted, so I have to hear other sides to a story, that’s just me.

    One thing I have learned, people with money do think they can afford to be wrong or above the law and most people tackle massive insecurities regardless of their postion or status in life, this is at the basis of acute selfishness and covetness and why I’m not surprised or want to see someone pay, it’s inevitable!

  45. @Voice- i can’t resist ur 2 funny and cute.-who is mad??? You!!! Read ur posts-its obvious.I know i make TOO much sense- its hard 2 grasp. Who hates them? I’m still a fan of Alicia. She is still talented, I c ur running out of “points” so back to what uno best-PSYCHOTIC RANTNG. Voice, take a sedative. Like i said ur passionate, and that’s great, but about pure nonsense.

  46. @brownsista- i thought u held this site at a standard. I think Voice got this mixed up with one of those ghetto sites like Necolebitchie or sumthing. Her language is atrocious. Maybe you should make this for 18 or older and if you are under 18 only with parental supervision. There is obviously kids on here disguising themselves as mature adults.

  47. @ruserious and voice- LOL I thought yall were the best of friends. And smh @ voice now FINALLY realizing that alicia has done something wrong.

  48. RUserious-I am cute and Funny, You are bitter , and under sexed ut on the bright side you have moments of honesty so just take what the good lord gave you

    17150918 -I don’t like you 🙂 and voice didn’t realize sh-t i stand on my point that most black women regrouped on this blog expecially are coming after alicia because they stay weak,If swoss beats were to go back to mashonda and tell her that he was to change she would take him back, Instead of empowering the sister by letting her know swiss is a dog and she needs to get back to herself, You peopel stay bashing the other women like i said WEAK and you 17 can kiss my ass and stop talking to me kay ?

  49. LOL Ruserious: Honey i am one of the original TLC i was there BEFORE you im dead at you trying to accomplish something by “talking” to brown sista H-o please Stefanie THE OWNER knows me very well and she knows my ways so please sit down you sound ridiculous…

  50. and i suggest you see someone about all the women who snatch all the men in your life including your father if it applies, I am passionate yes but see the difference between us is that what i am passionate about is pure Common sens,Do not let a man take so much of your power that you lose the sens of what is fundamental in a relationship, You can’t understand that,You’re not that bright i Understand But do not come on to me like you are doing something because when i get up the computer , i’m gone in my own life and own passion But i know i stay on your mind Lol it’s okay if men fail you try women :)Just not me..

  51. @12345-y u thought that??? to make friends or enemies would put 2 much effort. That’s unnecessary energy. uc how me and u get down-we disagree but can still b civil, that’s called maturity.
    Voice- yeah im jealous uno stephanie personally. so what u get points, kudos 2u.I just made a comment about ur obscene language on this site.Anyone could make that observation. Y ru letting sum1 u don’t know push ur buttons like this. You too vulnerable. I can tell. Learn how to keep ur cool. Take points from me. you’ll do better in life. Trust. Here we go. Im waiting 4u 2 start stomping the keys.

  52. @voice- And I wont lose an ounce of sleep but you on the other hand will LOL.

  53. 171;’ Coming from a chick who post questions to me about 20 times which i ignored but still is on my back You are so cute Love

    Ruserious: I’m done with you stereotype get it together

  54. Well I don’t know how many of you naysayer are already Married but i have been so for years, And even I have to agree with the other side The Other Woman is Not to blame Unless she is a Woman in your Circle,I keep telling Friends over and over again, When a man love you ,Really Love you There is No Way in hell even the Most attractive woman can make him stray,And even if he have a moment of weakness and realize that He made the biggest mistake of his life, He will go trough hell and high water to make it up to you,And if he does not then you deserve better,It’s all about what we deserve, and girls by reading all of the comments on here it seems to me that a lot of you are just angry and that’s not Healthy ,Trust me I can’t say anything because it isn’t happening to me, But throughout the Hurt and anger and deceit we all count on our sister girls to back us up, and you chicks sitting here and blaming the other women is only making mashonda and women in her situation feel like they are entitled to stay bitter and therefore stay in that nasty state of mind, that will ultimately drive away any guy who try to get close to them,it is not healthy,And you Guys really Need to stop,And please asking me what if it was me, Because no one knows the future or how they will react to anything, But i can assure you that I am never letting anyone breaking me down to the point that i become obsess with who or what they are doing,It’s enough and honestly BS i expect more than that from you, Enough with those long anger filled post, many of us already don’t get along we don’t need help pulling each others hair

  55. I aint a chick but why have you never answered the questions because maybe I was right all the time? I mean you dont have to answer to that one either like always.

  56. I was always under the impression that Rocsi was “taken advantage of” or sexually assaulted by Lisa Raye’s husband and because Rocsi was a good friend, she decided to divorce him. Maybe that’s why she won’t talk about it…because she not ready. I would have trust issues too, if I were Rocsi…

  57. And why call her a bitch?! You sound more easily persuade than Rocsi if you let some nonsense like this make you get beside yourself as a woman and call another woman that you don’t know from Adam, a bitch…child’s play.

  58. terrance and rocsi r good hosts. they r “corny” 2 u bc ur’e no longer young. aj and free were good 4 their time bc it was a new show, aj was “corny” too.

    maybe 1 day alicia keys, rocsi and kim (housewives of atlanta) can get 2gether and discuss their relationships w/ “legally married” men

  59. @tishtash- ahhh man that last part was…aight ima move on lol.
    But your right in the beginning AJ was corny as hell the dream hosts to me woulda been FREE and BIG TIGG.

  60. Nah, Rosci and Terrance just are corny bottom line and they stumble over their words ALOT. They’ve been doing this for how long? LOL. It’s got nothing to do with age…

    As for this with Rosci…sighs. I don’t know…

  61. Since when does being Latino/a make one less Black? Whoever fixed their mouth to say this is straight ignorant!

    Firstly, Latino/a is an ETHNICITY, not a Race, and secondly, African (country not specified, due to Transatlantic slave trade) is a MAJOR component of Latino/a culture, history, music, food, and ETHNIC identity.

    OMG Black Sista, please get a clue, or read a book before you go off saying this garbage. NO ONE is 100% anything, especially not in 2009; sisnce when did being able to be a Black Sista mean you have to be African-American?If Perez Hilton said something like this, heads would roll.

    As a Black Latina, I resent this statement, and would like a new post discussing this.

  62. Ruserious- who said that? that’s foul. At the end of the day 2 the boys in blue we all the same. I work with many latinos, tho, and went 2 a almost predominately latino( i live in the bronx)and a lot of them don’t want to be put in the same category as black. My dominican co-worker said during the elections when i asked who she votin 4, that latinos are in the middle-meaning between black and white-then she went on 2 say she could look white if she wanted- she got a black/spanish girl body, green eyes, her complexion is a redbone black girl, black curly hair-i looked at her like she was on cocaina-(inon a lil espanol), “the only thing latinos are in the middle of is two cops giving you a beatdown. But there are some who cool, but a lot behind closed doors-DON’T LIKE BLACKS.

  63. Hey RUSeruious,

    Unfortunately you are right, a lot of OUR people don’t want to admit who they are. But hey, in the African-American commuinty this is also a huge problem. Self-hatred is a bish.

    Your co-worker needs to wake up and realize that like you sort of said, in America you are either White or an ‘other’. I do appreciate you not bashing us though.

    Intelligent Latino/a’s KNOW our heritage and where we came from.

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