Rude Boy Stalks Rihanna

Rihanna has reportedly stepped up her security after receiving sexually explicit mail from one of her legion of male fans. Identifying himself only as “Buster,” the mystery fan reportedly sent letters and drawings depicting himself performing sexually violent acts on the singer. Rihanna is the latest in a long line of celebs to find themselves the object of unwanted attention from overzealous fans. Both Ashanti and her mother were recently stalked by a male fan who sent suggestive and threatening text messages to them and their family members. Ashanti’s stalker was eventually caught, tried and sentenced to two years in prison. No word whether Rihanna has actually taken the steps to get the police involved.


  1. Not that this is right but these young ladies need to be more conscious on how they carry themselves. When you put all of that sexual energy and vision out there to turn someone on that is exactly what happens. You turn a nut on who does no the difference from fantasy or reality.


  3. @ BEE thats a stupid thing to sat, no one ever asks for anything

  4. Bee that was not cool at all : No matter how trashy they are, they are still defenseless women, just because they don’t know any better, doesn’t mean they deserve this.


  6. BTW, I don’t think that Bee was implying that she deserved it, she was simply saying that these entertainers need to be aware of the backlash when they go too far. you may end up being the object of a murderer or a psycho’s attention. A lot of them are “pushing the envelope” not realizing that there are sickos out here. We all know that Rihanna don’t deserve to be stalked, and I she stays safe, but we need to start being responsible and aware of the people (good and bad) that admire us!!

  7. All celebrities have stalkers, whether they sing about sex or not. Michael Jackson never did a raunchy song in his life, yet he had a woman named Billie Jean Jackson claiming to be his wife until the day he died.

    The argument that Rihanna’s image is somehow inviting this kind of negative attention is baseless. I don’t recall Eminem singing about rude boys and dressing provocatively, yet he made an entire song (“Stan” for the uninitiated) all about an obsessive fan. Calm down. Rihanna is no different from the next.

  8. Noone deserves to be stalked. I worked in shelter for abused women and I learned that stalkers are driven by having power over someone. They do not care how you look or how you dress and some people may imply. It is about power and knowing that they have sparked fear in someone. Alot of times when you report them to the police and cause public attention they will continue to do it because they know they are bothering you. Noone deserves this.

  9. NATALIE- :iagree:

    @BEE- That just may be one the craziest things I’ve ever heard…SMH

  10. BEE you are so right, that was what i was going to say. you get what you put out there!!!! she is inviting those pple in. do you all really think that if she always carried herself modestly and like a self respecting girl this would happen? think ppl, use your brains that is what it is for. common sense. the title of this post says it it again.

    it is amazing how dense some pple really are….smh.


    “i like the way you pull my hair, i like the way you touch me there”

    LOLZ RI RI!!

  12. TUTU- “do you all really think that if she always carried herself modestly and like a self respecting girl this would happen?”
    Yes, she’s a superstar and this happens to ALOT of people esp beautiful women, and it’s way deeper than the sexual messages. I’m sure if he had the chance he would’ve probably murdered her too, so no one else could have her. And it’s sad that you would actually say something like that. I’m sure she was extremely frightened.

    I’m wondering just how much you people don’t like these artist.

  13. We live in an obsessive society at large…violence against women and children continues to escalate whether in nice surburbs, inner cities, overseas brothels or with celebrities…my sister goes online to see how many registered sex offenders are in her immediate area…so, while entertainers have a problem with stalkers…this is a problem…everywhere…constantly in the news…disturbing and then when I see these young, attractive men on the news and wonder, what is going on with all of the assaults on women…Britney Spears’ documentary gave some insight into how dangerous it is living the life of a superstar…the crowds…never know who’s lurking and potentially dangerous…so I wish Rihanna well as I do kids walking to and from school, women walking from the bus stop home and prayerful when a child or woman goes missing…racism runs deep, but sexism runs wide…violence against women must end! It’s a about power and control, not sex!

  14. Cynthinia- Exactly, but some people are just speaking out of their a**es because they don’t like this women.

    So when some old creep flashes their “stuff” in a little girls face at the bus stop(happens in my area all the time SMH) is that because the child was leading him on? Some people on these blogs are just 🙁

  15. 17150918, I’ve told you befor, I think you’re not too intelligent. Why the hell should i “like these women”???? can you read your statement back to your self???? They dont do anything relevant to my society, so i dont have a favorable attituted towards them. I judge the situation as it is. They serve only one purpose, distraction.
    Beautiful or not is not the point buddy. You have a habit of wavering from the real situation at hand, I
    ind it hard to take you seriously.

    She is constantly portraying a sex filled image, which only reinforces any sexual “violence” she could potentially have coming towards her. If you ask the guy why he decided to go after her, I’m sure he wouldn’t tell you its because she is such a wholesome girl he wants to take her home to mama. Granted he is sick, but like i said you get what you put out there…. she gives him and any other psycho leeway.

    Its amazing to me how women try to overlook this situation. Rihanna is to blame 50%
    that is the truth. if you “like her” tell her to put some clothes on!!!

  16. 17150918

    your example of the little girls in your area… is rubbish. throw it away fast.
    they are just that, little girls. (being taken advantage of completely, without their knowledge) seriously think b4 you post.

    anyway, every situation is not the same, but in this situation, Rihanna is completely aware of the image she portrays (being as overtly sexual as she is). She knows that little boys and men jack off to her every night b4 they pass to bed, that is part of her marketing… (sexuality at the forefront). i’m sure at least you know that much.

    so is it not likely that some senseless pervert could take it seriously????

    seriously think about that.

    once again, you get what you put out there…

  17. She was selling it, so he bought it! She needs to stop, yes they all do at some time but Rihanna that’s all she is good for due to lack of talent. Step the talent game up for real and no electrical gimmicks like (backtracking, lip sync, yes she is very DOA) Rihanna is a gimmick in her self and they know how to sell her so dont be suprised when some nut case takes them up on it…

  18. @ Bee…


    It’s true, ur right. Some sexually depraved ppl will not be able to control themselves, esp. when a lady puts it all out there. While no one “asks” to be stalked, raped, or assaulted, this case & point makes it so clear how we women have to be mindful of how represent ourselves in public, esp. these days & times; it doesn’t take much to over-toe the edge.

  19. How can anyone especially a woman justify this man’s sadistic behavior?

    (((fully clothed babies, boys, girls, women and men are stalked, raped and murdered everyday, a…what’s your response to that?

    Put yourself in Rihanna’s shoes and see how it feels to be stalked. She has a right to work her business to maximize profits, and scantily clad clothing does not give a pervert the RIGHT to stalk, harass, threaten, violate privacy, etc….It’s just ignorance shining through again and from women! She has a job and she’s doing it. When she’s speaking publicly she is usually conservative, or I should say reserved, covered up. On stage and publicity is one thing but saying she’s influencing some idiot’s bad behavior is just plain ignorant!

  20. ROCKON- This is the first and maybe only time I agree with you lol. Like I said people are just talking out of their a**es. 🙁

  21. WOW! The hate runs deep on this site. I get if you dont like somebody but to justify and condone maliciousness towards somebody just because she dont sing the songs you like or dress THE WAY YOU want her to dress goes to show you how UGLY some people are. Just wicked. I see why the word “HATER” aint never going away and it shouldnt. As long as people keep it up with their negative BS, the word will always be tossed around.

    I may not care for everything Rihanna does but I dont wish anything harmful ever happens to her. I hope she lives a long safe and happy life. Only a miserable beeyotch would hope something happens to her even when Rihanna hasnt caused no harm to anyone whatsoever. If something happens to anyone of you, I would hope to God nobody could be so cruel as to justify it. Effing done.

  22. OW! The hate runs deep on this site. I get if you dont like somebody but to justify and condone maliciousness towards somebody just because she dont sing the songs you like or dress THE WAY YOU want her to dress goes to show you how UGLY some people are. Just wicked. I see why the word “HATER” aint never going away and it shouldnt. As long as people keep it up with their negative BS, the word will always be tossed around.

    I may not care for everything Rihanna does but I dont wish anything harmful ever happens to her. I hope she lives a long safe and happy life. Only a miserable beeyotch would hope something happens to her even when Rihanna hasnt caused no harm to anyone whatsoever. If something happens to anyone of you, I would hope to God nobody could be so cruel as to justify it. Effing done.

  23. Oh,and Bored I know good and damn well you aint talking about somebody being overtly sexual because I know if this was your Precious Beyonce (whom I also love as well), you would be shook to your core and ready to put your foot up the stalker’s arse. Like I said, the hate is deep.

  24. Why does it mean we hate or don’t like someone if we make an observation?

    The issue doesn’t need to be simplified. It stands solid: We as women need to be careful of how we project ourselves.


  25. So i guess people who were innocently raped waved meat in front of a lion. Please. That little 15 year old girl in Utah was as innocent and christian as can be, and some weird psycho lunatic kidnapped her from her home and raped her. Weird people are out there, and whether your clothed or not, they can still stalk, kidnap and rape you. No one asks to be sexually harrassed or raped. It seems like when it comes to rihanna people just say some strange and twisted shit. She is a young girl, and whether or not she chooses to dress sexy does not mean its okay for her to get stalked because she’s asking for it.

  26. @bantu, you ain’t saying nothing but the truth sister. The hate for rihanna is so deep that if she was found dead on the side of the highway by some white supremacists, people would try to say she was asking for it because of this that or the other. Shameless judgemental people.

  27. BANTU i’m gonna assume that your post was directed to me, so i will reply.

    you are pretty simple. that is obvious.

    if you go back to the beginning of the posts, you will see that nobody is (condoning maliciousness). do you even know the meaning of condone????…. don’t worry i wont wait.

    you DID NOT read any where that i am trying to justify what he did. I stated the obvious. why are you so mad? huh, is it because it is the truth??? if you really think i’m a miserable beeyotch (as you put it) you are no better than me, because you are completely blind. and a blind person has a distorted sense of reality.

    i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though, pull your head out of her arse and read the posts again (if you can), then come back and tell me where you see me wishing her bad.


  28. BANTU, MARI- These people are just… that’s the only way I can put it and some of them are CHRISTIANS (so they say).
    BANTU- You couldn’t haver said it any better.

    SMH…You people’s personal aggression/hate towards this/these women are extremely despicable. It’s almost like it’s funny to you, wait…is it funny that this happened to Rihanna and millions of other people in the dark world?(serious question)

  29. I would recommend that for those of you who are saying that I am justifying this man’s actions read my statement again. That is just a foolish thing to think and say out loud and I don’t know how you read what I wrote and got that but to each it’s own.

    What do you all think is going on in our society. They can’t even sell parfum without making it a sexy and sexual thing and I am not speaking of one specific person. Yes there are psycho’s out here who can’t see or don’t want to see the difference between reality and fantasy. And when you are constantly putting your body on display there are going to be some consequences to all of this foolishness that is out here.

    Maybe if we the consumers start calling them out more and stop justyfing grown asz women on stage performing for our 13 years gyrating, sliding down poles, and picking strange men out and doing lap dancing on them we can then figure out why the youth is so overly sexual to the point where you literally have minors that sexually addictions.

    There is a consequence to all of this and there is a reaction to their actions. But to be so foolish and careless and say that I as a woman think they deserve this is just foolish and it somewhat does not deserve a response but I have to because your statements and responses are irresponsible.

    And if there is someone who is reading this who has been attack before please note that was not and is not what I was saying.

  30. TUTU, you are a miserable beeyotch and that goes for the rest of the other hateful beeyotches along with you. Im simple because I disapprove of somebody getting hurt. No honey, I got a damn heart. Oh and I read your stinky little posts beforehand thats why I decided to comment. I read what you wrote and I voice my got damn opinion about how I felt about it. YOU SOUND LIKE A HATER. A woman should dress however she feels. No one and repeat no one has the right to harm anybody. Me simple, never that. Like I said, I dont care for everything Rihanna does, dont mean I want the bish to get hurt nor will I justify the ish if something horrible happens to her. You may have not wished it but you justifying the sh*t, is why I said what I said. To me, justifyng it is as cruel as wishing point blank.

    And stop with, your truth is the absolute truth because it aint. Just because you got a few broads to cosign dont mean what you said is gospel. I know alot of women who would completely rip you a new one for saying what you said but that is not the point and I could surely give a cold rat’s bloody ass. Maybe you should your own damn head out of your own ass. I dont want anything to happen to any of my black and brown sistas. And if does happen, I pray for them to get better, not throw ish in their face and justifying it. Maybe you need a stalker to see how the ish feels. But since your so conservative and oh so reserved, nothing like that can ever happen to you sweet and dear old you because your a good, GOOOODDDD-fearing, wholesome,christian girl. *Rolls eyes severly*. Never mind its been proven by FACT that anyone can be a victim of sexual harrassment and assault, no matter if you are a international superstar to a damn 4 month old baby girl.


  31. BANTU you are a foolish woman! i say foolish because you don’t have common sense, and you wouldn’t know the truth even if it slapped you right in the face.

    Because you are so ignorant and limited in your mind, you cannot comprehend anything, you have a long way to go. I can see you completely miss the point. But once again foolish foolish woman…smh

    Proverbs 18:2
    A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

    p.s i hope you are not denying what i said in the “WHACK” post, because if you are, the judgement you have coming for you is waaay beyond anything i can say to you.

  32. @ 17150918,

    I have nothing against Rihanna.

    I would like you or anyone else to point out the statement of “hate” and glee that I or Bee made. You will find there aren’t any.

    Of course what I said isn’t applied to those who are helpless, i.e. children, older adults.

    Sure, we all have the freedom to dress how we want, behave how we want. But remember, others have freedom to harm you, esp. when you make yourself seem vulnerable. PROTECT YOURSELF- that’s all I’m saying. Because after all, dead people have no rights!


  33. Although I agree with some of the statements made, I’m in agreement with Bee. I simply think some of you misunderstood what she was saying. NO women deserves to be raped, or stalked by any crazy man,but Rihanna sometimes brings negative attention to herself by dressing so sexually. She constantly is displaying her sexuality. From nude pics, to being half naked in every last one of her videos!!! She must be aware that her sexual image will bring negative reactions from SOME men. Any woman that dresses like that is looking for some kind of attention, but sometimes that attention is the wrong kind. I’m really getting a little tired of Rihanna. She’s constantly playing the victim and not taking responsibility for her own actions. If she does not want the negative attention, she should cover it up!! If she did not look so trashy all the time people would have a little more sympathy for her.

  34. @neka whatever, you are still justifying and giving reasons why. Why single out rihanna. She is not the only one who is dressing sexual. Some are even dressing waaay sexual than her, but i wouldn’t say they are making it easy for some scum bag to come at them dirty. Please. Everything rihanna is doing has been done by her older peers before. Namely janet, j’lo, madonna etc. But if someone wanted to stalk and rape janet or madonna, I bet you guys would not be saying the same ish.

  35. @ Mari

    Respectfully, it applies to all women. The only reason we’re talking about Rihanna is because that’s who the blog is about.

    Once again, we all have the freedom to dress how we like, but certain projections will merit certain reactions. THAT’S REALITY.

  36. @ Mari Can you read or comprehend? I never tried to justify rape or stalking of anykind!!! I simply was saying she should have some self respect for herself and her body!! She also needs to take some kind of responsibiity for her actions and that goes for any entertainer!! And IF SHE WANTS TO BE A ROLE MODEL LIKE SHE CLAIMS SHE SHOULD START OFF BY SHOWING SELF RESPECT FOR HERSELF…!!!
    @Rene, thank you!, that is exactly my point.

  37. rihanna never said she wanted to be a role model for life. She said specifically it was for the domestic violence situation to where she realized it was wrong to stay in an abusive relationship, and in that aspect she wanted to be a role model to show you shouldn’t stay in that. Now people are always throwing around the role model line. She should only be accountable for herself, and dressing sexy don’t have anything to do with not respecting yourself. That is just society’s way of judging a book by its cover, because lots of fully clothed people have done some very undesireable thing, and have dirty characters. Like i said before people are soo judgemental, but if you delve into some of you guys lives, it may be less than rosy. Its easy to sit behind a computer and condem Rihanna, and talk all kinds of ish, but unless you are perfect and have never sinned you are no better than rihanna.

  38. @ Mari

    This whole conversation is beyond moot, and I’m afraid your grasping for straws now.

    On to the next topic, shall we…


    TuTu :
    Dead at “17150918, I’ve told you before, I think you’re not too intelligent.” That had me twisting Laughing, You know you’re wrong lol
    In the other hand I am in complete agreement with what you say, Rihanna and them are not doing anything to help Our community but everything to lower and destroy it, I don’t need anyone to represent me, and i sure don’t need anyone to help in the destruction of what is supposed to be me, Rihanna Beyonce and them , They keep acting like cheap whores and put out this image about black women, We will do anything for a dollar, when and how i’m i going to catch everyone believing in that crap and explain to them that we aren’t all like that ? So i feel you on what you said BUT let’s not blame the victim that is not what us i (and i believe) you are about we’re better than that.

    Bored: I know for a fact you are not Saying anything against rihanna, Rihanna is because of beyonce so your IGNORANT, self admitted “Stan”,need to sit down somewhere and stay out of this, If anyone should get rightfully stalked it should be vagina lips showing beyonce Stay out of this! You don’t have a leg to stand on , I’m sure i can pull thousands of clips showing beyonce behaving like a thirsty kitten and she is married! Shut the hell up! You think Sick men like this CARE about “Talent” Please.

    Rockon : True enough But Do you think psychos make the difference between the “On stage” persona and “off stage ” persona? I’m perfectly Sane and i think if you act like a hooker on stage, You are a hooker in real life, Imagine what goes in the head of a stalker?

    Bantu : I feel what you said about not wishing harm on anybody, I feel the same way, Although i don’t care about any of these chicks i do not wish harm on any of them, I might hypothetically speak on what may or may not happen to them, to make a point but i do not wish a stalker on another woman…

    Bee: I surprisingly agree with your second post, I think the way the first was formulated was wrong but the message behind what you’re saying is true…

  40. if you wanted to move on, why are you still checking on responses. Move on if you will then.

  41. “I’m really getting a little tired of Rihanna. She’s constantly playing the victim and not taking responsibility for her own actions. ”

    How so ?

  42. MARI- EVERYTHING you said was soooo on point.

    RENE- Either your new or you’re somone who posts on here all the time just under a different name, but there’s ALOT of people on this site, and in general who have a personal hate toward some particular female artists.

    TUTU- Stop trying to do God’s job! Doesn’t the Bible say something like “those who are Christians will be shocked to find out that they haven’t been saved and will suffer eternal death”.(I already know not exactly how it’s put but it’s good enough)

  43. This Thing is Paranoid, Always trying to patch people together because in Its mind, It isn’t possible that different black women, can have the same opinion on one subject, and all be proper and articulate at the same time,Ugh.

  44. DELPHINE- Since I believe you were referring to me (how mature of you 🙂 ) look at the post on Nicki Mianj and that’s my response to you.

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