Rumor: Ciara’s New Album May Be Shelved

Has Ciara’s upcoming “Basic Instinct” album been shelved indefinitely? Rumor has it Jive Records is none too pleased with the album’s first single performing poorly on the charts and is poised to either push the album back from its scheduled summer release date or shelve it altogether.

“Ride” has been on the charts for seven weeks and has failed to chart higher than #71 on the Hot 100 and #18 on the R&B chart. The single’s video has also been banned from BET, though it has been getting excellent rotation on several MTV spin-off channels and was the #1 downloaded video on Itunes for three straight weeks.

Despite the single’s poor chart performance, which in my opinion is solely due to radio’s refusal to play it, “Ride” appears to still be holding on and would probably be served well by a kick-ass performance from Ciara. As of yet the dance diva hasn’t given any live performances and outside of a few radio interviews hasn’t put in much promotion either.

Rumors aside- Ciara has an upcoming spread scheduled to appear in Essence magazine and recently made a brief appearance in the Adidas ad campaign that recreated the “Cantina” scene from Star Wars.


  1. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: She is soooo done…she needs to hang it up for real…she made a big mistake when she tried to go mainstream and forgot her urban audience..smh..sad it doesnt help that she cant sing worth a lick either…all she does is whispers

  2. Aww, poor Ciara. I feel bad for her. I still like her. She doesn’t seem as potent as she could be, but I’m still a fan.

  3. thats definitely FALSE. “Ride” was never meant to be a hot 100 smash– it’s purpose was to gain her core audience back. also lables dont “shelved” albums over 1 “flop” single…. and even if thats the case ciara would not be doing all of these interviews still talkin about the album, but im sure this Rumor will fly around the net because ppl always love to talk negatively about Ciara

  4. I wish her well.

    It’s a shame because I agree with the mod that radio just isn’t playing her song. “Ride” is a good R&B jam. It just IS.

    Why isn’t she promoting? Is it a matter of shows/radio not calling her? or is it her management not booking these gigs for her?

    GRIND Ciara. Stay on it. Keep pushing.


    Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing/not doing.


  5. This doesn’t surprise me. Although I like Ciara I just wish she’d fine her own image. SMH. Music altogether just isn’t the same anymore. I haven’t honestly listed to anything Ciara on repeat since her Evolution Of Ciara era.

  6. lables dont “shelved” albums over 1 “flop” single

    Try telling Nicole Scherzinger and Eve that. Both of them had their album shelved after their first singles didn’t blow up.

    Record labels are heartless nowadays.

  7. both of them had more then one single. @ lena

    and yes, some record lables are heartless but the thing is Jive cant be that heartless for them to have ciara right back in the studio to record another album right after her last album disappointment.

  8. and i just odnt get ppl calling “Ride” a flop… the song is already top 10 on urban radio and almost top 20 on Rhythmic. the song wasnt even sent to Mainstream radio so of course it’s gonna take it a little more time to rise on the hot 100

  9. Ciara’s problem is that she tried to crossover to an audience that really isnt meant for her. The audience she had when she came out is why she sold millions of albums and singles. They are the reason why she had chart topping hits.

    Its okay to evolve and expand but its not ok when it completely alienates those who got you where you where in the first place.

    And it could also be luck. Certain artists like Rihanna got lucky she went in the direction she went in because that could have blew up in her face. But I think the crossover worked out well for someone like Rihanna because she really didnt have that strong core fan base that Ciara had when she came out. That is why Rihanna can go in a million directions and not have trouble and Ciara cant.

    I really wish Ciara well and hope she can hit the music scene again as huge as she once did.

  10. The only person in the business that safely evolved was rihanna, everyone else either stay the same and is still relevant because of their fan base, or flopped;I feel bad for ciara i feel like she should let go of music and concentrate on Modeling.

  11. Ciara needs to remember that old golden rule: “NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU”.

  12. @Blah Blah, talk about kicking somebody when their down. I hope your dreams and aspirations never blow up in your face. With that said, was never a fan of Ciara but best of luck to her, hopefully this isn’t fact. Hip hop/R&B artists are struggling in the download era substance or not.

  13. I hear ride all the time on all channels and I am tired of hearing it.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  14. Ciara needs to figure out her core audience and realize she’s a marginal singer but phenomenal dancer. She loves Janet and she should study why Janet was successful – she addressed homophobia, racism, domestic violence and still made us move to her music. Ciara needs a message that resonate with the fans with banging beats. Ride is a decent single but we have so many artists trying to be sex kittens that we don’t need her to jump on that bandwagon. Male R&B singers like Usher are collaborating with Trey Songz in the same manner as the hip hop artists. I think selecting the Dream to produce a large majority of the album was not a good move. Ciara should be fine if she doesn’t panic and come back and hit the fans with a banger!!

  15. Ciara tried to give her fans what they wanted with Ride and I think she did good. I don’t get all the Ciara hate going on. What has she done to make people have so much animosity towards her?

  16. Ciara is not a singer and she does the same strip club dancing. SHe don’t have anything to work with.
    if Rihanna attends an award show ppl wait up to see what she’s going to wear no one cares what ciara wears. so she doesn’t have music or fashion why would ppl care. Gaga do crazy shit and get popular its not her music because they all sound alike compare her catalog to rihanna’s and rihanna beats her hands down but she does crazy things. ciara is trying to be everyone but herself one minute its Jane then beyonce then RIhanna.

  17. I think she should hang in there and talk to God because without him she can’t do anything. Needless to say, I believe that like all great people, she will suffer a few losses and then the greatness that will make her a household name. I wish her the best.

  18. Ciara went from goodies to trying to go mainstream. She was trying to hard to keep up with Beyonce and Rihanna. She should have just stayed true crunk Hip/Hop & R&B (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). Beyonce is a true entertainer but also a brand Rihanna to me has never been R&B. She is all pop with that cross over appeal.

    Ciara is still young. She needs to invest that money into getting a good education to have something to fall back on because her music career at the moment is on life support.

  19. Ciara is still young. Maybe it is time for her to find something else to do. She has had a level of success that many singers don’t get. And let’s be real, Ciara can’t sing and her music is trendy, not the type that you will want to hear in 10 years. She can dance, but the humping the floor thing is pretty old now. It just comes off as desperate. Plus I don’t see her as an artist with much to say. Are her songs about anything noteworthy? Does she have a real point of view? I think that it’s commendable that she has gotten this far without having much substance but now it’s time to bring the goods.

  20. i co-sign with Muse & Femme. Ciara’s needs to pick a lane, stay in it and really bring the heat. And “Ride” aint a bad song at all.

  21. I think she got cocky. Her little fans and a bunch of dumb bloggers were calling her Janet’s replacement and that ish went to her head. She did not earn her stripes. At all. I don’t get why the tide turned so hard against her, but she needs to reinvent herself or she’s about to be done.

  22. Well they really need to get their facts straight the album may be pushed back not shelved her single moved up to 65 on hot 100 and 9 on R&B/Hip Hop she is already shooting 2 videos for her remix single and second single 😀



    and i guess ciaras came early 🙁

    she lost herself too.
    she doesnt look or feel like the same person,and im not talking about someone “GROWING UP” of “MATURING”
    somethings OFF with her and ALOT of people are seeing it and NOT FEELING IT!

  24. Ciara’s album is not shelved, but haters are quick to believe the B.S.

  25. face it, when she came out, people never really expected her to have longevity anyway, so why the surprise?? everybody already stated reasons why she probably fell hard, but I remember when she first came out, she praised the hell out of Janet, around the second album, she didn’t even want to talk about Janet anymore (which I can understand I guess), now she flopped and back praising Janet again. ciara is so fickle

  26. Can we be real? Ciara has zero buzz. She really can’t sing, she’s average looking, and her material is lackluster. Nothing about her stands out from the crowd.

  27. @Nik, :iagree: i was trying 2 be nice,but i guess you summed it up in a nutshell.

    ciaras dancing does stand out BUT,her problem is she keeps BOOTY POPpIN AND DOING THE MATRIX AND HUMPING THE FLOOR AND ITS GETTING 2 BE LAME AS HELL!!!!!! 🙄

    honestly,she a very talented dancer but if she keeps doing the same moves and coming out with wack music,its a WRAP :bag:

  28. Ciara must fine her way back to what made her famous and that was crunk music. I even think if she went a little punk rock she might do good. She can’t sing and trying to be something she aint really is hurting her career. Rihanna has staying power because she has the big guns behind her even if she’s trying to be like the iconic Beyonce. We all know that Rihanna can’t sing that well, her stage presence/performance is horrible and she don’t havae any dance skills, but what she have is the heavy weights behind her and that is Jay-z/Beyonce that’s why she is still revelant. Ciara go back and make amends to what help you out to get to where you are right now. Remember never bite the hand that feed you.

  29. Ciara’s problem is what many have said… she has no clue what she wants to be and frankly, the whole “sex kitten/stripping and grinding” bit is old for her now. she came out with goodies and tried to be innocent and i understand her wanting to evolve but the problem is… she’s not going about it in the right way. she comes out with this crap and is gyrating like a lunatic but really not doing anything impressive.

    Rhianna may not be a great vocalist but she’s got a STYLE and staying power because let’s face it… she OWNS her look/persona. that’s what’s intriguing about her. Beyonce may get on my nerves but the woman is a beauty and she can sing therefore, she’s got staying power also. Ciara can dance and would be a damn good entertainer if she would stop trying to sing songs that aren’t in her grasp. someone here said she needs to find a message and I agree because, if she’s gonna run around here trying to be Janet, she needs to realize, Janet has a FORMULA and that formula may have faltered once but it works DAMN well most of the time. It’s kept her around for over 20years…

  30. I’ve subscribed to Billboard magazine off and on since 1995 or 96 and this week “Ride” is #9 on the Hot R&b/HipHop Singles chart. Don’t know where it is on Hot 100 tho.

  31. Ciara is simply not a bonafide star…Beyonce, Rihanna, Chrisette, Jill, etc have obvious star qualities that are reflected onstage, in films, songs, personality…something about them just radiates. Ciara is lacking that, imho. I wish her well though, hopefully she’ll shine in a new direction that is organic to her abilities

  32. Ciara, is a trip. She can go all around town, walking red carpets and going to parties. How about a live performance to back up the “Ride” single you released.


    You ain’t Britney, so you better get out there and promote them songs, why you can. They don’t mind dropping an artist, now a days. Ask some of your celebrity friends.

  33. I like Ciara I hope she can turn it around. Some say she can’t sing..well neither can most of our entertainers today..There is hardly anybody left that sounds the same on a cd and live on stage.I’m an 80’s baby..can we bring back the singers from the 90’s for a couple more albums..

  34. Ride has been getting lots of airplay in my city. But I hope it’s a rumor.

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