Rumor: Hot Ghetto Mess To Be Cancelled

BET’s television spin off of the website Hot Ghetto Mess is apparently being cancelled, do no doubt to the grassroots efforts of sites like What About Our Daughters and The Mo Kelly Report. Right now there is no official word from BET that the show has indeed been cancelled, but several reputable websites are reporting it to be true. Now up to this point I had chosen not to so much as mention the name Hot Ghetto Mess or We’ve Got To Do Better on this site because I did not want to support the show no matter what name they gave it. However, now that the show is apparently no longer going to be aired, I can get down to blaming the real culprits who helped bring Hot Ghetto Mess to the American airwaves- and that is Black people themselves.

That’s right! I said we Black people are responsible for allowing HGM to make it to television screens all across the country and maybe even the world. Had we not made Hot Ghetto Mess one of the most visited sites on the web, folks from BET would not have attempted to make it into a television show. We made HGM a hit online so naturally the powers that be assumed we would make it a hit on television as well. I mean this is about business and the very reason why Perez Hilton was just recently given his own show?

Because we as a people were so quick to link this website and spread around the photos that were posted there, others caught on and started to use the website as well- only for much more sinister reasons. Are any of you aware that the largest White racist website online routinely links to HGM? I bet many of you didn’t know or maybe you did but just didn’t care. Because the people on HGM were not you or anyone in your family, you had no problem laughing at them and urging others to laugh as well- and therein lies the problem.

Black people really can’t afford to laugh at each other and yet we do that best. After all, it takes no time, energy, thought or effort on our part to laugh, but to help someone- now that is a whole different story and one we don’t want to tell.

My final thought on this whole HGM fiasco is really a plea to our people. I beg of you all to be more careful about what you choose to spread around online. You must learn to look at things and ask yourself if it is something that will help or hurt our people. This is how other races of people think. I can hear someone already claiming that by hiding these images of Black people we are someone allowing it to go on, but that is just the typical response you will get from the type of person who wants to exploit rather than help the people you find on HGM.

Exploitation helps no one. Ridicule helps no one. So the next time you find some ridiculous image of some Black person you think the world needs to see and laugh at, instead of posting that pic all over the net, how about going out and donating your time and energy to helping some of those people who I am sure could use a helping a hand.


  1. Rumors have been circulating all week that the show was being cancelled but it aired and to good ratings so I doubt it is going to be taken off air now. I din’t watch and have never been interested in the website. :thumbsdown:

  2. BET is on a mission to create a generation of Black people who are morally and spiritually dead. The channel promotes nothing but prison culture values and does nothing to educate or uplift the people who watch the station.

  3. :noway: BET already heard from me about this ignorant stuff they wanna falsely label as “educational”! At the end of the day it’s all about ratings and dollar signs. They do not care about the condition of black america. If they did, we wouldn’t see all the same garbage over and over again. What happened to Bet News and Tavis and Teen Summit? Shows like HGM are what happens when corny white american’s start to take over and those of us that still have a job spend the rest of our career tomming for a buck! This is why BET has been boycotted in our house before and is well on the way there once more.

  4. Umm, I must be late…but I have never seen the show and quite frankly…I don’t know what it is about. So could someone feel me in? thanks

  5. I hate to say this, but I rarely watch BET. The shows are either repeats of older shows or trashy shows. It’s a shame that we can’t have a quality channel on our own. What happened to BET???? We should be talking about issues in our community, ways to help illiteracy, teen pregnancy, drugs & crime in out neighborhoods, and what are the positives happening in the black communities. Just to name a few. I miss Tavis! We need quality, educational, and humor – not ridicule.

  6. I actually saw the first episode and it was wack not just because of the subject matter but because it was poorly thrown together, then the name had been changed, and time slot( 10:30, I think) is a weird when you are trying to get high ratings. And I like Charlie Murphy but he sounded majorly rehearsed as if this is just a check for him( which it probably was). Good riddance to that show!!

  7. 😡 :brownsista: I’m sick of all the ignorance portrayed on BET station.

    At one time many moons ago it was the epitome of the in black thing to have this channel on your to do list

    Now, pleazzzzzzzze!!! I am sure this farce of a show will not be messed at all!

  8. Thank God it’s being cancelled. I would really love to know who the brains are behind that station. You mean to tell me they sit in a room and brainstorm new project ideas like Hot Ghetto Mess? I have a plethora of ideas I could give them for quality shows, but then again, would young black people watch those quality show? I don’t know.

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