Rumored Grammy Performances

Now that the WGA has agreed not to the picket the Grammys, artists are coming from left and right trying to grab a coveted performance spot on the shows 50th Anniversary telecast. So far Beyonce and Tina Turner have been confirmed and are expected to open the show with a duet. Rumors are also running rampant that Janet Jackson will perform, after a 21 year absence. Blake McGrath, a backup dancer for Janet, told MTV Canada in an interview that they were rehearsing for the show. However, no official word from Janet’s camp has come down so only time will tell if this rumor is true. Another name being thrown around is Whitney Houston. Word has it Clive Davis thinks the Grammys is the perfect place to re-introduce Whitney to the industry and world at large.

Look for The Grammys to air Feb 10th on CBS.


  1. I heard Jimmy and Terry were suppose to be a part of Janet’s performance too. I was thinking they were going to recreate in some way or another the killer performance Janet gave back in 1987. My gosh that was legendary. I hope it happens cause rumors are swirling that it isn’t true but I saw the interview with Blake and Janet’s dancer has no reason to lie.

  2. What! Did you say Tina and Beyonce in the same sentence! This is sure to be a power house performance :dance2:

    I sure hope Whitney performs. She’s been missing in action for way too long. And Janet should perform a medley of her old stuff. That would be nice :dance: bring on the old memories :dance1:

  3. This show will obviously pay tribute to artists old old. Expect lots of tribute performances which is why Beyonce is on board. I wouldn’t be shocked if Christina Aguilera turns up too. They always bringing her in for this type of thing.

  4. I had planned on just viewing online but because I love Tina Turner so very much I will watch it live. I heart Anna Mae. :brownsista:

  5. I heard the Rumor of Bey and T.T. and of my girl Janet :banana: but Whitney! Wow this may be a Grammy show to remember. I will be so glad to see Janet & Whitney! Yes, Yes, I am tired of Bey BUT…..I do want to see her perform with Tina, could be good!

  6. so all the stolen moves can be confirmed, lol. cause she’s stolen alot from her.

  7. Wow janet that all i want to see. U know she going to do the damn thing. I just want to see Tina Turner. I seen her in concert damn that woman can sing and move better than her backup dancer. Go Tina n Janet. I would not mind seeing whitney either lol.

  8. Im sure Beyonce is happy with the Tina Turner duet as a lot of her onstage performances are copies of Tinas but other than that looking forward to seeing the show.

  9. [quote comment=”19685″]so all the stolen moves can be confirmed, lol. cause she’s stolen alot from her.[/quote]

    :lol2: U stupid for that.

  10. That will be interesting to watch. Especially if Janet Jackson rumor it’s true. :banana:

    Tina and Beyonce are of course delicious add to Grammy’s. :thumbsup:

  11. Okay I am not the biggest Bey fan but I am sure her and Tina will put on a dynamic performance. Although I am soooooooooo tired of Bey I can take this one. Do it well ladies!

    I HOPE HOP HOPE Whitney does her thing! I would love to see her back in action. Janet should have a phenom performance. I hope that Alicia Keys gets to do something also. And I wanna see some young ones too – Rihanna, Chris Brown – I wanna see some Lily Allen, Emily King, – some new ladies work it out!

  12. I love Tina Turner!!!!!! A duet with Bey will be nice. It’s sure to be a powerhouse performance. And you mean to tell me that Janet and Whitney could possibly perform? I definately will watch that show. Janet still has it. I know she plans to dance her tale off.

    I just hope that Clive doesn’t put Whitney on stage if she isn’t ready. I want to see her blow the house down because she is legendary despite her run in with drug abuse.


  14. Wow! Tha grammys r really shaping up 2 be AWESOME THIS YEAR! THe grammy ppl has just announced 2 day that Mary and Aretha are performing, along with Tina and Bey! Wow 4 powerhouses! And of course Janet and Whitney wud be lovely! They gon need it! Iheard mary and Aretha gon do a gospel segment. They gon tear it down! Im bowin 2 all these queens! :bowdown: :dance1: :dance2: :banana: :dance:

  15. Yep. I reported Mary was going to perform a few weeks ago but it has been confirmed now. Also confirmed is Rihanna. If nothing else it is going to be a good picture night. 😆

  16. Anna Mae Bullock!!!! WTF??? That is all I need to know :dance1: To this day she still sells MILLIONS!

    My mother used to dance in our living room, with her high heels on everytime Tina’s Private Dancer tour would come on HBO. Since then, I am not going to lie I have had my Tina and Beyonce days myself, (something my daughter could look back on) I will certainly be tuning in for the Grammys this year

    As far as Janet and Whitney are concern, that show will go down in history IF they both bring their A+ game, if not, it’ll be about as memorable as the throwback rap performances we’ve seen in the past. However, do anyone remember the ’80s when it was WHITNEY vs JANET vs ANITA BAKER (PRE Mariah)? Or Madonna vs Cindy Lauper? Or even Michael vs Prince? Those where the days, its funny when you think about who really came out on top!

  17. Sounds like the Grammys is going to be a “BLACKOUT” of our most talented divas of R&B! I aint mad at cha! :banana:

  18. :banana: Grammy’s will be on the money this year! :banana:
    :dance1: Tina & Beyonce will tear it up! I can’t wait! It will be a real honor for Beyonce to share the stage with Tina!
    :dance1: Mary J with Aretha! Sounds like a Gospel explosion!
    :dance2: Janet getting her groove on! I hope so!
    :dance1: :dance2: :dance1: :dance2: :dance1: :dance2: :dance1: :dance2: :dance1: :dance2:

  19. I would love to see Whitney,,, beyonce is ghetto and annoying,,,her music is so childish and has little depth, can’t stand her,GOOOOOD Why won’t she just go somewhere……………,Christina would do great………,Tina well what can i say Amazing,,,,,,,Janet,,,I want the bright happy 80’s janet back…when her lyrics were powerful. she’s too old to be singin about sex explicitly.. rihanna’s whinny voice please……and what’s wrong with her neck….

  20. I heard that Beyonce and Tina Turner would do a duet, But I didn’t really think it would happen. I suppose it will. Beyonce is probably so excited she can’t sleep, that woman HAS to be her idol!It definitely shows in her performances. I would like to see Whitney as well. I’m sure no one can top my fave Christina’s “It’s a Man’s World” cover last year, but I’ll keep my eyes open. I’m really, really hoping Amy Winehouse books a performance. Despite her Drug, Alcohol, and General abuses in life, she is such a talented singer and writer. I want to see Janet, too…if she’s really going to dance.

  21. Okay, so they’re doing hookups? GREAT!
    I must admit I’d rather see Fantasia with Aretha but I don’t think she’s nominated for anything (Fantasia). Hmmm…lemme guess some other hookups.
    Rihanna and Madonna
    T-Pain and Earth Wind & Fire
    Pink and Heart
    Amy Winehouse and B.B. King
    Lily Allen and Eric Clapton
    John Mayer and Dave Matthews
    Carrie Underwood and Dolly Pardon

  22. At least Beyonce performing with Ms. Turner will be crowd pleasing as oppose to that tired performance at the American Music Awards with that country group.

    I am praying that both Janet Jackson and Ms. Whitney Houston bring the house down. Janet needs to remind the doubters that Britney, Ciara, Aliyah and yes Ms. Beyonce herself have all taken a page from Ms. Jackson’s history book.

    God, please have mercy on Whitney’s angelic gift that you gave her; that voice.


  23. Chey, sorry to be so blunt but Whitney’s voice is gone. Several times on the show she sang only to crack. She’s not been able to sing “I will always love you” in years. She struggles through the song and when she has to tackle the chorus in that big way she does in the original…the breakdown I guess during the end, she just smiles at the audience…doesn’t sing it…get’s right to it and smiles as if she’s taunting them. I feel bad for her. But, hey…I guess even 1% of the voice she had is still farrrrr better than most singers will ever have…*shrugs*

  24. This should be a great year for the grammy’s. I can’t wait to see Beyonce & Tina Tuner tear it up. I like Bey’s performances because she brings a different tempo and always doing something spectatular. She’s earned her right as an entertainer. I hope to see Mary J. – she always does well and of course Ms. Jackson. I’m not feeling the song (still), and her performance on the American Music Awards was okay. But, I want everyone to do well and entertain us so we can talke about this for a long time.

  25. To all you nay sayers out here!!!! Whitney is giong to rock it you think the “DIVA” is not going to go all out think again.

  26. Okay, have you guys heard “The Time” is suppose to be performing on the Grammys as well? A supposed Janet insider on her official forum said Janet, Rihanna and someone else were suppose to be performing alongside them. Dunno how true it is but I’m feeling all tingly inside at the thought of Janet on stage with Jerome Benton. Anyone remember him dancing with Janet is her Control video?

  27. Beyonce Knowles is so overrated as an artist. She gets way too much credit for selling sex and being pretty. I hope Tina Turner embarrasses her and makes her look like the fake wanna be that she is. I can’t wait for the day that real R&B music hits the air waves again and trumps all these whack rappers and pop tarts like Beyonce, Britney and Rihanna.

    Legends, show these newbies how it is done. They can’t hold a candle to what you created.

  28. somebody gona be embarassed go tina i know you still got it
    whitney,janet,rihanna girls even if i got to go to deliver i’ll sit there and watch

  29. wow i really hope all those ladies perform this year, every award show has been really boring for the past couple years because people with the big hits nowadays dont know how to entertain ex. rihanna, fergie, nelly, gwen. so its good to see TINA, WHITNEY, JANET, AND ARETHA show these people how to entertain. I have faith that whitney will bring down the house if she sings one of her new joints intstead of the old big ballads, she should sing a song that suites her voice now so that she can feel confident and be the amazing performer she once was. i would like the christina aguilera again this year just for the simple fact that she surprised the hell out of me last year with that james brown tribute, i didnt know that white girl could get down like that the way she got on her knees and belted out that song, she defanlty stole the show last year.

  30. boring b again take that damm wig of your head and lets see how hot you really are, her wig makes her thats why the two will never be parted. so hot jay wont even wife you up in public.

  31. [quote comment=”19777″]Chey, sorry to be so blunt but Whitney’s voice is gone. Several times on the show she sang only to crack. She’s not been able to sing “I will always love you” in years. She struggles through the song and when she has to tackle the chorus in that big way she does in the original…the breakdown I guess during the end, she just smiles at the audience…doesn’t sing it…get’s right to it and smiles as if she’s taunting them. I feel bad for her. But, hey…I guess even 1% of the voice she had is still farrrrr better than most singers will ever have…*shrugs*[/quote]WHATTT!! WHAT DO U MEAN WHITNEYS VOICE IS GONE UMM…WRONG!! she has STILL got it, and u will c when she preforms and BLOWS everyone away!!!! :hater:

  32. Sounds like a great lineup… except for one….no more Beyonce please!!! Talk about overkill. I’m so sick of her!!! Can’t she take a little time off?? If I see her one more time I’ll scream myself to death. Tina, Janet, Whitney, and even to an extent, Christina are all artist that we don’t get to see perform very often, so it’s a treat to see them. But Beyonce we see way too much of. And to pair her ghetto caterwalling with a legendary one of a kind voice like Tina’s is insulting, IMO.

  33. You`re not alone Vincie. Even her fans have echoed the same sentiments on another site. So what does that tell you? Overkill is an understatement, Beyonce really should sit down for awhile. If your die hard fans have become annoyed with you then you are really treading down a slippery slope for sure. Myself I`m a huge Alicia Keys fans so I`m really looking foeward to seeing her because she has been added to the lineup. So,so,so fine!!! Do your thang Alicia, much luv. :iagree:

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