S2S Interviews Toya

Toya Carter, ex wife of rapper Lil Wayne, recently sat down with Jamie Foster Brown, of Sister 2 Sister Magazine, to talk about her new BET reality series “Tiny & Toya.” The two also touched base on Nivea, just one of the women rumored to be pregnant by Lil Wayne (Lauren London is the other) at the moment.

Check out the video below and the latest edition of S2S with Toya on the cover can be found on newsstands now.


  1. I feel bad for her, for some reason i used to judge her, i called her the “BABY MAMA” But as i watch the show and listen to her interviews, their is obviously MORE!!!!!!!!!! I know she is Ghetto Fab, but i feel for her. Im glad she is getting her life togather and moving foward.

  2. LMAO I feel the same way you do. I prematurely judged her and Tiny but there is so much more to them that I now see when I watch their show. I hope she and Tiny and find happiness and I hope Toya just matures and gets over her infatuation with Wayne.

  3. BTW, that wedding pic of her and Wayne is simply beautiful.

  4. AFter watching the show I have a whole new respect for Toya and Tiny. At first, it was hard for me to get past that southern accent, but once I saw there struggles and how loveable these two women were, I began rooting for them. I think they are caring women that put everyone else’s needs in from of their own and it has to be hard to deal with the bloggers and gossip sites. I also hate the “baby mama” term and it should not be used when describing Toya. Now these other women associated with Lil Wayne might be more fitting for the “baby mama” title, but I shouldn’t rush to judge them either. This show proves that everybody has a “story” and once we know what it is, its a lot easier to be understanding and less judgemental. I really hope Tiny starts singing again b/c she has a wonderful voice.

  5. i feel bad for her because she is obviously still stuck on wayne, who obviously doesn’t give two cents about especially walkin’ around with 2 women pregnant, one who he supposedly is engaged to (nivea). I hope she moves on from him and finds someone who is not such a man-wh0re. And tiny….she is just so damn hood and country, and her nose and mouth looks swollen from collagen. She is not cute at all, i just don’t care for her.lol

  6. I Love how people can say mean and nasty things about every black woman and still swear they are just giving their opinions but if we talk about somebody else they wanna call Jesus himself You know who you are, and you know you are pathetic as HELL, Learn how to love yourself you don’t have to be a SLAVE anymore

    Toya gets on my goddamn nerves talking about “I was at the gas station a lady walked up to me” Girl i didn’t even know you until the show stop thinking you’re rihanna, other than that she is very beautiful but she needs to get over wayne he is no good

    Tiny, i adore her she is so petite and cute she is like a little doll, and i LOVE her voice, so smooth, she needs to stop obeying tip like he is her father, dang she has NO backbone at ALL …They will be okay tho

  7. @ Lurker…you can say that again! I just renewed my subscribtion and only did that because they offered 12 months for $12 and I still have yet to read an issue! lol I keep them in the bathroom in a rack for guest.

    Voice….be good!

    No Comment on the topic, I refuse to give BET any of my time or brain cells regardless of who’s on their channel!

  8. Wow lil wayne was real nice looking. Back to the show Toya seems like a nice girl and I hope she finds herself. I hope that Tiny does her music again because Xscape was hot and I still listen to them too.

  9. I like Toya she seems really cool and just wants to move forward in her life despite her and lil wayne past relations.

  10. there are some really ignorant females who comments on this website. i’m sure they know who i’m talking about

  11. until they love self and get some standards for what they’re willing to take people won’t take them serious!!!

  12. LuckyCharm don’t you hate insecure followers? the fat and on welfare ones 😀 Lmao but so with you on the BET comment, it’s the devil lool

  13. um…… yeah NO I can’t bring myself to watch that show.

  14. i think nivea an lauren london are just tryna steal the spot light from toya but wayne is dirty to me he just screws anybody and leaves them on stuck lil wayne does a commercial ad for condoms called stay strapped he is such a hypocrite he dont even use condoms i heard he has another baby in new orleans he really is from the dirty south

  15. to me by watching the show and seeing how Toya is strong enough to move on.. it helps other women that is having the same problem!! Toya is a very good role model..

  16. TINY IS COOL… and really u people who are leaving dumb comments… like they get on ur nerves.. haha..funny!! really nobody cares what you think!! LAME!! Rihanna??? seriously!!! find something better to do!!

  17. I respect Tiny & Toya for trying to establish themselves in the public eye as more than “baby mamas”. I dont see how Lil Wayne could even stand to keep spreading his ‘seeds’ around when he isn’t even in a committed relationship with either woman. Toya made the best decision in the world by divorcing him because he ISN’T ready to settle down and raise a baby the RIGHT way!

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