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Salt n' Pepa 80’s rap duo, Salt “Chery James” and Pepa “Sandy Denton”, are featured on the upcoming March 24th edition of Jet Magazine. Both of the ladies look really beautiful and I don’t really know why but when I first saw this pic of these two sistas I almost got emotional. Salt n’ Pepa were to my generation what I can imagine Diana Ross and The Supremes were to my mother’s generation- and so to still see them on the scene today, in some capacity, feels really good. As a GAW (Grown Ass Woman) there are few women on the music scene today I can identify with and so these sistas really remind me of a great time in music that is long gone. Sistas dominated the music scene in the late 80s and 90’s and ladies like Janet, Whitney, Stephanie Mills, Toni Braxton, En Vogue and Jade made music that was not only enjoyable, but they projected an image of Black women that most of us could identify with, or at least aspire to be.

And though I love and support many of the sistas out today, I do not and cannot identify with them. It could be there age- I dunno. What I do know however- is that I miss the grown ass female artists of yesterday- who have have been replaced by teenie-bopper artists of today.


  1. It’s the generational change Stephanie. Whitney replaced Diana and Janet and all them replaced other women and now they are being replaced. As for S&P they are done musically cause rap has no place for two 40 year old women. Hell, they have no place for 20 something year old women. Look at poor Eve, most have forgotten she even had an album coming out.

  2. I admire that they are not (and have never been) intimidated by a so called male dominated industry. I hope they do come out with another album so women 30-40 can have some decent hip-hop to entertain us and restore our love for rap because honestly speaking I don’t like it any more. Furthermore; If a 40 year old man can rap so can a 40 year old woman.

  3. I love who Salt has grown into. Pepa on the other hand seems hell bent on trying to be something she is not. A TEENAGER :thumbsdown:

  4. Ummm whitney didn’t replace Actuallly nobody has or will. Janet has 6 number 1 albums.

  5. [quote comment=”23251″]Ummm whitney didn’t replace Actuallly nobody has or will. Janet has 6 number 1 albums.[/quote]
    I typed that wrong. I meant to write that Whitney, Janet and some of the others mentioned replaced female artists from the sixties and seventies and now other artists are replacing them. And by replacing I mean that everyone has their time at the top and then others must inevitably come along and rise as well.

  6. I loved these chicks! I wish Pepa would stop acting like a teenager and move past what happened in the past. They are older and more mature and some things you just gotta let it go. :hmph:

  7. I’m under 30 and I LONG for the days of artists like the ones you’ve mentioned. And yes, I somehow connected and identified with them in a way that I don’t with these new chics who are my contemporaries. The R&B music scene has definately changed and not for the better!

  8. First of all I am definitely feelin` you Steph: music today has really taken a turn for the worst. The days of feel good music are far behind us and all we`re left with now is a bunch of beats with “NO SUBSTANCE”.(i.e. hip-hop) Don`t get me wrong you do have maybe one or two acts who are actually saying something; like Kanye for example, he`s a great lyricist. However, as a whole I really don`t care for that form of music. As far as I`m concerned great R&B is where it`s at. Yeah the 80`s were a great time in music that I “LONG” for. There were great artists that my generation had such as:
    1. Michael Jackson(my favorite)
    2. Prince
    3. Janet
    4. Madonna
    5. Culture Club
    6. Hall & Oats
    7. The Time
    8. Kool & The Gang
    9. Ashford & Simpson
    10. New Edition
    11. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
    12. Cameo
    13. Ready for The World
    14. Rick James
    15. Shalamar
    16. Jody Watley
    17. Lionel Richie
    18. Stevie Wonder
    19. Luther Vandross
    20. Stephanie Mills
    21. Toni Braxton
    22. Whitney Houston-etc.

    Just good ol` feel good music. I really wish I could receive satellite radio because regular radio is such a BORE with all the Hip-Hop.

    Now as far as Salt & Pepa are concerned I do agree that Pepa needs to come out of The “TENNAGE MODE” and start excepting REALITY. She needs to understand that time waits for no one: Salt on the other hand has matured very graciously and I commend her. Yep, yep, yep, I definitely miss The music of yesterday…

  9. I love these two together. Salt is a great inspiration and Pep has a good heart, you can tell. :thumbsup:

  10. I actually wouldn’t mind hearing an album from Salt N Pepa. Despite their age, I believe they got “it”. Hell if Jay-Z can still spit, then why not Salt N Pepa. And Jay-Z still has it, I still love his music. I hear what Stephanie is saying…I’m an 80’s baby…but I remember Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, En Vogue and I actually prefer their music over some of our contemporary artists of today. I love old school music. I like the music of today but I do miss that old school feeling and how artists carried themselves back in the day. Anyhoo, nice to see Salt N Pepa back on the scene.

  11. I’m not too keen on the show. I saw an episode and had the urge to change the channel. I feel some of it is forced; not natural. But it’s good to see the girls back on the scene. :brownsista:

  12. Yes i love the show pepa is crazy, i think she is so funny especially in vegas she was a mess. I want to know did she get her noise done.

  13. Speaking of music did you hear mary j remix with chubb rock beat it so hot. You know who have a hot cd JAHIEM love his music too.

  14. Salt is so boring to me on the show. I like Pepa more because she has more spunk to her. As for music, I can agree on a certain level. Music of the past generations seemed to have more substance and was more talent-driven, and it irritates me when I don’t see that in the most of popular artists of today, the artists that are going to define my generation’s music. If I live to be forty, I wonder who I’ll remember as being the big artist of my generation. Forty isn’t really that old, but it seems forever away to me.

  15. Salt whines too much for me on the show. Yeah Pep, maybe a little too out there sometimes but you don’t have to crtitic every 5 minutes. Pep is a grown woman let her do her.

  16. I commend Salt-n-Pepa does look good,they seem to have aged gracefully,they still look sexy.

  17. @Brownee,

    I agree with you and Steph. I don’t think its age–I think its substance. I’m 34 and I have a hard time with the new music. Its not really ABOUT anything. The images seem watered down. Someone at my office mentioned Karen White’s “I’m not your Superwoman” earlier today, and I thought “WOW, what happened to that kind of R&B song? What about “Soon as I get home from Work” by Babyface….

    Its just changed.

    BTW, Mario is being slept on to a large extent. He has a great remix of Keith Sweat’s “There’s a Right and A Wromg Way to Love”.

    That little boy–ok..young man, but I have a son almost his age…that young man is singing his heart out on that CD.

    So the good music is out there–but its not promoted like the mediocre music is.

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