Salt n’ Pepa Return To VH-1

Just as they are dressed in this new publicity shot, Salt-N-Pepa are becoming the ‘Laverne & Shirley’ of hip-hop. The Grammy Award winning hip-hop duo have bounced back onto the scene with their VH1 reality series ‘The Salt-N-Pepa Show,’ which returns on Feb. 11 for a new batch of shows. According to a network rep, this go round Cheryl James (Salt) taps Sandy Denton (Pepa) to help her 16-year old daughter Corin, plan her first co-ed house party. As Sandy’s party plans grow more and more lavish and elaborate, Cheryl starts to wonder if she made the right choice! This is just the first show. Upcoming episodes will include their former dee-jay Spinderella inviting them to join her at a DJ gig in Atlantic City Salt N’ Pepa seeking the help of professional life coach, Iyanla Vanzant with their communication problems Confronting their future as Pepa wants to know, “What’s next for us?” and attempts to write a new song as they cope with family interruptions, writers’ block, and each other.


  1. I love them too…but I don’t like how they are portraying them on the shows coming up-its like they are trying to say that just because Salt is loosening up a bit that she is turning back into a party girl and that is not the case. She is hanging with her homegirls from back in the day and that just brings back memories of some good times even though there was bad…it seems that now they are dealing with the bad head on now they can have fun again…but I do love the show overall… :iagree:

  2. I admit I am a little worried about salt sliding back into things. She is a wonderful role model of what God can do for him (if you are willing to let him). She is a great example for girls and women (Still human though). I just don’t want her to lose her new faith and good influence that she has. Then people will be calling her a fake or hypocryte. Not ALL christians are fakes. Its just that some times we allow ourselves to be exposed to some of the very things God delievered us from and then…….its back to square one. You know what…for real… let’s pray that she stays the same positive chick! I think to some degree Pepa needs her, b/c Pep can be too spontaneous at times. I LOVE THESE TWO AND I LOVE THE SHOW! My husband and I are so glad they are back :hifive:

  3. I think Salt is a wonderful example of a Christian woman. Alot of Christian tend to think they live in this bubble but they don’t. She did nothing to make you think that she was back sliding. You do not have to abandon your friends to be a Christian. You should be the source of light to make them want to become a Christian. You are human as a Christian and you don’t live in a bubble. So you need to know how to maintain your faith in all situations.

  4. I didn’t say she did anything, I said I was worried about her sliding and I said that because she seemed really uncomfortable at first almost crying about getting getting back together with Pepa and the bible does say in Romans, that if something offends your spirit then don’t do it. Why do people misunderstand things on this blog so much. And yes you need to maintain your faith in all situations but as you and I said WE ARE STILL HUMAN SO SOMETIMES WE FALL SHORT! Please take what I said for what I said and nothing else 🙄

  5. These ladies are great together.

    Pepa needs Salt and Salt needs Pepa just as well :bag:

  6. I love them together :thumbsup: !

    I am so happy they have been able to remain friends after all these years and still enjoy each other’s company. Black sisters unite!! :hifive:

  7. I’m happy to see salt loosen up a bit. The first season she got on my nerves looking down on everything Pepa did and every Idea Pepa had. I am so glad to see Iyanla Vanzant this season. I hope she’s on for more than one episode. I think she is a great spirit who has done great things to heal mankind. :thumbsup:

  8. It’s good to see two sistas of different beliefs and lifestyles getting along. That’s what confident and mature folks do :dance:

    Kudos to Salt N Pepa :thumbsup:

  9. i dont really care but they are both amazing bubbling women wish them the best

  10. I only saw a few shows, but I did enjoy this reality show more than some of the other trash that is on. So Salt & Pepa keep doing your thing and be blessed.

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