Samsung Releases Promo for Rihanna’s “Anti” Album

Samsung Unveils Commercial for Rihanna’s “Anti” Album

ANTI ALBUMRihanna’s eighth studio album, the highly anticipated, Anti, is reportedly set to be released before the year is out. The project is being executive-produced by Kanye West and features the previously released tunes FourFiveSeconds, American Oxygen and Bitch Better Have My Money.

Tidal, which is rumored to be exclusively carrying the album, has been running promo for the project on various social media sites, most notably Instagram. Also hot on the Anti promo trail is Samsung, which debuted a commercial for the album during last night’s broadcast of the American Music Awards.

The clip, posted below, features Rihanna discovering a key left behind by children in an old abandoned house. The key, with an R8 tag attached, is reportedly a clue that leads to an Instagram account called “iamthekeyholder.” The page is full of random images that supposedly hold some sort of significance for the album and its possible release date. I don’t know. No one seems to know. It’s all very cloak-and-daggerish.

Fans have been asked to register at for clues about the album, which then lead to more clues and more social media pages and websites that fans are also asked to register for. Honestly, the games are tiring. Just release the album already. Having to sign up for the various things all over the internet to gain access to pictures and codes that lead to god only knows what is for the birds. Release the music and let it do what it do. At this point, I can’t imagine fans or the public really care anymore. I know I don’t.


  1. Rihanna’s albums never debut huge. She’s never sold over 200,000 copies in a week. She is a singles artist not an albums artist. All this hype is for nothing. It’s not even good hype. It’s corny. I have no doubt Kanye’s ego is responsible for this foolishness. That and Jay Z crippling her by releasing the album through Tidal and trying to force it on people via Samsung phones. I bet the album won’t come out until the Samsung 6 is released in March.

  2. JBL, I totally agree with you! I am a Prime Amazon user and with free music streaming and competitive priced music, with say, Apple, Rihanna better carefully weigh her options because her last album with Tidal didn’t go off. I don’t understand why Jay-Z, Kanye and Beyoncé or Madonna aren’t releasing albums first, exclusively through Tidal, paving the way for their artists. Rihanna isn’t Adele or even Beyoncé in terms of album sales, so she should save herself like they will certainly do. I see plenty of free streaming music from some of the Tidal Artists, maybe they’re under contract or maybe not? I hope she has a really good rollout plan while others plot out their next album success stories!

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