Sanaa Celebrates The Pink Curve+Preps New Film

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan, who stars in Tyler Perry’s new movie “The Family That Preys”, was seen earlier this week attending the launch of Verizon’s new pink Black Berry 8330. The actress, who turns 37 in a few short weeks, is also gracing the cover of next week’s edition of Jet Magazine, along with fellow “Preys” cast mate, Taraji P. Henson. Tyler Perry’s latest movie is shaping up to be quite interesting. Along with a stellar cast that includes Lathan and Henson, actresses Robin Givens and Alfre Woodard are also on board for what appears to be this fall’s must see movie. I had no idea what to expect of this movie when I first heard about it last year; however, after seeing several trailers for the film, I have no doubt this will be Tyler’s best work to date. Sanaa is playing a character we haven’t seen her tackle before and Robin Givens, who is making her way back into Hollywood, looks to have a very juicy role as well.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the film, you can check it out below, along with more images from the Blackberry Curve party.


  1. Sanaa looks beautiful, 37 and looking Fabulous. I love Tyler P. flicks and im big fan of Alfre Woodard. I’ll be checking this one out.

  2. I really really want to see this film. Did you see our first lady last night she was beautiful

  3. Sanaa looks gorgeous!!! This movie looks like it’s going to be his best yet. Taraji was at this event as well….I guess you’ll post her pics later 🙂

  4. I am very anxious to see this. And you say its his best film to date? If it tops Why did I get married it’s got to be good. He is getting better and better. I just love Sanaa, I have to get used to Taraji, she just always seems to play a loud mouth or a hoochie, hopefully such is not the case with this movie!

  5. The trailer has got me hooked. I support Tyler cause he had a vision and he carried it out. He’s brilliant! I wasn’t crazy about “Why did I get Married?” but I support his themes of integrity, family, love, success, and having faith. At my last party there was a discussion about TP films and I was shocked at how many people dislike this man’s movies. The argument is that his films are stereotypical, people hate Madea, and generally his story lines are flat. His movies aren’t perfect but Tyler aims for quality and has brought back to life and given more work to black actors more than any other Hollywood Studio.

  6. Ms. “Rainywaters”, I will see any movie that Tyler Perry makes. By the way, yes I did see Barak Obama’s speech last evening. Oh, and before I go any futher, if there’s any redneck out there looking in on this and wants to make fun of the name “Barak” because it sounds Muslim, pull your head out! “Barak” is a African name; “Barak” means “He is a Blessing”. Now, what do you think about that!! Let’s continue. Way back on August 28th, 1963, when I was a young boy of 13, I came home after playing some baseball with my friends at the park. After I took a bath, I sat down to watch some TV. All the TV channels were showing a huge gathering of people in Washington, D.C. listening to speeches being made. I decided to watch because it all sounded interesting to me. Finally this one particular man got up to speak; he repeated time and again, “I Have a Dream”. That’s right Ms. “Rainywaters”, I witnessed, and heard with my own ears, live, as it was happening, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. giving his “I Have a Dream” speech. I remember his words, how they moved me, how they when directly to my heart, I remember how I couldn’t stop listening, I remember how the words touched and moved my very soul. From that point on, my social activism began to grow. It reached the high point during the “East Los Angeles High School Walkouts” in 1968 (Yes, I’m Latino. And yes, my wife is Afro-American. Yesterday was our anniversary. We’ve now been married for 26 years.). The “I Have a Dream” speech is now recognized as one of the most powerful speeches ever given in the history of America. Barak’s speech last evening hit me the same way; I felt something inside of me move. Right then and there I decided to go to the nearest Barak Obama campaign office to see what I can do to see to it that Barak Obama gets elected the next president of the United States. And yes, Michelle Obama looked beautiful last evening. She was dressed with taste, class and style. She is a very, very attractive lady. When she becomes our first lady, look for her to do first lady-like things like going to retirement homes to visit the elderly, go to hospitals to visit the ill, go to schools to visit and encourage out children to get an education. Things like that. I regret I can’t say the same for Lisaraye McCoy. What did she do as first lady of the Turks & Caicos Islands? She hit every disco in town wearing blouses that allowed half her boobs to hang out the front! Sweet Jesus, Lord have mercy. One last thing, Ms. “Raintwaters”. Let’s not forget that Michelle Obama is a very well educated woman. She graduated from Princeton University. By education, Michelle Obama is a lawyer.
    Ms. “Rainywaters”, it was a pleasure posting with you. I hope we can do it again soon. Please be blessed.
    Smooth Thug

  7. Barak is a hebrew name from the first testament. It is used in a verse in the bible in the first testament. It is not muslim nor african it is hebrew. There are people who will try and distort this man no matter what, but, if he is strong enough too look past that I will be also. I also believe that this site is not owned nor operated by black women or black anything else. There is no way in hell after that historic speech last nite that this black site would not have that speech and comments from that speech. I don’t know who owns this site, but, I think they are people that I no longer want no part of. It has been some great conversations somewhat on this site, but, there is just something really fishy about this site. Peace out to all my sisters and brothers on this site.

  8. Hey, my name’s origin is Hebrew too! Not “Kanyade” but my ‘real’ name 😉

    Sanaa is just so gorgeous! I love her makeup; pretty in pink 🙂

    As for Tyler’s film, I’ll rent it, but it does look good and maybe it will be his best film if the trailer is indicative of the rest…and that’s saying A LOT. Bria, the site owner is a black woman; rest assured. And again, maybe the mods just haven’t gotten around to posting on Barack’s speech? Maybe you’re jumping the gun? But then again, my queries shouldn’t matter as you’re long gone by now…..right? 😉

  9. She is looking beautiful as always. I can’t wait for this movie, it looks like it is going to be good. I loved “Why did I Get Married” and if it’s anywhere close to that, I know I will love it.

  10. Uh, excuse me, Ms. “Bria”? I’m gonna have to call you out on that one, sweetheart. “Barak” is a Hebrew name, that much is true. In its Hebrew form, the word “Barak” first occurs in Genesis 1:22. According to this part of the Bible, on the 5th day, God created all the animals. After he finished, he “blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful, and multiply…”. Let’s now deal with the word”Blessed”. Because Moses spoke only Hebrew, naturally, he wrote down the Old Testament, Genesis all the way to Deuteronomy, anyway, in Hebrew. So when it came to Moses saying that God “blessed” the animals, Moses used the only Hebrew word he knew… he used the word “bareka”. In other words, in the original texts of the Old Testament, as written by Moses, Genesis 1:22 originally said, ” And God ‘bareka’ them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply…”. So I’m gonna stick to my guns that “Barak” means “He is a blessing”. You say that it’s a Hebrew name? I agree. I also agree with this… it is also a Semitic name. And in its Semitic form, “Barak” is a noun that describes a male as being a “blessing”. The Semitic people, as we all know, are the children of Shem, according to the Bible. These people are distributed from Iraq, Syria, east to the Holy Land, and down into the northern parts of Africa. Did you hear that? The northern parts of AFRICA!!! I’m gonna stick to my guns on that one as well! “Barak” is a name commonly found on the African continent! And I’m not coming down off of that until someone can tell me something different that makes some sense! Now Ms. “Bria”, please have a pleasant evening and please be blessed.

  11. @ Smooth Thug & Bria

    Bareka is a blessing but Barak has a different meaning. The name Barak means “lightening sword” in Hebrew. I found the meaning of his name in a book titled “The Tribes of Isreal” by Gwen Shaw earlier this year. It is also worth mentioning that in ancient Hebrew culture the words for praise and clap also connotes warfare. Praise is warfare to the enemy’s ears!

    In the Book of Judges chapters 4 & 5, the prophetess Deborah provokes Barak (of the tribe Naphthali) to raise up an army to liberate the Isrealites from a Canaanite king.

    Ladies you may want to read this interesting passage, esp. Jud 4:4-9. When I read this in April, I began praying that God would raise up the Deborahs and the Daniels to be in a place to influence on the next President.

  12. @ Smooth Thug

    Here is a link to a documentary by a Jew (means of the tribes of David &Benjamin) that proves that the Isrealites (the other ten tribes) migrated to southern Africa, all of Pakistan, parts of northern and western India, Japan and there is even evidence in the Americas way before Columbus “discovered” the land. I do not support the sect of American Black Hebrews who believe that the European Jews who currently inhabit Isreal are illegitimate.

    Yes, Sanaa looks lovely as usual. I am a Tyler Perry fan and am dissapointed that some of our people HATE his work. We are not monolithic in our taste so it is ok to have your own opinion. TP is the only one fervently working to make things happen in Hollywood. Instead of hating on him, lets actively support ($$$) other artist who are trying to present another viewpoint.

  13. Yes, Ms. “Pearlsrevealed”, “Barak” means “lightening sword” AND “lightening and thunder” in Hebrew. But I’m talkin’ about the Semitic form of the name which is more Arabic in nature. It means “He is a blessing” and I’m gonna still stand on that one. Hebrew is fine, but I’m gonna stand on the Semitic version of the name. By the way, “ladies”? LOL. I’m a guy. LOL.

  14. @ Smooth Thug
    I know you are a man. I was not insulting you.

    In my opinion the particular passage should be of interest to any woman reading the post.

    Because Barak hesitated in obeying God and asked Deborah to accompany him to battle, she prophesied “I will surely go with you; nevertheless there will be no glory for you in the journey you are taking, for the Lord will sell Sisera (Canaanite commander) into the hand of a woman.”

    Barak won the battle. But Sisera was murdered by a woman named Jael when he fled the battle into her tent–just as Deborah prophesied.

    That concludes Bible study 101 for this evening. LOL

  15. Sanaa seems to be catchin’ the make love to a white man parts lately. Maybe she is the only volunteer.(just kidding/stand down cyber gangstas) I will definately be seeing this movie. This one looks like its going to be good.

  16. I will go see the movie, but I will not be expecting much. Although, this look good, Tyler has a way of writing the same thing in everything he does. So by the previews it seems as if it’s another woman seeks a better life, and that I ,mean finacially stability, she hooks up with the guy thinking that everything will be happy, leaving her unsuspected doofyus of a husband , whose only crime is being working class. By the end of the story, the rich guy is the bad guy as in all Tyler’s films, and the woman is left broken and heart by the rich guy, who’s actually abusive. And then their is a Obi Wan Kenobi mother figure who will give the woman guidance, and helps her find herself, she will find happiness in the arms of her working class husband leaving the money and lavish life , becoming a waitress or something. And the rich guy will end up in jail or dead, broke, on drugs, or back with his wife, because that was the plan all along.

    Now, I maybe wrong but Tyler’s film always have the same thing: rich guy evil, working man- good. Oh, and don’t forget the obvious, since Family Reunion had the theme of talking to black families of trying to be better than their disrespectful raggedy lives, dishonoring their ancestors, the white man in the movie will not actually be in love with Sanaa’s character , his part will most likely be another way to build up the working class black man.

    I’m just glad or shall I say ecstatic that Madea is not in this movie. I’d like Madea, but now I find the character insufferable. Laughing at ghetto over-bearing Big Mama’s is only fun for so long. I’d vote death to Madea.

    BTW: Why isn’t there a post/story or a tribute to the Fabolous Michelle Obama. She is making history, she’s a fashionista, intelligent, beautiful, classy. Yet, I’m reading about relationships. What’s going on? and I know Malinda Williams is famous and all, but I’d rather read about Michelle Obama. She’s the role model, finally black girls and young woman have a positive image, instead of what is out there now.

  17. Ms. “Pearlsrevealed”, no offense was ever taken. I just got a good chuckle out of it. LOL.
    Ah, yes; the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and the Sambatyon River. I visited the site you suggested and I musy say, it was most interesting. However, I must take the information contained within that site with some apprehension and about a pound of salt. Please allow me to explain.
    The Roman historian Josephus

  18. Sorry ’bout that, Ms. “Pearlsrevealed”; my bad. Please let me begin again.
    As I said, no offense was ever taken. I just got a good little chuckle out of it. LOL.
    I took the time to visit the site you suggested and was rather amused. And as I futher stated, I was somewhat apprehensive about the information I found there. Again, please allow me to explain.
    The Roman historian Josephus says that the Holy Lands revolted against the Roman Empire (According to his history book “The Wars of the Jews”). The Roman emperor, I think it was Nero, sent Titus, who would become emperor later on, to put down that rebellion. Titus left from what is now Lebanon and moved inland into what is now Syria. According to Josephus, Titus claimed to have run into the Sambatyon River. According to Josephus, Titus described the river as “its springs fail for six days… after which days it runs on the seventh day…”. Hmm. A river that’s dry for six days of the week. OK. Yet, another Roman historian, Pliny, in his “Historia Naturalis”, describes the Sambatyon River in completely opposite terms. He said that the river runs for six days, then stops on the seventh. As Arsenio Hall used to say, so far all of this “makes me wanna say, ‘ Hmm’ “. Two people claim to have seen this particular river and yet they descibe it in contrasting terms. But, both individuals do place the river somewhere in the Middle East. Let’s continue.
    Here’s where this thing gets real “Ify”. Prester John, himself merely a legend, called this river ” a waterless sea of sand”. He further states that this sand “swells like waves like every other sea, and is never at rest.” As mentioned, another source says that this river is inactive one day of the week.
    It is assumed that said river was within his kingdom. But where exactly was that kingdom? At first, his kingdom was placed in what is now somewhere in India. During the late Middle Ages, his kingdom was moved to what is now Ethiopia. In either case, the kingdom of Prester John was such a far out place that the men there had horns, people had three eyes, and people lived to be two hundred years old ( faculty. biu. il/~presjohn.html )! Imagine that! Yet again, just where is this river at? According to legend, even Alexander the Great, when in southern Egypt, came to a river “which flowed with water for three days and with sand for three days…”. According to this account, this river was called the “Sambation” by the Jews. See? We can’t even get any agreement as to exactly where this river is. Other accounts have the location of this river as being ” near the Caspian Sea.” The Caspian sea? That’s near Russia! Now do you see why I take even the existance of this river with a pound of salt?
    Back in the Middle Ages, people were extremely eager to go along with stories like this. Why? Because Europeans wanted any Christian ally they could get their hands on to help in the fight against the spread of Islam. So when travelers like Benjamin of Tudela would return after traveling, everyone was anxious to hear about the possibility of other Christian communities. Unfortunately, there were imposters and fakers who preyed on the high hopes of the people. It was made even easier for these imposters and fakers to prey on others by the fact that their possitive ID was hard to verify. And besides, it was hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it came to reports of newly-discovered peoples and lands ( Baring-Gould, Sabine. “Curious Myths of the Middle Ages”. Edward Hardy: Editor. 1994 ).
    * Unless stated otherwise in parenthesis, my primary sourse was “”.
    Now as far as Israel’s Ten Lost Tribes being dispersed throghout the Middle East, and elsewhere, maybe they were and maybe they weren’t. Assuming that they were only goes to show me that when the Hebrews arrived there, they brought the word “Bareka” with them. And through the process known as “assimilation”, when mixed with the languages of the Semitic peoples and the indigenous Arabic peoples of that region, the idea of that original word morphed from a verb (to ” bless “) into the noun, “Barak” (” he is a blessing “).
    Ms. “Pearsrevealed”, and all the rest of y’all, please have a very nice Labor Day. Please take care, be safe, and please be blessed.

  19. What is the matter with me? My bad, Ms. “Pearlsrevealed”. I’m sorry I misspelled your name. Please excuse my goofyness, sweetheart.

  20. This film looks really good, I know very well this film will not be gracing cinema screens in England so I guess I will have to catch it when it comes on dvd…. But it looks like a good watch…
    Sanaa looks really beautiful….

  21. @ Smooth Thug

    My bad. I have never heard of the myth of the Sambatyon River. Imeant to give you the link of the interview with Tudor Parfitt who made the documentary “Where are the Lost Tribes?” I think you will find this info more realistic than that of the first link.

  22. @smooth thug i wish i could have “quatum leap” in to your body and heard that live as well. That was so wonderful. i felt as if i was there reading your writing. I was moved and lifted. thanks for that.btw congrats on the annivesary. three thrusdays ago was mine. 4 yr so i got a long way to go before i catch you and your wife lol. and i know just by reading your words, ya’ll never run out of things to talk about.
    my favorite sanaa l movie is “Something NEW” that scene were he polishs her nails oooh lawd. for some reason that was so erotic to me. I also loved her in disappearing acts….hot hot hot…that fridge scene.

  23. i will go see the movie and i’m glad madea is not in the movie. madea is annoying to me alittle

  24. I definitely will go see the movie. I love TP’s movies, I usually learn something from them. I love madea, though she can be annoying at times. lol. As the saying goes “black don’t crack”, Sanaa looks very good at 37.

  25. Ms. “Pearlsrevealed”, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel don’t exist. They’re out there somewhere. It’s just that every time investigations are made as to where they are presently located, the investigation runs into a dead end.
    The Lemba peoples say they migrated from what is now the country of Yemen at the south end of the Arabian Peninsula. OK, good enough. Yet, the Lemba people can’t tell you exactly what tribe they descended from.

    The Lemba: A Lost Tribe if Israel in South Africa? (Book Review)
    International Review of Mission
    Mbiti, John. Jan. 1, 2007.

    These Lemba people claim to have left Israel about 2,500 years ago and came to a place they called “Senna”… what is now the modern nation of Yemen. Later, they migrated into the eastern side of the African continent. Upon their arrival there, some went futher south into what is now the nations of South Africa and Mozambique. They claim that once there, they built, or at least helped build, a structure now called the “Great Enclosure”. This “Great Enclosure” is actually a series of small villages that are surrounded by stone walls. Now this invokes the idea of the first web site you gave, that said that when these tribes were scattered, they were sent to a place then surrounded by a wall to prevent them from returning to Israel ( other versions say that they were surrounded by the Sambatyon River). There’s just one problem; not all archeaologists agree as to who built the “Great Enclosure”. Most say it was built by the Shona people who have been in that region all along. Another dead end.
    The DNA testing done on the Lemba in 1996 found that over 50% of the Lemba chromosomes are Semetic. This would indicate that they are highly likely Hebrew in origin. However, the particular configuration of their Y chromosomes are also characteristic of other middle eastern groups including the indiganeous Arab peoples of that part of the world. Yet another dead end.

    I remain convinced that “Barak” morphed from the verb “Bareka” into the noun form which means, “He is a blessing”.

  26. I think this will be a great movie. I think this will be his best to date. He has an excellent cast. I love Sanaa and Taraji. I agree with the others, I’m glad Madea is not in this movie. She tend to make his movie a little ghetto. Even though she only had a cameo appearance in “Meet the Browns”, I thought it was the worst movie he’s ever made. I think “A Family that Preys ” is a chance to redeem himself.

  27. I love sanaa she is so talented I’m happy for her and i’ll go see the movie

    and as many knows i’m jamaican Ivorian [from ivory coast] and in a language called adjoukrou in my country “Barack” means “destiny fulfilled” AND I’M SURE IT means a lot more in different cultures nothing to take the boxing gloves out okay?

    LOve yall

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