Sanaa Lathan Covers Kontrol Magazine

SANAA LATHAN COVERS KONTROL MAGAZINE (3)Sanaa Lathan is covering the latest edition of Kontrol magazine. The 43-year old actress is super hot right now, having scored a massive hit with her most recent film The Perfect Guy. Sanaa quickly followed up that success by landing two new roles, one in the Fox mini-series The Incident, and the other as the lead in the film adaptation of Omar Tyree’s book Flyy Girl.

Sanaa spoke to Kontrol about her continued success, and how she manages to stay working despite the lack of opportunities for black actresses in Hollywood. She also spoke about the rumors surrounding a supposed sequel to Love & Basketball. Check out a few choice excerpts below, as well as her photo shoot.

Sanaa on the strides black women have made recently in Hollywood: “There have definitely been some advances, I mean never before have we had so many shows led by African-American actresses. I support and congratulate Taraji P. Henson, Tika Sumpter, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis, but at the same time more of those opportunities are needed.”

Sanaa on creating those opportunities for black actresses: “The solution can be to produce our own projects, as we did with Perfect Stranger, and then we need audiences to support them. At the end of the day Hollywood is a business and numbers do talk. They are going to go with what’s successful and making money.”

Sanaa on the never-ending rumors of a Love & Basketball sequel: “Well you would have to speak to Gina Prince-Bythewood, the director of Love & Basketball about that officially. I’ve heard the rumors and I feel like that [Love & Basketball] was a story to itself. I mean how could you go about making a sequel to it? I feel the ending was pretty finite”

To read more of Sanaa’s interview you can pick up Kontrol on November 23rd via your local Barnes & Noble.