Sanaa Lathan Covers Today’s Black Woman

TODAY'S BLACK WOMAN STYLE REPORT MAGAZINE (1)Actress Sanaa Lathan is covering the October/November edition of Today’s Black Woman Style Report.

I had no idea this magazine was still in circulation, or that’s its title wasn’t simply Today’s Black Woman.

Whatever the case, Sanaa has landed the cover and of course uses her interview to promote her new film The Perfect Guy, which co-stars Fox hotties Michael Ealy (The Following) and Morris Chestnut (Rosewood).

Having worked with both actors before, Sanaa said filming The Perfect Guy was “like coming home,” and says its second nature working with Michael and Morris, who she says are “like family.”

The Perfect Guy opens September 11.

Morris’ new Fox drama (Rosewood) debuts on September 23 at 9pm, directly after Empire.

Today’s Black Woman Style Report

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