Sanaa Lathan Joins ‘American Assassin’ Cast


Sanaa Lathan Joins American Assassin Cast

Actress Sanaa Lathan has booked another gig. According to CBS Films and Lionsgate Entertainment, Sanaa has been cast to play alongside Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton in the upcoming political thriller American Assassin.

The film is an adaptation of the Vince Flynn series of novels by the same name, and follows the rise of a black ops agent who goes rogue. Sanaa will play CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy; a role that could become an longterm opportunity should the film become the franchise producers are hoping for.

Sanaa recently wrapped up shooting on the Fox event series Shots Fired, which is now scheduled for a mid-season debut. Sanaa can also be seen in the upcoming films Macbett: The Black Macbeth and the follow-up to The Best Man Wedding.