Sanaa Lathan Starts Her Own Foundation

SANAA LATHAN STARTS HER OWN FOUNDATION - THE SANAA LATHAN FOUNDATIONActress Sanaa Lathan has officially launched her own foundation. The self-titled Sanaa Lathan Foundation is an organization, that according to its mission statement, is dedicated to helping young women transition from foster care to adult independence.

According to Sanaa, as girls age out of the foster care system, they often find themselves alone and with few resources. “That is where my foundation comes in,” she recently NPR. “We assist young women in furthering their education, acquiring job skills and employment, even housing if needed.”

Sanaa says her own privileged life is what led her to what to help others. “When I look back on my teen years, I am grateful my mother and father were extremely supportive of me. I want to provide some measure of that same support to the youth who have aged out of foster care.”

Should you want to assist Sanaa in her noble cause, you can click here to donate to her not-for-profit foundation.

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