Sanaa Lathan Unveils Bangin New Look


Actress Sanaa Lathan unveiled her new 60’s  inspired hairstyle on Instagram last night, while simultaneously throwing in a bit of promo for her upcoming film with Michael Ealy (The Following) and Morris Chestnut (Rosewood).

The three powerhouse actors will appear in The Perfect Guy this fall, and are rumored to be shooting the cover of a very popular magazine, which my money says will most likely be Ebony or Essence.

Sanaa showed off a variety of looks for the shoot, and even got Michael in on a bit of the fun. This is the pair’s first film together, but if The Perfect Guy does well enough, producers see a sequel on the horizon.

Sony Pictures will reportedly employ a similar strategy to promote The Perfect Guy that was used to promote Think Like a Man and its sequel.

College tours and in theatre meet and greets are planned across country, as well as blog giveaways and contests.

Sanaa said fans shouldn’t expect your typical “Fatal Attraction” type thriller when it comes to The Perfect Guy. “We have quite a few twists and turns in our film,” she recently told NPR. “Fans will shocked.”

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  1. She looks pretty with bangs. I miss the Cleveland Show.

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