Sanaa Lathan’s “Complex” Interview

Sanaa Lathan Actress Sanaa Lathan, who is set to star in this month’s Wonderful World, a movie co-starring Mathew Broderick, sat down with Complex Magazine to give a he-said she-said style interview. After starring in the hit movie The Family That Preys, Sanaa is back on the promotional trail for a Wonderful World, another “Something New” type drama that finds the actress one half of an interracial relationship. Check out Sanna below giving a bit of love advice in her Complex interview and look for Wonderful World to open in limited release on October 31st.

Men say: If I were a professional athlete, there’s no way I could be monogamous.

Sanaa Lathan says: Your profession should never dictate your integrity. The stereotype is that all athletes are womanizers. But the truth is there are a number of athletes, and a number of men out there, who want to be in a monogamous relationship. You are who you are—you are not your profession.

Men say: It’s not a deal breaker, but all men want a woman who can cook well.

Sanaa Lathan says: That’s not an issue for me, because I can burn in the kitchen—meaning “burn” as a good thing. [Laughs.] I can cook my ass off. I grew up with a father whose hobby was cooking, so I always saw it as a masculine thing. If I didn’t like to cook, and a guy looked at me and said, “You can’t cook, so I don’t like you,” I would look at him and say the same thing back.

Men say: I could never date an actress—it would be difficult for me to trust her.

Sanaa Lathan says: If you’re insecure, you’re going to have trouble trusting your woman going to her 9-to-5 job—men are everywhere. If you look at statistics, women are cheating almost as much as men. So it has nothing to do with being an actress. [Laughs.] I’m a big believer of not living by your fears. What you fear, you attract, in every aspect of life.

Men say: Telling you that you’re not my usual type doesn’t mean that I am looking for someone else.

Sanaa Lathan says: I don’t really have a type, so I would believe him. It’s good to step outside of whatever you’re used to. If you look at the guys in my past, they don’t resemble the guy that I’m dating now. If we have a great attraction, then that’s what he should pay attention to, instead of dwelling on guys I’ve dated before.



  1. I love that first pic. Sanaa is so classy. You’ll never catch her posing in her panties. You can tell she only wants to be known for her acting and chooses to leave the drama and sexcapades to other stars. I just wish more movies like those she made in the 90s and early 200s were still available to her. Brown Sugar, Love and Basketball and The Best Man were great movies that made her a star. They don’t make movies like that anymore. Black women no longer have a chance to star in urban dramas and love stories. Sad.

  2. i really love this interview and her answers were on point n she looks great as usually love and basketball is still one of my fav movies.

  3. @ Dana I love Sanaa too but she has posed in her panties before 😆 but it was tasteful; and I think it was for Essence some years back. :brownsista: Love her. She.s gorgeous.

  4. A little while back, King Magazine did a photo shoot and interview with Reagan Gomez Preston. Although Ms. Preston is not a bad looking lady, she said nothing that impressed me in the least! By comparison, Ms. Lathan’s words are insightful and profound.
    Note: Yesterday we lost Levi Stubbs, the lead singer of The Four Tops. His voice helped define the Motown sound of the 1960’s. May the Good Lord rest his soul in peace.

  5. Ooo yes, yes, yes!!!! How refreshing…

    This is what I call an a real, down-to-earth women! She expressed herself very well in this interview. I like the way she stands her ground and still remain open minded. It seems as if she’s confident in herself enough where if you have a question for her, she won’t hesitate to answer and tell you the truth…because it is what it is. You go girl!!

  6. And I just have to add that this women is simply BEAUTFIUL, and apparently inside / out. Umph. :brownsista:

  7. :brownsista: Sana a is such an talented actress, i am proud she is recieving so many starring roles in box office hit films. I hope and wish her well in many of her endeavors and goals.

  8. Amen to that sanaa If these little girls learned how to cook, instead of droping like its hot they will know the secret to keep a man , I know my husby does not leave the house without a warm meal in his stomach

    Anyway I love sanaa She is such a talented actress too bad our greatest actors and actresses are loosing parts in movies because movie maker are more interested in making money than telling a story I wish her well

  9. @ Dana
    Tyler Perry is changing the game for black actors and actresses. He is creating avenues for more black films and giving more of us access where we didn’t have it before. His new production studio will open plenty of doors for more black dramas.

    I’ve always liked Sanaa Lathan. Very classy lady.

  10. @ Dark Sista, your comment about cooking keeps a man is hilarious. Are you sure about that one? lol :lol2:

  11. She is one of my favorite actresses. Love her and the roles she chooses.

  12. You’ ll understand what i meant as you get older girl

  13. Sanaa appears to be well rounded and that’s what I like about her. If she did a King photo shoot; I’d be surprised. She doesn’t seem like she’ll go down that road. It’s good to see a woman who cares about her insides just as much as she cares about her outside.

  14. TO: Kanyade

    I don’t beleive Sanaa has posed in her panties and certainly not for Essence. You’re going to have provide a link to that pic cuz if it exist it’s on teh web

  15. You can’t keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept. Don’t believe the hype and throw away all the self help books on how to keep a man. The man (or woman) you marry today won’t be the same person 1, 5, 10 years from now. His/her needs and desires will change and it may not include you. Nothing is forever- not even that marriage certificate. If you can forgive and forget then you will have a lengthy union. No one is perfect and someone is going to mess up and disappoint (just ask the old couples who’ve been together for 20 plus years – forgiveness is the key).

    Cooking, great sex, great looks is not how you keep him. I’m sure your next door neighbor got those qualities on lock down too and he’s been eyeing her 😆

    Sanna looks great! Love the interview :thumbsup:

  16. I think sanaa and others meant that a woman that can cook can be a big winner compared to a woman whose only quality is to sex her man to sleep, Unless you been married and can cook, you won’ t understand her comment, Its all good anyway

  17. If you were adressing me Sanchez: I’ ve been Married since i was 18 Now i’ m 28, I never read a book to help me keep that man, So you can’ t tell me a dangone thing, especially since you can’ t read between lines.

  18. Ummmmm…. :bowdown: speak the TRUTH Sanaa & SHAME the DEVIL!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :thumbsup:

    Ppl kill me with Men CAN’T be faithful bullsh*t!!!!

  19. Sanaa is right. I can cook and so can my husband. I think a man and women should know their way around the kitchen and the bedroom. It brings a little spice to the relationship!!!!!

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