Sanaa Lathan’s New Show Canceled

Sanaa Lathan’s stint on the critically acclaimed Starz drama ‘Boss’ has been brought to an abrupt end.

According to online reports, ‘Boss,’ which stars Kelsey Grammer as the power hungry mentally disturbed mayor of Chicago, has been canceled due to poor ratings.

Despite Grammer winning a Golden Globe for his role earlier this year and securing a second season for the show, ratings did not improve and actually dipped with each successive episode.

People will come up with all kinds of reason why the show didn’t succeed, but as far I can see the main factor was location. Who watches Starz?

As for Lathan, don’t cry for her just yet. Sanaa still has her voice role on ‘The Cleveland Show,’ just wrapped up shooting on the new film ‘Vipaka‘ and is set to start shooting on ‘The Best Man’ sequel next year, as well as her first self-produced indie drama ‘All In.’


  1. yeah i don’t have access to Starz, but I heard how good “Boss” was, so I’ll definitely Netflix it. At least it got two seasons! “666 Park Avenue” and “Last Resort” were cut after 5/6 episodes!

  2. i love watching boss. it was great and TI was on there too. But i am surprised about 666 Park Avenue. it did not even have a chance to expand on the story line.

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