Sanaa Lathan’s Wonderful World

Sanaa Lathan’s “Wonderful World,” a movie she filmed back in 2007 with actor Matthew Broderick, is finally set to be released in January of 2010. The film has screened over the years in small venues but it wasn’t until recently that the director was able to get the backing of a major studio. However, even with studio support, the film will still only open in limited release. For those who won’t be able to catch the film in their city, you can oder it via Video On Demand on December 4, 2009.

To check out the film’s trailer- just watch below.


  1. Love Sanaa one of the most talented and beautiful sista’s in Hollywood.

  2. Of course it’s release in limited theaters–you have a black woman and white man playing lovers. They did the same thing with Maya Rudolph in “Away We Go.” If somebody like Sandra Bullock or Megan Fox was the lead the movie would be everywhere.

  3. Were are the drama’s about our sista’s and brothers doing thier thing? Where are the dramas about brothers hooking up with white women? All you ever see are white guys hooking up with our sistas. Seems like a message is being sent…

    Ole girl into the white boys huh? Damn, first Halle now Sanaaa.
    We are truly in the End Times….

  4. Were we in the end of days when Hollywood, Black Hollywood included, was obsessed with showing Black actors with non Black actresses? All the big Black actors are now cast opposite Hispanic and White females who play their love interest. Maybe Sanaa is getting work where she can find it cause heaven knows there is no work playing opposite our men and when there is we get knocked off as Sanaa did when she played opposite Denzel in Out Of Time and Robinne Lee and Salli Richardson both did when they played opposite Will Smith in Seven Pounds and I Am Legend.

  5. Mr. Vee, your view is entirely too narrow. Why is it the end of times if a sista chooses to date outside of her race?

    Chocolate Girl, are you just now noticing this aspect about Hollywood? Sistas don’t get any shine in comparison to black males and white females. This is nothing new. However I think the issue with this feature as with Away We Go is that their independent features, not meant for big box office.

    I remember reading about this film. I’ll have to order it at some point.

  6. Mr. Vee,

    I invite you to open your eyes and look around. By the time a young woman of color graduastes from college, her chances of marrying, let alone a black man are at about 37%. Why in the world would a smart, educated, wealthy, and beautiful woman settle for anything less than her EQUAL?

    I was once in this dilemma, and then I woke the hell up and started dating the men who showed me interest and proved to be worth my time. I kid you not that ironically; NONE of them have been black. Black men do not hit on me, and frankly, when they DO approach me, it is to make disgusting and inappropriate comments about my physical appearance.

    The black men that I do know who would not speak to me this way are 1. related to me, 2. Gay, 3. In a committed relationship (with women of ALL ethnicities), and/o4 4. Married.

    So, Mr. Vee, please do tell me; should the Halle’s and Sanaa’s of the world wait it out or keep it monving just like black men always have?

  7. I’m feeling a couple of you ladies, this type of movie n been done over and over again. For Sanaa, this is her third time falling in love with a white man. (family that preys,something new).

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