Sandy “Pepa” Denton Pens A New Tell-All Book

Pepa In an effort to capitalize on her rediscovered fame due to her VH1 reality show, Pepa, one half of the groundbreaking female rap group Salt-n-Pepa, has set out to release her autobiography, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” through VH1 Books. “This is the real Pepa,” Pepa (born Sandy Denton) revealed in a statement. “And this is the memoir of a true pioneer, fighter, survivor, and inspiration to women everywhere.” The novel will offer a candid look at Pep’s life, including her early battles as a victim of child abuse, her marriage to rapper Treach, her divorce and domestic violence. Pep also dishes on some of the intimate details of her professional career including the group’s 2002 split and subsequent reunion, courtesy of reality TV. Queen Latifah penned the book’s introduction and Missy Elliott closes it out with the epilogue. Other celebrities like LL Cool J, Martin Lawrence, and Spinderella, also make cameos. “Let’s Talk About Pep” is scheduled to hit book stores some time in September.


  1. Is it me or do celebs put a tell all book out when , maybe they are in Need of money. LOL!!! Why put your personal business out their like that, granted we know a lot of it anyway due to the media. I guess you have to sell yourself somehow. SMH

  2. I’m not surprised that she’s putting this book out. I watched the reality show and she is screaming for attention. She’s really trying to make up for the fame she lost when Salt left the group.

  3. Pepa is an attention whore. She sees the fame that the girls have today and she feels she is entitled to it as well. What she doesn’t realize is that even if they had of stayed together, they would have been played out by now anyway. Rap is a young person’s game. No one wants to see 40 year old woman rapping. As one of the original women of rap she paved the way for so many others, but she needs to let it go and realize that it’s just time to grow up, get a real job, and move on.

  4. Oh pep why? I hope she doesn’t blow up salt’s spot with any of her personal business. Your best friend IS your worst enemy

  5. This would have been better if it came out before the show. Now she just looks like a person in need of attention. Plus, don’t we already know what happened in her life?

  6. There reality show is pretty much a bust. I heard about it for a second and then that was it. Pepa needs to just let this go.

  7. I am a supporter of if you have an outlet utalize it . noone can be mad at pep writing a book. can anyone tell me if they had an intresting life like hers they wouldnt writ a book???? i dont think so ,so either support her or dont… but dont hate.


  8. It was strange looking at the reality show b/c they seemed so uncomfortable with each other..but it may be a good read on the weekend

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