More Fabulous “Sasha Fierce” Promo Shots


  1. She must’ve had a 73 hour photoshoot or something w/ all these damn shots she got! 😆

    I luv the webbed back dress in the 2nd pic.

  2. Dang Nne, I thought I was going to be first.
    ……now I sound like a nerd, nevermind

  3. Beyonce reminds me of the robot in “Small Wonder”, Vicky. When she is not in the closet she is working her ass off, no opinion or personality, and very boring. When she is in the closet she shuts down and waits for re-activation.

  4. Yeah, Beyonce is really working her a** off,thats probably why these are some fierce a** pictures. All the other Sasha fierce photos i don’t understand but these ones are very beautiful she should keep going in this directions.

  5. She is so beautiful even when the photos are simple. She is just naturally fine!!

  6. I love the smoky-eye and the angled-eyebrows. She keeps the same facial expression in all of these and occasionally gives good dead-eye. The second pic I’m not keen on as her hair/head/neck placement looks a little weird. Nothing about that particular image screams fierce. But the first and the last do….they’re fierce, but it’s a ‘soft’ kind of fierce. Love the dress in the last shot. That finger-hand-thingy is disgusting looking here. the first image is my fav. Love the eyemakeup and brows, but not feeling that yellow lipstick. She must’ve borrowed that from Solange LOL Thanks for the images :brownsista: The Beyonce-Train is in full motion.

  7. :bowdown: This girl i swear she should be a model, these Pics are Beautiful can’t wait till NOv 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rihanna stans IRK me. anyways, this pics a beautifully fierce. does that make sense? lol


  10. Ehhh….. I don’t see the “FIERCE-ness”, Looks like regular ol’ Beyonce pix to me! Not impressed w/ any of them. So w/e!

    I will be sooo glad when Nov. 18th come as well, so her “FANS” can stop shouting out that darn date all over the place and on every blog….ALL her projects as a matter of fact, so when can move on to something/someone else!!!

    O/T… Heard on the radio this morning that our newly elected Prez Mr. Obama has asked Jennifer Hudson to sing at the Inauguration coming up. Even though I still have her and the rest of her family in my prayers, I hope she will be strong enough to accept….mentally & physically. I still can’t fathom what she must still be going through. LUV U Jen..keep ya’ head up beautiful brown sistah!! :brownsista: :thumbsup: On the flip side:

    Jennifer = 2
    “Diva/Ego” = 0

    LOL….. They say KARMA is a B@#ch and will eventually come back biting w/ a vengence…I just sayin’….. That’s what they say….. :lol2:

  11. ^^well, i’m glad your radio station was dumb enough to believe a MEDIATAKEOUT so called world exclusive, came in here to do all that hating only to find out that you don’t have facts. mediatakeout, really? :lol2:

    she is beautiful and fierce. i can’t wait until NOVEMBER 18TH and make sure you check her out on oprah today and SNL on saturaday :thumbsup:

  12. Frida Kahlo would be so proud of Sasha, So Proud. 😆 That’s all I see when I see these promo shots of “Sasha”.

  13. beyonce is over doin it im so sick of her i heard her album and it stinks just like b-day

  14. Those photos have been airbrushed because Beyonce don’t have no chicken legs :noway:
    I can’t believe it. Look at the legs in the first pic. :thumbsdown:

  15. Nne : In one hour you can get up to 100 frames with 4 differents looks
    The photo are a hell no to me, But yall keep voting iiwab on 106 & park
    and it needs to be go number one it has too

    MRSJONEs: Even when unlike some others they can give a compliment to bey?

    wohoo: Mediatakeout called it first exclusive only AFTER radios start saying it so i think u got it twisted
    nyway i’ m, only checking where she performs IIWAB i don’ t think she would dare break down in single ladies in front of oprah so It’ s prabobaly what i’ m going to watch now SNL? 🙄

  16. im celibrating Novemember 18th because its my sisters birthday…so this one trick poney can sit her ho a$$ down!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

  17. I love the dress with the web on the back. She looks really pretty in that one. This is the first pic without that glove or whatever.

    @ Liyah: :iagree:
    Her legs are not that skinny! lol

  18. @ wohoo

    Mediatakeout….. seriously??? What kind of moron reads that trashy, full of nothing but lies, some real “hating & bashing” blog….never mind don’t answer! I am only going to address this one time because I do not E-fight w/ people I don’t know and will more than likely never know.

    First, I was only stating what I had heard on the RADIO , since I clicked on this site and saw “your Golden Child” pix. The radio station never stated where they got the info from so I don’t know nor do I care!

    Second, where in my comment did I mention anything about hating anybody? To hate somebody to me, I would have to know them personally and have a very valid reason to hate on them. HATE on another female for what? That doesn’t make sense to me and is soo childish! I neither “hate nor love” your gurl… she means nothing to me. She’s just another artist in the world of entertainment. As I have also stated before on another post, I do not listen to her because her talking & singing voice irritates me, but I will read about what’s currently going on with her (I know…weird LOL) and any other artist that gets posted. I apologize if I didn’t bow down and give the answer you had hoped to see, but as “I” stated, I don’t see the fierceness and “I” am not impressed… looks like her regular self. You don’t like that I said that…. then tough :booty: !!! AND I stated “I” was tired of hearing/reading about the date…..Yeah we know already…. Nov. 18th 2008…. U can’t wait! YYEEAAHH!!!

    Lastly, for future FYI, while your reading comments & opinions from others, whenever you see my name PLEASE bypass my comment since you already know I am bringing the “HATE” as you put it!! No need to address, just keep it moving. If the Golden Child is “beautiful & fierce” to YOU than that’s what it is. I just happen to think she is just okay and regular looking, nothing spectacular… irritating as hell… but she just okay! Just MY OPINION…. now did that hurt YOU mentally and/or physically much when you read that that OPINION of someone else? Naw sweetie…I pass on watching her on any upcoming tv shows, looks like you got that all covered…. but make sure you return and comment on how both shows went…. I PROMISE to READ all about it!!!! LOL Now have a blessed rest of the day!

    I apologize fellow Brown Sista’s for the extended rant, but that word HATE just sometimes get to me, especially when it is incorrectly used. It’s like the only defense is to use the word HATE when in actuality folks may not like or have the same taste as you in things. I thought we were all individuals w/ our own minds, thoughts & OPINIONS! But I guess everything is all about HATE….UUGGHH!!!

  19. Once again…

    I apologize fellow Brown Sista’s for the extended rant, it didn’t look that long when I was typing it! LOL But my statement was really addressed to one person whom ALWAYS got something to say to me regading MY opinion and comment! As I stated if you don’t like what I comment about then tough s#@t! That’s not going to stop me from commenting about whatever!

  20. I like me some Beyonce. I listen to something on I Am…EVERYDAY. Right now I’m stuck on “Hello”. It”s beautiful (^_^). I like the lyrics, the fast pace she sings, the beat…

    The pictures :thumbsup:

  21. @luckycharm

    i only read the first sentence cause all that bs you wrote is probably not worth my time. you should have been smart enough to know radio gets their “gossip” and ‘info” from the internet. girl/boy please, bye 🙄

  22. “she [Beyonce] means nothing to me” LuckyCharm.

    The IRONY is you’re seeking her out, and you’re writing paragraphs about her.

  23. Stop lying to yourself LuckyCharm. This clear evidence [You constantly seeking news on her] shows she means something to you…even if attacking her successes and popularity is a way to release your frustration/ anger/ hatred…

  24. @wohoo…. please “STOP” lying… you read it all, that’s why you responded. Especially since me talking about the Radio/Blog was like the second or third paragragh. First sentence only…. yeah right! LOL I wouldn’t know where they get their “gossip” from…wasn’t never that deep to me. :lol2:

    But it’s cool…. you don’t have to read my “bs” (mmm- hmmm)… I was mainly ranting getting things off my chest while thinking about something else and reading the word “HATING”. It’s definitely all good.

    But one more thing before I’m truly done w/ this….. Go back and re-read…Excuse me, I mean READ paragragh No. 4 as one last favor for me because that was the most important one of all!!!! FYI… I am a WOMAN…neither boy or girl.

  25. @SnijanaFleur…..
    What the hell are you talking about????? This has nothing to do w/ you! I’m addressing someone whom always have something negative to say to me w/e I comment. Once again where/when did I ever say I hated her?? I SAID she was alright just don’t like the voice, but I read the posts regarding her and all celebs. Want to leave a comment about Rhianna, but I am unable too because I can’t see the preview vid while at work.

    Some peop’s just don’t know how to mind theirs. DAMN!

  26. To me, Beyonce’s entire career was built on being “Sasha” so to suddenly bring her to light as if this is something new just isn’t working. Beyonce is gifted. She doesn’t need a gimmick. This gimmick is cheapening her talent and credibility.

  27. @Unaltered Beauty i do agree i wanted her to come better then that and she did not. More mature lady like. The substance artist put out this days r play out. That why i love me some mary, alicia, jazmin, laurie hill (please come back out lol) and just old school music because that real music. Im going to come out with a song just saying one word call “CHANGE” i bet you it be a hit. Tired of this no nonsense songs.

  28. I forgot Mario:lol:
    That must have been something. How did it go? What song did she perform…if any? How do Oprah and B look up close? The interview? Give us a bite darn it 😆

  29. @ Stephanie dead-eyes are something Tyra mentions to he models on ANTM. when the eyes are flat and devoid of emotion. Maybe thats what Beyonce was going for but for images that are supposed to be fierce i think there should be some fire lighting those eyes. Lol. I.ll try and find a clip from the show. Im no model but it makes total sense. Lol.

  30. OMG IT WAS SO FUN! first it was great because there are like 20 active members in beyonce official fan club (we talk every day) and we dont even talk about beyonce just our everyday life as friends that never even met each other we call ourself a family…so anyway the person in charge of the official beyonce club let just us have the chance to go since it was last minute because we are the most active so we all got to meet each other for the first time…i know it sounds cheesy but you have to be there it was so great and so much love the show was great she sang if i were a boy and honestly i donno if it sounds better in person than tv or if i was just that excited but i was almost in tears it was fantastic i felt her emotion! she was so funny on the show…i just saw the show and recorded it and i can see myself clapping all hard and waving high as shes coming out with my bright hot pink shirt on (i knew i would be able to point myself out better with something that stands out) but it was great the setting was very intimate during the commercial breaks (though they werent real) we actually took a little time to chat it was cool! oprah was so down to earth as well as beyonce! honestly beyonce looks more gorgeous in person (believe me i know ive also taken a picture with beyonce on the tour last year) believe it or not she does! :hater:

  31. I just saw Oprah….Bey looked so pretty! She performed IIWAB and sounded great! :thumbsup: Lucky you, Mario!

  32. thanks lola yes did you see her power in that performance..i think she really does feed off the audience because my side was yelling and screaming and jumping lol i kept seeing myself waving my hands lol during the commercial breaks we made sure that she acknowledged the b’fam!

  33. Beyonce is doing so much better with the photos she takes love them they are fierce!

  34. Oh yeah I saw her perform “if I Were A Boy” and when she was performing that wasn’t Beyonce that was Sasha Fierce. Did you see her put her hand on her hip? She couldn’t help to let her out lol. Beyonce is horrible at acting on her alter egos lol. Anyways I liked the performance but I wanted her to do “Single Ladies”

  35. She killed that performance on Oprah, and that was the best interview I’ve seen from Bee! :thumbsup:

  36. @luckycharm

    why would i lie about reading through your bs? i didn’t read it all and the only reason why i responded to the radio part cause you capitalized it, which made it noticeable as i was scrolling down. whatever you said was of no importance to me after that first sentence and the capitalization of radio :thumbsup:

  37. thanks no pictures me and the b’fam took pictures before we went in…they took our camera and cell phones when we were checking in our coats and stuff but it was great…we all did take a picture with ty (her stylist…the guy thats always shopping with her) after the show he was coming out the side door…ill give you guys a link to that picture as soon as i get it and yes melissa i agree that interview was the best…she seemed more mature…she spoke with intelligence, she looked great and she was so funny…i liked to see her laugh hard like that it was nothing fake about it

  38. With all due respect to those of you who are die-hard Beyonce fans, you really think she ‘killed’ the performance??? 🙁


    I thought she was a bit winded and wavered here and there. How early did they shoot the show, Mario?

    I can look beyond her awesomeness and say that yeah, for me, that performance was kinda ‘meh’ and maybe it had to do with the hour of day. She dropped keys or something; certainly ended the song with a different note (or should I say notes…with the runs and stuff she did). But I don’t think it was a GREAT performance. It was just…a performance. LOL. Not hating, just stating. :hifive:

    But on the flip-side I LOVED THE INTERVIEW!!! Queen of Hamburger Helper! Too cute! And pouring ice-water at Thanksgiving. Lots of LOL moments in the interview. One of the better sit-downs with Beyonce I’ve seen. :brownsista:

  39. Glad you had a great time Mario! Can ‘t wait to see SNL tomorrow night! Have you been seeing the commercials. Looks like she might be doing some of the skits, but I guess we’ll see.

  40. Kanyade it was tapped the day before it was wednesday around 1-2

    thanks melissa and yes i cant wait till SNL and the TRL final show on sunday im so excited! have you heard her song hello? i LOVE it ive had it on repeat all day…what amazes me about this album is that i have a different song for each day lol they are so great it makes me happy and it makes my day a million times better because music means so much to my heart

  41. Looking at Beyonce’s images I come to fully understand and appreciate the adage: “modeling is about more than being beautiful”… These are boring…She shouldn’t try this “superhero” thing because it isn’t working. She’s tried to exaggerate her beauty (I’m sure the minimalist side of the CD, the promo pics are so toned down because she felt this side, the sasha side, was so fierce) but she ended up minimalizing it. She doesn’t look extraordinary here…It looks like someone dressed me –yes, me!!!– up and took my picures.

  42. Beyonce killed that SNL performance! She looked and sounded fabulous, and the skit was too cute! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  43. :stop: Please, stop Beyonce. You are beautiful and this photos are very fiercebut very exaggerate. The video is more and more of the same. I wait better. Today Rihanna, Ciara and Keyshia are on the superior league.

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