Now You Too Can Be Fierce Like Sasha

According to Womens Wear Daily, Beyonce and Mama Tina will be expanding their Dereon clothing line to include apparel specifically inspired by Beyonce’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce. The junior apparel line will have pieces ranging in price from $25-$75 and is expected to hit retail outlets just in time for back to school shopping. Positioned alongside the company’s original Dereon line, “Sasha Fierce for Dereon” has already been picked up by several department stores, including, Macy’s, Dillard’s and specialty outlets such as Jimmy Jazz and Against All Odds.


  1. WHY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. I know….the clothes look just like her too tight Dereon clothes…and the prices for teens are still way up there… why won’t she take all that money and open up a library or something?

  3. That dsnt look like sasha fierce hell no! hell no! hello no!,they are swaga jacking rihanna xcept for those uncomfortable shoes beyonce has been promoting lately….sasha fierce wears nothing,she is a half naked sexual demon….this family lust for money will never end,i think thats their pain it will never be enuf.

  4. Even if I wanted to drop 4 or 5 sizes to get to a 12 and be small enough to get into Junrios I probably wouldn’t for her clothes or anyone else’s …. maybe Baby Phat lol Uhhhhh don’t like most of her Dereon line … if she steps it up with this line style wise and uh cracks open a plus line we might talk but then I feel weird giving her my money then again I did buy a pair of Rocawear jeans before so hmmmmmm lol….a dollar or two of those 60 dollar jeans went into her pocket from Jay i’m sure…. I had to have them tho -_-. *smacks hand that gave that cashier my hello kitty debit card* dangitalltoheck. Gonna try to go back to bed screw this insomnia.

  5. go beyonce! if it was me i would do it too, why not if it sells put it out there…if department stores are picking it up quick then who cares what everyone else say, its still bringing you money so i say go at it and go hard because i would too, and anyone else here complaining would too.

  6. This may prove to be a wise decision – I was at the ATL concert last night (B f***ing killed it, by the way), and ALL the women were dressed exactly like this. Leggings, high heels, strapless tops and dresses, short shorts, anything to accentuate legs and curves, just like B. And of course there were lots of Dereon outfits in the house too. Let’s face it, she’s an icon, girls (and a lot of guys) want to dress just like her or emulate her swagger in some way. And by keeping prices below $75, they’ll make a killing.

    Long live Queen B!

  7. I’m sure she wants to open a library but some people are so superficial and her adviser found out that the best market was the clothing market

  8. That style of clothing is not suitable for school.

  9. i hope the line will consist of more than just the color black. what’s up with that?

  10. I wonder if papa Knowles threatened Macy’s and the other stores to make them sell this stuff. Lol

  11. Go Bey, make that money while it lasts. As far as her concert, fan or not, it is a must see………..the girl don’t play when it comes to performing……definitely a must see she is AMAZING!

  12. At first I thought the Sasha Fierce line was gonna be inspired from her costumes!! lol I was gonna say WHAT!

    It’s actually cute, but not nohing we haven’t seen before, hope there’s some more choices to it….

  13. House Of DEREON is not really my swagg the clothing is typical 😕

  14. The young sistas on the myspace post will most undoubtedly wear this stuff. 😕

    It’s not bad but it’s not great either. It’s just like everything else out there. Her fans will love it and support it though.

  15. Forgive me but i was fierce before beyonce, even today after two pregnancy i am still fierce and i dare to add fiercer than her,Maybe I’m too old but i don’t need a singer’s “creation” to validate me,I pity those who needs to go out and buy a piece of clothing just because such and such made it,In a few months we are going to enter a new year it is time for people to think for themselves and get some self esteem.

  16. Beyonce has no style ….you wouldn’t catch me dead in none of this stuff not even Dereon…I mean it’s going to sell just because of the name so make that $$$$$$, but when it comes to fashion Bee needs to step he game up!!

  17. Im not a big an of Dereon BUT some of those items are cute! Folks can say it looks like some of the stuff already out here but so does a lot of these designer clothes. NOTHING IS ORIGINAL and Beyonce is getting that paper, cant hate on her for that MANY people wear her line plus this world is alot bigger then…GET THAT MONEY BEY!!

  18. It IS average, like someone said above. Maybe this will do better than the Dereon line

  19. is this shit for halloween 🙄 more over priced garbage 😳 lol

  20. Hell no 111111111111 She won’t get my money. 👿 👿 👿 She just need to stop selling clothes. How many people out here own some deron??? 😥 😥 😥 🙁 🙁 🙁

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