Beyonce Helps Fight Hunger

A creamy skinned Beyonce showcased her humanitarian side today while attending the press conference for her “Show Your Helping Hand” Foundation. Teaming up with Hamburger Helper, Beyonce has called on her legion of fans to bring non perishable goods to her concerts to be donated to the hungry. So far the singer’s efforts have helped raise over ten million dollars worth of food for hungry men, women and children across the United States.

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  1. I loooove what she’s wearing!!! Is it from the Dereon collection?
    I still hate the hair! she has to go back to her b’day style she was just fabulous!!!

  2. After her concert she is not gonna care about feeding that poison to kids.

    Suddenly she’s a humanitarian around the time she’s touring. Beyawnsay is so calculating. LMFAOOOO she’s trying to get some Alicia Keys’ recognition. Keep trying! :loser:

  3. :stop: :stop:

    First of all, by ur screen name, u must Bey a rihanna stan, so thats says it all.

    Beyonce has been doing charities for years, she got awards for it.

    Beyonce and Alicia are doing it bug buy helping the world, why throw shade.

    What has Rihanna Done, HMMMMMM Exactly.

    That poison is going to help, but u to dumb to realise thats Hambuger Helper is just sponsering it. I have been to the Beyonce concert, u can drop off can goods..etc. Like i said just another stan, knocking down someone else.

  4. On a positive note, she looks good. Love the outfit, if that is Dereon, Shut ur mouth and shoot me, Dereon is getting much better.

  5. Her head looks funny shaped sometimes LOL

    But aside from that, again, it’s a good look with her food campaign. Go Bey!


  6. Like i said just another stan, knocking down someone else.

    U just did the same thing… I don’t believe in her “humanitarian effort”

  7. I Love love love Mrs. Carter, but I hope her crazy a55 isn’t thinking that she can be the next MJ in any kind of way, I hope she’s not thinking that.

  8. Sher: What did you say about kanyade? a chicken head? Girl you done lost your goddamn mind there is a few people you don’t mess with on this website and that includes kanyade ,You are so pathetic you typed all this shit to defend beyonce, now what? you feel better about your miserable life? Everyone knows that the fat ugly and chicken heads belong in the fan base of beyonce, Real divas don’t see her as almighty, YOU will never be the woman she is because that’s what you want to be, Us in the other hand strive in other directions and live our lives to the fullest instead of wishing you were someone else, “she has class ” And you know this because? you work for her maybe? and all that money of hers you’re claiming are you getting some of it?Oh no let me guess you are one of those who are beneficing of those cans she is collecting? I pity you! You are a low life low class low self esteem having bald headed oh and you will never be anything else than a beyonce worshipper and she’ll keep on sh-tt-n on u because you were born to be a follower now eat that BYTCH


    why do you think bey wants to be Michael jackson. beyonce is Beyonce and MJ is MJ. She has be capacity to be great hell she is already great!

    I cant understand why VOICE is so bitter.

    Why does beyonce cause so much hate and love.

  10. Beyonce looks really gorgeous to me and I love her the light colored make-up too. I think its really good what she’s doing as far as asking fans for donations. This girl does a lot of humanitarian work, but I’m not gonna sit her and read out her resume because people are gonna believe what they’d like anyway!! Beyonce appears to be a beautiful girl, talented, and very generous. Her and her husband do a lot more than people realize and if you were a fan of them you’d know. Hip Hop Royalty and they have talent to back it up! Now continue to throw stones at the Queen! LMAO

  11. What I want to know, is she truly there to lend a helping hand or for a photo op for free concert publicity? She doesn’t look or dress like someone who is truly in touch with people who are hungry and struggling. She looks like its another photo op and a chance at a humanitarian award. SMDH! With that said, the outfit is hideous and highly inappropriate as Beyonce usually is. Tha airhead just doesn’t have a clue. She needs to take note from Michelle Obama and Alicia Keys among many. Even the first lady knows how to throw on jeans and a t-shirt to make a statement about helping and giving back. I guess as long as she doesn’t speak, its a good day for the hungry. SMDH x 2. :brownsista:

  12. some of you are truly ridiculous!! she can wear whatever the hell she wants, what concern is it of yours? it’s a professional PRESS CONFERENCE so why the hell would she show up in jeans and a t-shirt? get a clue. their goal was to raise 3.5million so i’m truly glad that they’ve almost tripled that amount and therefore, more people will be fed during this difficult time.

    congrats to them again on surpassing their goal!

    ps. she does a lot of charity work and even though some of you guys accuse her of doing it for publicity, you never hear about them. pick up the new issue of ebony and read what the editor of GEMS sent to ebony magazine. ebony is the one who decided to publish the letter and had they not published it, i and many of you would not have known that she spent part of her christmas giving out gifts and talking for hours to girls who have been dragged into the sex trafficking business. the miami children’s hospital didn’t induct her into their hall of fame last year for nothing. this woman is damned if she do and damned if she doesn’t. if she gives and she’s not giving in the public eye, she doesn’t care. when she starts a national campaign to help feed the less fortunate, she’s doing it for publicity. at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what ya’ll think about her and her efforts. the only ones who matter are the ones benefitting from her generosity and i’m sure God will continue to bless her.

  13. I hav not seen beyonce do any charity work for real couple years ago she canceled out on a food drive in her home town now her booty dancing but saw how silly she looked compared to alica keys award for actually thinkin of someone other than herself. That girl does not want to be there its written all over her face and i cares what nobody says. This aint from her heart.

  14. Seriously have u ever heard of Beyonce speaking to young girls in Albany about HIV and aids…HMMMMMM NO, but she does it every year. How i know? Well im a stan, so i guess i got an advantgage.

  15. umm…and this is a person that just release the info that she had some 36,000 dollar nails for her “sweet dreams” video…ok!! and her giving away some tickets to her concert isn’t going to help those “poor” folks…she is just a true waste of space…i can’t wait till her time is over!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

  16. Never suprised to see black chicks hating on other black women who are trying and are making it in the world. Beyonce can never do anything from her heart because according to some people when your are a major celebrity, you must not be human. People always acting like they know what celebrities are about, how they feel, what goes on in their mind but all they ever do is make retarded ASSumputions. Truly sad.

    As a black woamn who has no problem uplifting her fellow sista, I say Im proud of Beyonce. She works her ass off and cares about giving back to people who truly need help. All the while looking fabulous while doing it. Homegirl is lookng like a model in these pictures. Ugh!!! Just beautiful.

    And if anybody got a problem with me saying the word hating or hater, the hater can kiss my beautiful black booty.

  17. There’s no pleasing ppl sometimes. If she wore jeans & a tee, she’d be doing it b/c she’s “calculating.” If she wears something formal, she’s “out of touch…arrogant.” All I care about is the fact that her drive was extremely succesful, and ppl are being fed. NOT hamburger helper (since some of you seem to dwell on that) but non-perishable foods from concert-goers, SUPPORTED by hamburger helper. Ppl should stop throwing salt in the motives of celebs who wanna help the needy…she’s using her status & her money for good. Does a negative commenter have to STARVE in order to understand that? B/c it’s ridiculously easy to sit behind a computer (that you can obviously afford) and hate. HATE. Dislike Beyonce by all means, that doesnt make you a hater. But condemn her for helping the community? THAT’S A HATER.

  18. No one will ever make me believe that this chick can do something from the heart,I don’t drink the cool aid so i guess that makes me “bitter and jealous” Nevertheless i am happy that people are getting fed and that’s all that matter beyonce greed and selfishness does not stop me or mines from sleeping at night, Plus i don’t need her money so i can’t stay here and defend her like she is my mother

  19. Someone called me a chickenhead?


    That’s ummm, quite laughable.

    I think regardless of her intentions be they completely altruistic or selfish and just for show, what BKC is doing is a GOOD THING. I think we can all agree on that much, right?


  20. Beyonce looks beautiful! Love the entire fit! This helping hands campaign has raised a lot of funds and food donations thus far! Great work for a great cause! I don’t know why these folks on this site actually believe that Beyonce has to convince them of something!LOL Who cares what you think really! Beyonce will continue to hold her food drives and you will continue to hate on every post pertaining to her! See, everyone has a role!LOL

  21. LOL, at the very same folks who claim not to care for her will be the first ones running to discuss her! 😆 😆

    See you in the next Beyonce post! :loser:

    😆 😆 😆

  22. I’m not a fan of Beyonce but i can remain neutral and it does seem like she can’t win with certain people. With that said, i have no idea what her motive is behind this-it could be genuine or it might not be. From background knowledge of her i would lean to probably calculated BUT i will admit there is the chance of sincerity. Being a a hater is just as bad as being a stan, and there are both on this board. WHich one ru?

  23. ANd this look the color, style, complexion is gorgeous on her. And she is fully clothed, unlike in her videos and performances-which makes her more attractive-she doesn’t look desperate for attention with her attire. I always thought she was prettier with a lil bit more color.

  24. Dont really like beyonce..she cant dress to save her with regards to this, i dnt know whether it is calculated or not but one thing i can say is endorsers buy into her act..this girl will not disappear and not even rihanna will ever be able to touch her..her business sense if fierce or her people’s.. they have kept her in the right lane which has been the same since she young and endosers like that..i aint mad but could careless and wish she would disappear for while though!!!!!! 🙂

  25. Rihanna Shave head post

    July 19, 2009 at 11:24 am


    Ain’t it funny how people always wanna act so right yet they are the real haters lmao Pathetic

  26. @ Voice, u are a hater. Its funny how u call people on their crap but u do the same thing. You are a hippocrit, i aint been here on that long, to see u hate Beyonce.

  27. Meh whether it’s for publicity or not…in the end the people who are actually important are the people who need the help so those who deserve the most props are those who gave and bought foods for the needy.

  28. Why isn’t the word hater beaten to death, set on fire and buried yet?

  29. her make-up is very beautiful,if she had a dark weave the hole look wud have been hot hot….i dnt wanna judge her publicity drive 2much coz i do that too in my own little way…if she wants to be seen as a true humanitarian she must learn to seperate her charity work with her brands and endorsements,she must do it on her own capacity not with an album,movie,clothing line or concert attached to it coz it looks cheap and calculated,she is rich enough to do that.

  30. She looks so cute. THe outfit the makeup fit her so nicely. Love to see the sista’s giving back.

    I am still not hyped about that hair.

  31. I rag on bey alot but in this case, kudos to her for helping others.

    now back to my normal self…can somebody PLEASE buy this chick a new wig!

  32. Aww, the fact that Michael Jackson’s death is bringing so much recognition to his humanitarian work; the fact that Alicia Keys was recently awarded for her humanitarian work,; now Ms. Bey wants to show her humanitarian side. Give me a break. Beyonce just comes off as such a fake.

  33. @ Kriss

    Beyonce is great. It’s just that when someone great passes someone thinks they can take their place. I am probably wrong about Bey it’s just that I don’t don’t see her doing stuff like this often.

  34. Beyonce’s been in this campiagn for like so many months now!

    people saying shes just jumping on the bandwagon, coz of mj and Alicia are losers!

    and im pretty sure this move isnt calculated. beyonce is a really caring and compassionate person.

    and she wants to bring people together to help others.

    Just giving money isnt really sincere, coz its so easy. but shes actually like trying to get other people to help, shes using her popularity to like help these poor people.

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