Sasha Fierce Lives On In The U.K.

Who knew? Just when you thought Beyonce had milked her “I Am… Sasha Fierce” album for all its worth, here comes news the singer is going back for more. Beyonce recently released the official cover art for her single “Why Don’t You Love Me,” along with word that it would be released on August 30th in the U.K. Beyonce is a true international artist who has sold quite well overseas and especially well in the UK. No doubt the singer’s camp got word that the U.K may have especially taken a liking to the video when it was released back in May and decided to release it to see if it would chart. Whatever the case… Sasha Fierce lives on.


  1. Beautiful, even with the eye liner running down. :bag:

  2. Gorgeous picture, and I really need to see a live performance of this song SOON.

  3. Overrated. She nees a new gimmick. The one she’s been using is tired. Give me Kelis anyday over this non orginal heffa!

  4. She looks great in the picture, I would love to hear her perform this soon as well.
    VERITEE- I read one your comments the other day about someone being obsessed with Beyonce, and to me it seems as if you pay more attention to her than her fans do :loser:

  5. That promo pic is HOT!!! She is super gorgeous to me. Love the retro vibe. Also love the song and vid. Cool news for the UK fans I’m sure 🙂

  6. 17: Imbecile i comment on every post in here i guess i’m obsessed with everything else? sit your worshiping worthless behind somewhere Little boy.

  7. Veritee, you’re gross, ugh.

    Beyonce posts are the only ones that interest me enough to comment lol. *shrugs* So in keeping with that, I love the promo pic 🙂

  8. Okay. To clarify. Her U.S. Sales were good as well.

    DIL 4million US. 6.5 world wide

    B’day 3million US. 5.5 world wide

    Sasha Fierce 2.8 million US (as of January of this year) 6.6 worldwide…

  9. @ Veritee

    If you were as superior as you pretend to be, you’d probably know that grace is understated and wouldn’t resort to childish name-calling. When surveying for imbeciles, check your glass house first.

  10. VERITEE- You’re the one who continues to go on a woman you despise posts and post negative useless comments about her, it sounds like your the one that’s the idiot for wasting YOUR time 🙁 . In your own words “your pathetic”.
    SWAKM- :hifive:

  11. Whatever will she wear a leotard when she performs? i want a peak!

  12. To all: Thank you so much for coming to the rescue of 17, But you need way more people so go ahead and get some more 🙂

    17: Again Poorly redirecting 🙂 I comment on everything on this blog, and this is the only blog i actually comment on, so review your definition of obsessed
    i typed “lmao” took me 5 seconds to completely ruined your day, Trust me ,I am entertained 🙂

    lol: Thank you so much 🙂 so are you and beyonce 🙂

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    me: “lmao”
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  13. @ Veritee

    First, to address your disgusting grammar. To quote” You on the other hand is…” -Veritee. That is 3rd grade grammar. The verb you meant to use was “are”. Like “You are ignorant” or “You are in need of a tutor” or “You are a little weak-minded” etc. But, to comment on what you said about me… Music, at its base is about sound, rhythm, emotion, and story-telling. Nicki Minaj tells a story. As did MC Lyte, Yo-yo, and Queen Latifah. I understand that it is a different story, but it is no less deserving of merit. The saddest thing is that as music evolves, you and many in your generation, neglected to involve. Yes, I am young. But I listen to Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Janet Jackson, etc…just as much as I listen to Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki. Your constant disrespect makes you the only “pest” on this blog. Brown Sista needs an exterminator.

  14. VERITEE-I’m not angry one bit jus confused, that someone would pay so much attention to a person they don’t care about. Trust me you’re the one that’s built up with animosity towards this woman. If you weren’t EVERY SINGLE one of your comments wouldn’t be negative. I do worship someone and he is beyond you, me, Beyonce, and anyone we’ve ever known :loser: . But I’m done so (as I’m sure you will) you can respond to yourself

  15. I think is a pretty good artist! I loved the song and the video, so i am not surprised that this song and video is doing pretty good overseas… I loved the makeup!
    I have gotten back into the winged eyeliner myself

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