Sasha Fierce Re-emerges

Hmmm… seems like forever and a day since we last covered our favorite diva, Beyonce. The singer has been keeping a low profile as of late, probably resting up for the next leg of her I Am… Sasha Fierce tour. The “Diva” did however come out of hiding right quick to perform at Jay-Z’s “Answer The Call” concert, which went down Friday night at Madison Square Garden. You can also get a glimpse of the singer tomorrow night as she, along with her hubby, willl be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. Beyonce will be competing against Britney Spears and Lady Gaga for many of the night’s top honors. Tune in at 9pm. EST to see what many believe will be the most exciting VMAs is years.


  1. What did she sing?
    SHe’s been hidden for a while but I think we will hear a lot about her in the weeks to come. She’ll obviously win the 9 Moonmen tonight.

  2. LMAO
    I always feel the same way as you when I see the diversity of women in Bey’s videos, her band, her dancers…

    I hope she wins some Moonman. I also want some to go to Lady Gaga and Brit. This award show is exciting. I want it to live up to it’s overall expectation. I can’t wait to see Bey’s performance of Sweet Dream. I try not to have any expectation, but I think she’s going to make it a ballad. I can’t see her krumping while singing to SD…yet LOL. That krumping dance seems to drain a lot of energy quick.

    I can’t wait to see performances by Janet, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Solange…Yo, let me stop 🙂

  3. Beyonce’s performance at the benefit concert was fiyaaah!! That girl ripped that stage up something serious! I can’t wait to see her tonight and I hope she wins and not get screwed over by Mtv and their BS.

  4. Wait a minute. i swear no hate in the blood, but its funny when she try 2b hood. That performance she was trying so hard to have that hood persona. Of course her energy level always max, but i thinks she got if confused-just cuz u got sum hood in you, literally, that don’t make u hood.

  5. Why isnt MAry’s performance up here. Now you wanna see hood mixed with sheek-watch hers. I was jumping out my seat. Mary so real. I know this ain’t about her but… who cares. but just so the fangs don’t come out. I will give B this- of course she came like the entertainer she is. it was just kinda comical 2me- the faces and all.

  6. Oh yeah, but B grew up in suburbs, father drove a jag, she is nowhere like the Jacksons,(remember she made that a point to put out there so she could distance herself from one of the most successful families in music industry) but now u doin stickups?? ino its just a song but…c’mon. lol

  7. As far as I can remember Beyonce has only let me down twice as far as being the incredible performer that she is…being let down twice out of countless performances through the years is excellent…anyway she was dam* fierce at the “Answer The Call” event…she had better rock the VMA’s or I will be peeved off to the max!

  8. DAg. Rhianna stage game is GARBAGE, thank God she is gorgeous with a fashion sense. SHe almosed ruined that performace at MAdison 4 me-buthow can she with real performers like JAy-z and KAnye??But could she at least move a lil, act like B-just front.

  9. its part of the performance RUSERIOUS but you know she always puts 100% in her performances. But I know your pal dark sista is ready for tonight to drag Beyonce through the mud huh?

  10. O yea and RUSERIOUS you just like everybody else blew the jacksons comment out of the water she said from what’s she’s HEARD joe used his children to get out of tough situations which is true but the whole world was acting like it wasn’t and YES matthew probably did the same thing but everybody not just media takes things and runs with it like always.

  11. Where the hell have I been?
    Bey has performed uptempo SD before. Still, she edited out my favorite part of the dance :-(. Oh well, her vocals always on point. Tonight, I can’t wait to see which way she chooses to perform it.

  12. beyonce is an embarrassment to black that ‘cult meetin’they called a concert was very much satanic and demonic very sicking to imimatate an airplane scream and out “ain’t no passengers on my plane” at a 9/11 benefit concert down right tacky i wonder how her stans will defend that so sic of this overratted talentless stripper singin the same nursery rhymes black people we r better than this its time to raise our standards

  13. @12345-ur pal darksista???-mama u have friends and enemies on here-i don’t get emotional with strangers-2 much energy. Listen Rhianna was garbage, the video and on the radio she was cute. ok now, its stage time- u gotta go in & she just can’t-sorry. u can’t make me a fan mama.

  14. Listen-i read it & from what i gathered in MY OPINION, her answer was tacky. Now u can huff & puff but it won’t change my opinion. At least i gave her props. i might not like sum1 but i can still give credit. B rocked the house, energy wise-but i just can’t believe that hood persona.

  15. No she never said SHE HEARD she was talkin like that was a fact and from what I KNOW Matthew tries 2 pimp her as well to make her do somethin she doesn’t wanna do so I believe that MATTHEW AND JOE should b n the same boat

  16. I cannot wait to see Ms. Jackson perform on the VMA’s….

    I am not hating on Bey, but after all it’s the same ol thang…..

  17. It was all blown out of proportion period if ANYBODY else would’ve said that NOBODY would’ve even remembered by now.

  18. “rihanna has the grace and suppleness of a folded up ironing board” from a message board and i agree.

  19. Not to start a Beyonce’ & Rihanna stance but Beyonce Is a “SINGER” & “PERFORMER” she can put on a “SHOW” and that little bit of time she had performing she still “killed IT” she loves to “ENTERTAIN” the crowd!

    Rihanna Is a “FASHION DIVA” her swagg is DANDEROUS” and she is a TRENDSETTER her singing Is okay and she does not know how to put on a show as a performer. All I seen her do at the concert was walk around boppin’ and screaming “heyyyyyy” who goin’ run this town tonight

  20. When i see her perform, I here her but I see her azz out more than anything.

  21. I aint never seen Bee perfrom..but I know she had to have put on a great show.

  22. I hear so many people say b performances are off the hook. I have seen her concerts on you tube and tv. and I beg the differ her perfromances or mediocore to me. But then I grew up seeing janet jackson, mary j blige, whitney etc live performaces so she is just ok to me live. In fact I like her videos better than to see her live. I don’t know what the hype is all about seriously. But after all I have some serious entertainers to compare her to. Performance wise Janet Jackson, mary j b back in the day she don’t stand a chance. And voice wise Whitney would just blow her out of water and the world period. So this is my reason for thinking she is just hype long weave, make up with little clothing on. I know Janet would show sex appeal on stage but it was never sleezy. And whitney would sale out stadiums around the world with beautiful gowns (classy) on. She never dressed down because that voice and her inner/outer beauty just radiate through the crowd. Also mary j blige put on a good show and she always keept it classy. I’m just saying if you got it talent sales is self with clothes on. In my opinion B sale more sex than anything. She is always exposing something.(half naked. So is her talent really that bomb? If she was on stage fully dressed would she have the same result or would her sales decrease? I think we would be shocked to see the decline because a lot of it comes from how she is dressed. For example A keys always looks decent on stage and she does well. You know why because she has true raw talent so there is no need for her be half dressed to get sales. But this is just my opinion so I would never pay hundreds of dollar to see b perform anywhere. Because I know it is hype and gimmick. Because raw true talent sells itself. and another thing is with B you always know what to expect it the same ole all the time so she is a bit boring. Once you see her perform one song you have seem them all she pretty much stay the same. And I personally feel like it is time for a new makeover. She has the same look for the past 6-7 years but I do not know if she can hold different styles? After all not every one is versatile like Rhianna. That is what I think makes her so unique. She suprises you all the time she is constantly changing and it always look great on her. Rhianna can put on a garbage bag and look fly. She really has the fashion game on lock 4 real. And I love her stage presence because she has major swag not boring. But she is blessed to be able to do different thing and stand out in a good way not a lot of people can pull that off. She keeps it interesting but this is my opinion I tell it like I c it.

  23. @ keep it real 4ever

    beyonce shows boring??? so basically rihanna has more stage presence than beyonce???? what???? I like rihanna but she wears minimal clothing on stage as well (since you have a big problem with that), next your gonna say she has a whitney houston type voice right??? o yea i just “tell it like i c it.”

  24. I don’t know why people attribute Beyonce’s sex appeal to selling records when most of her fans are heterosexual women. And LOL at Rihanna is so versatile. Beyonce’s a gimmick but Rihanna is so real. LOL. That’s what I don’t understand. They are both manufactured to two different extremes. Beyonce’s the good girl, and Rihanna is the bad girl. All Rihanna does is stand on stage or walk around in skimpy clothing. She’s a fashion diva no doubt, but her live shows leave a lot to be desired. Please! To each his own, I guess.

  25. I can’t front i think Rhi might have surpassed Beyonce with the half-naked craze. At jay=z concert the lil but she has was literally hanging out. I mean cheeks i was like Wow. Naw, B can get nasty but i don’t think she’ll go that route…she ain’t far behind tho. But Rhi was looking craaaaazy on that stage. Yep, the Good girl didn’t go bad, she went mad as well. Nobody has male relative anymore, even my male cousins wud have been near smacking me.

  26. @just a thought-Correcto, B has been rocking the European look for days-ok her complexion aint her fault- but the long, tangly blond weave-c’mon ma since Destiny Child’s but she knows that is the most marketable looks for Black(yup, we luv it 2, don’t front_ & whites. She scared to change. Anyway, both are manufactured, but Beyonce just can really sing. unfortunately, she puts so much empasis on her sex appeal, sum people 4get that, but i won’t lie couple time B gave me goose bumps-still ain’t a fan ANYMORE.

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