Sasha Fierce Shoots A New Video (Updated)

Beyonce Sexy New Video

Beyonce Sexy New Video

The diva herself, Sasha Fierce, was spotted out on the beach in Malibu California yesterday shooting a new video. As of yet no one knows what song the video is for, but fan sites have speculated that it may be for her single, Ava Maria or maybe even Broken Hearted Girl. Whatever the case may be, this new video comes quickly on the heels of Diva and Halo, which haven’t performed as brilliantly on the charts as Single Ladies and If I Were A Boy. Both singles fell down the charts last week- Diva from 20 to 24 and Halo from 49 to 44. Single Ladies continues to reign inside the top 10 however and Diva has skyrocketed all the way to #3 on the Hip Hop & R n’ B charts.

The RIAA also recently certified “I Am Sasha Fierce” double platinum.

Sasha’s Fierce in ’09

Year-end Releases Certify Strong in January

Columbia songstress Beyonce received the highest Gold & Platinum album certification of any artist in January, according to the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) monthly count. Her double-identity release I Am…Sasha Fierce sold more than two million copies in only two months, earning the bold songstress double-Platinum honors. Additionally, her current hits “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” were certified Platinum.


  1. Go beyonce :bowdown: Best artist ever, most beautiful woman in the world, and god she is so slim i wish i had her body :bowdown: :bowdown: to the queen

  2. Fat girl boring Beyonce looks like a beached whale with her white girl hair. And that flamer looks like he’s gonna drop her.
    Watch this one flops like Halo video. :lol2: Is her husband too ugly to make her look good? She is sasha flop. boring as ever, win an Oscar NEVER!!!!!!

  3. At this point im starting to believe that Beyonce and Music World buys their own albums (it happens). Im not feeling this album like I thought I would. Who is buying this album? The only break out song is Single Ladies, this song is whats keeping the album alive.

  4. LOL at nonfans being the first to flock to a post about Beyonce.

    SMH at someone calling this chick fat. Jealous much, or You must be a Rihanna stan.

    Anyway, I read somewhere that she was reshooting the video for “Halo.” I don’t know how true this is, however.

    Someone is obviously feeling this album, whether you choose to believe it or not. I, myself, have it. Taylor Swift hasn’t even had a number 1 single, yet she’s selling like crazy, so I guess her record company is buying her album as well?

  5. Yeah I don’t get it either … it seems like none of the songs are really catching on except that first one. People are SICK to death of her. I heard the other day that she is supposed to be on the damn Oscar broadcast too. It’s a lil too much … But on the other hand I don’t blame her. One year away and another heffa will take your spot. That’s just how it works these days. That said, I’ll be glad when she sits down somewhere.

    And the above poster is right, labels do buy artists’ albums, especially when they are close to getting a certification. Happens all the time.

  6. Get it Bey! Looking gorgeous and having great success.
    @ Just a Thought, I been noticed a long time ago. I just ignore them and continue to watch her star rise. :bowdown: And performing at the Oscars again?!? I see why they hate. Bey keeps doing her and is not worried about the haters one bit.

  7. @ Just a thought: Are beyonce’ s fans looking for haters? What we can’ t comment on her anymore because we don’ t feel her musically? how dumb is that ? so we are to ignore her and her music and not even give her a chance? what people don’ t change their minds? It’ s like beyonce’ s fans wait to post their comments they wait until a “hater” come along then post right after talkign about oh you say you don’ t like her but you post on her, then when the person answers automatically adding another comments you wanna up and say well bey’ s is killing them a post about her got that much comment and yadi yada yada, wtf? Sing a new song! and beyonce is fat, her and i have the same body type and i’ m fat too, who the hell said that being fat = being unatractive? she is fine too me, shit im fine right next with her, only you take offense at people saying that because you see fat negatively… I love taylor swift album ancd child “love story” was number one for how long? I don’ t know why she would reshoot halo he was fine with me

  8. Beyonce is not fat. She looks great.

    But, if her, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul and Jessica Simpson were your everyday women-they would be HUGE!

    Can’t wait for the video.

  9. From what I heard “Ego” is her next single off the Sasha Fierce side and she is shooting it with Kanye West. I liked “Ego” though. I’m really surprised that “Halo” isn’t doing well I thought that song was a hit. I’m not surprised that “Diva” did well because that song and style is what is popular and her name on the track was a gurantee hit.

    oh yeah Beyonce not fat well to me she not.

  10. @Voice

    Why oh why did I expect someone to respond to me? With all due respect, I was just speaking in general. I just find it odd that the same people (“haters” as you put it–Noticed I said nonfans) claiming she’s so boring, overexposed, and overrated are the first ones to clamor to a post about her or bring her up in a post that has absolutely nothing to do with her, i. e. Rihanna’s album sales. And that goes for any artist or celebrity for that matter. I didn’t say to stop commenting on the chick. This is a blog. I was just stating my own observation.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how Beyonce could be considered fat (thick, yes, but fat? idk).

  11. 😆 @ some of these comments!

    Beyonce ain’t fat..girlfriend is “thick” and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on buying the album, because it does nothing for me. There are only a handful of songs that I really like. It is time for her to take a break already..come back in a couple of years with a new look and a new sound. And I don’t mean an alter ego. It’s a shame when fans are calling for you to sit down. We still love you, but D@MN..

  12. Well j.a.t, You did expect someone to answer to you because you started the whole routine and this was your goal if no one had answered to you , you would have come back with it, but that is not even important,First of all like i said sometimes i stay on B.s and when i refresh the page, there is a new post so because beyonce’ s fans said so i am to wait until everyone post before i give my two cents? you are really feeling yourself uh? And why are you upset when beyonce gets compared to others black female entertainer isn’ t she if i believe you all rants the “best” out there? why won’ t someone’ s success be compared to her? Keyshia gets compared to mary.j blige ,over their roughness, lady gaga to britney spears, over the blond hair and club bangers, ciara to janet, over the dance moves, jennifer hudson to whitney, and should i keep on going?
    why should beyonce be exempt? explain that to me.. .

  13. Diva was an awful single that pop radio never warmed up to which is why it basically tanked on the Hot 100. Single Ladies got a lukewarm response from pop radio at first too but they warmed up to it after the video was released. Diva’s video was terrible though and didn’t help the song at all. Halo was just boring and nothing could help it. I would release Ego next cause the video above looks like it is from the Beyonce side of her double disk, so Ego will be the song from her Sasha Fierce side.

  14. Was Michael Ealy unavailable? I like him! 🙂

    She needs to promote/perform Halo and Diva! The NAACP awards were her first time singing Halo live, and she’s yet to perform Diva.

    Her tour starts soon, so she needs to get it cracking! :brownsista:

  15. I swear some of you are crazy! People cant even leave an honest comment anymore without someone being called a hater. Maybe Taylor Swift’s label is buying the album, its not uncommon…dont act like Beyonce never does anything wrong, she plays the game just like everyone else.

  16. We are allowed to comment about everything a blog post. This is pop culture, we can give our input regarding Beyonce because she is apart pop culture. If some of you cant handle your favorite artist being talked about then you have problems, what is being said should not affect you personally being that none of us knows the artist. Some of you act like she is your family or gave you some money to be on her team but dont forget Beyonce is not doing anything for you or our economy so to take what is said so personally baffles me. It amazes me how people call others haters when in regards to Beyonce, but below in the Rihanna post people will say she deserve getting beat or she provoked him but no one is calling anyone a hater or anything. Some of you need to get it together because being a hypocrite in 09 is not fashionable.

  17. @ Voice,

    LOL, it really isn’t that serious. I didn’t write that post to get a rise out of someone, but I knew it was coming. Beyonce’s “haters” are just as obssessed as her “stans,” but they can’t seem to fathom that. I am not talking about you specifically, just in general. I read posts on other sites. And if noone would have answered me, I would have carried on like I have been doing. My goal is not to incite cyber wars over the net.

    And when did I ever state that you must wait to post a comment on Beyonce? LOL, this is not my blog. I was just stating an observation I made. This is a BLOG. Feel free to say what you feel. I just don’t understand (notice –me, myself, I ) why people take their precious time and energy to spew nothing but “hate” about a person everytime a post is made about them. But that’s just me, I guess.

    Have a blessed day! I am just stating my observation. Please don’t take it out of context. I am in no way trying to offend you or anyone else.

  18. @ Jat well your “observation” insinuated that people that post under beyonce first can be labeled haters if they don’ t feel her image or music, i’ m not the only one that took offense to it, and to join you on it, i don’ t understand (me-myself-and i) why people take their precious energy to spew nothing but praises and butt kiss, sound to me like a lot hve self esteem issues and only feel good praising the “popular” chick but that’ s me,

    @ Kenny :bowdown: :hifive: :iagree: (applauds) and let me flip it now that you said rihanna in this post and that JAT said it too, i guess she is so huge because people compare her and i guess JAT is a rihanna’ s hater? :bag: on them all

  19. the singles are doing GREAT because she has yet to promote them. puhleez.

    the general public is so tired of beyonce that she has been certified TWO times platnium in 3months (actual sales are 1.8mil) and gained an increase in sales from last week without doing any promotion. puhleez. just like this post is about prove, people cannot get enough of the QUEEN.

    btw, beyonce experience dvd moves up 2 positions to number 6 this week (after more than a year of release) and has now sold over 350k copies. i’m sure the general public who do not spend their time hating on blogs are just screaming for her to go away , but are continuously buying her ish 😆

    i actually think this is for the video anthology. some pics leaked last week too that was supposedly for halo remake or disappear. i can’t wait for tour dates :bowdown:

  20. @kenny,

    you are so right, the label is buying 1.8mil copies worth of albums and 3mil in total worldwide. as a matter of fact, the label bought those completely sold out european tour tickets as well :lol2: :lol2:

  21. @wohoo
    IF you believe that then its fine, try not to go hard for someone who has done nothing for your life. I care about you more than she does because im actually communicating with you. Beyonce’s camp may have purchased 200k or more or less you never know its done all the time in the industry.

  22. Well voice, if that is what you got from my comment, then it’s on you. I didn’t mean it that way. You just took it that way. I didn’t attack you personally or call you out specifically, now did I? And notice in my first post, I said nonfans. You’re the one who brought the term “hater” into this.

    I am done with this topic. I have better things to do than argue about a celebrity.

  23. @wohoo

    I hope you know your own accomplishments in life and not just about Beyonce’s. Some of ya’ll can quote her sales all day but not on top of your game. WHat is being said about Beyonce should not affect your personal life, Beyonce is not doing anything for you or our economy. Good for her that her tickets sold out, did she lower the price? Is she giving free shows? is she putting money in your pocket? Brtiney’s shows are sold out too so its not only Beyonce! In this economy Beyonce knows her deranged fans will spend all their hard earned money to watch her gyrate with a blowing fan. I can appreciate her hustle, its not her fault her fans will purchase anything :loser:

  24. @kenny,

    take the supposed 200k that her label bought out of her total and the fact still remains that the general public is buying her ish. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. she curently has 4 songs on the charts (2 of which she has yet to promote), her dvd gained an increase in sales and so did her cd sales. i highly doubt in times of economic hardships and labels dropping artists left and right, they have money to be buying beyonce or taylor swifts’ album and stashing them in a basement. the president of sony himself said beyonce was the biggest artist on their label. would he be saying that if she wasn’t selling or they were buying her ish? also, it’s quite simple (to me anyways) to see that this album is selling great because she’s barely done any promotion for this album. congratulate instead of ALWAYS finding something to hate on.

    i think the problem with most haters is that they hate so much (they will never see the good in anything she does) that they’ve convinced themselves that the general public feels the same way. truth of the matter is, the general public or the average fan of beyonce does not see beyonce as much as people who are regulars on the internet/blog. if you spend all your time on the internet (mainly black blogs), of course you are going to think the woman is overexposed cause every little thing in her life is broadcasted. i’m sure the average fan or public is not going to see these pics until the videos come out. the average fan and non internet goers didn’t see the vids for halo and diva until earlier this month when they were officially released.

  25. her stans call it hard work….she uses her work as a form of escapism thats why she is creating all these fantasy personalities….she overworks herself coz in reality she has no life or is trying to runaway from her real life and finds comfort in being sasha fierce or taking on a character in a movie,beyonce officially came out with her split personality and i truly believe that your music is a true reflection of your life,this girl needs help and her parent are just happy with milking her without realizing that she needs help,they see a girl who is having fun and working hard…..i see a girl who is trying to escape her real life and thats sad and not normal…..she used to annoy me with her overkill,not anymore i feel sorry for her and as we have seen with riri they all have troubles,i wonder what is troubling her so much that she just wants escape to the fantasy entertaiment industry so much,its realy realy sad,why wud a person who has it all wud still wanna compete this seriously?something is not right.

  26. @kenny,

    i’m the loser? i’m not the one sitting behind a computer HATING on a woman i’ve never met and don’t know. i’m a fan and that gives me a right to be in this post. you on the other hand are an OBSESSED hater who finds his way into EVERY SINGLE beyonce post. i’m not the deranged one either cause my momma always taught me that when you don’t like someone or something, you don’t waste time discussing or writing paragraphs about/on them. i can tell by your posts that you are not smart enough to have figured that out. so instead of calling me deranged, you might want to look in the mirror first and i’m sure you’ll find that you are the one who needs to be evaluated.

  27. :thumbsdown: GREATEST SINGER IN THE WORLD? MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN?…im not a hater but YOU NEED HELP…. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :noway: :noway: :stop: :noway: :loser:

  28. ^^^smh at this pathetic comment.

    beyonce is living her life and is just shooting a video in these pics and clearly having a good time, meanwhile you are typing a whole essay speculating on the feelings and sanity of a person you have never met in your life, yet Beyonce is the crazy one?

    I swear I dont know who is more pathetic between these Beyonce haters. Kenny, Voice, or Lizz.smh No wonder Beyonce is so rich and successful and these other female artists have to have tragedies in order to finally get attention. Beyonce can just shoot a video, and these psychotic haters like lizz will come up with all kinds of analysis on this woman like they know her.smh

  29. 80 million in one year….check
    got jealous women hating on her on blogs every day because she has everything they wish them or their favorite artist had…..check
    sold over 100 mill albums and records….check

    beautiful face/hot body/talent/power/money/success……check

    no wonder ya’ll mad. i would be mad too if i was a beyonce haters. 12 years and still counting. already an icon and is well on her way to legend status. it must kill yall every day.

    and ROTFLMAO at a guy being on a blog called brownSISTA. That is laughter in itself.


  31. Who is blocking/stoping ANYONE from commenting on a Beyonce blog…besides Stephanie of course 🙂
    Unless…Stephanie are you giving certain members special treatment…like access to the Brown Sista blocking card? 😆 Seriously, some of you feel like B fans are BLOCKING you from posting your wonderful thoughts on their fav artist? First question…how the hell did you bypass them crazy stans? :lol2: I always see the regular B Haters [Yeah, you know you love that term] around. They NEVER seem to miss a B blog [you know who you are]. I know I’ve overlook some B blogs…just saying. Second, why they hell would B fans/stans REALLY want their frienamies [the Haters] to quits Bey’s blogs. Yeah…we butt heads but our aim is really the same–>more popularity for B 🙂 What’s being said about the B-haters should NEVER stop them from B-blogging, and I’m glad it doesn’t…OBVIOUSLY :lol2:

    Since we all feel entitled to speak our minds on whatever in a popculture blog posts [Yeah! Another thing in common!] shouldn’t B fans/stans also feel FREE to speak their minds…evenif it is to call out the B-haters? Danm, there is a third thing StanHaters have in common. The B-hater also like to call a fan/stan out :lol2: .

    Now let’s move along
    Ewww…that jean doesn’t do you justice B :thumbsdown: , but whatever you are entitle to wear what you please.

  32. it takes an essay response to defend…again SO SILLY 😆 :lol2: :koolaid:

  33. :bowdown: :bowdown: Beyonce is the top chic in the game! Keep waiting for the break down haters…it’s not coming.

    Woohoo…you ALWAYS speak the truth! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  34. @LL
    How much of that 80 million did you recieve?
    You wish you were Beyonce, why go this hard for someone you dont know, you know her stats and all (Envy Much?)
    Beyonce, solo Beyonce sold $100 million albums? DC consisted of 3-4 girls not only Beyonce
    Beyonce is not doing anything for your life or mine, so there is not need to be jealous…..I can pay my bills and more.

  35. no one wants her to break-down just SIT-DOWN…lol have a drink.. :koolaid:

    ahahahaha :lol2:

  36. :stop: and im quite sure when this video airs Sasha will be looking quite slimmer then these raw shots…seen it happen before (stand up video she was lookin a good size 0 but onmaking of the video she was her normal thick self)..its all good tho, she thicka than a snickaz…. :thumbsup:

    video editing here we come…

  37. Yeah we get it beyonce is better than you stans/fans and you are intimided by her, and you feel inferior compare to her, you love her more than yourself, and your family and stuff, she is the most beautiful woman in the world to you, she is the greatest person also, you speed dial her number when you feel like talking and she is there for every each one of you, Did i leave anything out? Good now can we move on ?You all do this everytime, Get a new dance routine

  38. smh : it’ s not you on the rihanna’ s thread is it ? and you have the nerve to call people “haters”?

  39. @smh
    Beyonce is so rich & sucessful because her ghetto/tranny fans keeps buying her garbage albums. All the other females are doing their thing if your referring to Rihanna her album has been selling for years, and she is tied with Beyonce for the most #1’s this decade even before her and CB incident so your false, and if your referring to Jennifer Hudson she is an Oscar/Golden Globe winner and this too happened before her tragedy. Beyonce still wishes she could win an Oscar, so bad it hurts, Beyonce wishes she was a golden globe winner. Jennifer has a Grammy/Oscar/Golden Globe/NAAP and more so dont bash other women to make Beyonce seem like she is doing something new. Beyonce is getting attention for this video shoot because she is rolling around in the sand with another man looking more happy then she ever has with Jay, and because she wore those same shorts for all star weekend….not because the video looks interesting.

  40. So funny! A lot of immature people here! So when there’s a post about someone, I have to praise them and call them the best or the most beautiful or the richest or the nicest… otherwise I’m a hater?????????? This is a blog. Everybody has the right to express their opinion, good or bad. If you only want to real the good ones, go to the artist’s official website. With that said, her accomplishments have nothing to do with this post. For those who always think that because she is not my favorite singer then I must be a hater or jealous of her, you are tripping Sure those accomplishments are impressive but if I have to be jealous of a singer’s album sales and money, I would choose someone who actually sold more and who is richer; but personally, I know not to be jealous of a celebrity. Everybody has their own destiny and I am proud of mine even though I didn’t make (how much was it????) 80 million dollars last year. Did you know that Madonna and Celine Dion are on a WorldTour that are SOLD OUT!!! And they both occupy the best grossing concerts Madonna being number 1 and Celine Dion being number 2? And did you know that both ladies have, not platinium albums, diamond albums????? Celine Dion being best selling female artist of all time and Madonna being a close 2nd????? I read that but I didn’t see their fans throwing it to everybody’s face to call them jealous or haters. Did you know there are countless bands and country music stars who sell more than Beyonce???? But I bet you their fans will never call me a hater or jealous just because country and rock are not my favorite types of music to listen to. So why when it comes to Beyonce, I have to love her of something must be wrong with me. So if you want to throw away those Beyonce accomplishments to my face, believe me, I’m anything but jealous. Actually, I’m surprised she only sold a few millions considering all the promoting and exposure she gets.

    Now concerning this video shoot, I actually like the pictures I see so far. To be honest I was tired of Beyonce’s video concept cause if you mute them, they all kinda look alike. But this one looks really different and it will be interesting to see. I can’t wait to see it.

  41. Bey fans are buying the cds. Their egos are tied to her success. They have to keep her on the pedestal to feel that they are apart of something bigger and better than themselves. Thats why they can’t stand people speaking the truth on her. This is hardly an accomplishment with Alicia Keys selling way more cds than she does with less mediawhoring. AKeys last cd went triple platinum in the same or less time. Plus, her cds go diamond. Bey has yet to accomplish any of this. Yet she is crowned Lord of Lords because she plays the media like a violin. SMDH!

  42. :koolaid: this would have been such an intresting study if B was this worshipped while i was in college! what a paper i’d write on stans/

    so much to go on here! lol

  43. Whats sad is smh and others are on the below Rihanna post talking about her and stating she had to do this and that but yet they come on here and act holier than thou. If your going to call someone a hater dont be one yourself.

  44. @kenny

    i refuse to even look at the rihhanna post because if i see one person use her sad situation as a result of her gain im going to have to pull out my crucifix….and im not even catholic!

    like you said, truly shows who is sincere from who is a hater/stan…

    one artists shouldnt have anything to do with another…smh*

  45. so let me get this straight, if you talk sh*t about beyonce, you are real and not a hater, but if you are a fan and enjoy her music, that makes you a deranged stan and ghetto/trannyish. ok :hifive:


    how pathetic are you to stoop to calling her fans names to make yourself feel better? what’s worst is that (i’m judging by your screen name) is that you are a boy. how sad…really? i’m far from ghetto and i’m a classy woman PROUD to call myself a beyonce fan. you are a moron and quite unintelligent. she’s getting attention for a video cause she’s rolling around? the video has even yet to be released, then again you are one of the main ones posting and giving it attention. i don’t need to belabor the point, but i will… are the EXACT thing you speak and quite frankly, you have some growing up to do. how many name calling have you done in this post alone because some are fans of a woman you don’t like?

    anyway, being that i’m “ghetto/tranny”, i cannot wait to see the successful and rich woman that i support at the oscars on sunday because the academy has once again asked her to be part of the events :bowdown: um, does that make the organizers of the oscars “ghetto/tranny” for asking her to perform for the 3rd time in 4yrs? :lol2:

  46. I can’t believe this chick was chosen to serenade President Obama and his lovely wife. I still don’t get the hype over her. Either she is paying people off to get these huge gigs or clearly getting on her knees (if you know what I mean) to please these white directors and producers.

  47. Wohoo- You got it all wrong. It’s PERFECTLY OK to love an artist, it’s your right. But it’s also perfectly fine to not be a fan of a particular artist. It’s just the way some of her fans talk. If someone disagrees with them then they must be haters or jealous. For example I am not a fan of Lady Gaga but if you are a fan of hers, good for you, enjoy it. But don’t condemn me for not having the same taste as yourself. I hope you get the point. And with your post, I know you are not a stan ( a word I learnt here on Beyonce’s posts LOL). It’s perfectly Ok to support Beyonce cause she has accomplished a lot but there are people who just don’t share that point of view. Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Alicia, Keysha, Mary J., Jen Hud… they don’t know us, they don’t communicate with us, they don’t bother to answer to our posts, but we communicate with one another. So why can’t we do it with respect?

  48. @woohoo
    Your pathetic, I call them like I see them! You are a moron for supporting someone who is 27 and still make nursery rhyme jingles, if you are an adult then you should know better. Beyonce is releasing garbage to you drones and you dont even realize it….Beyonce just released a song called Diva where she is bragging to you fans how much money she made and she doesnt know what to do with it, any adult would naturally be put off by this in this economic crisis. You have alot of growing up to do being that you think she is the almighty. Atleast you know your a ghetto tranny and I dont have to say again.

  49. @coco,

    i understand perfectly what you are saying. i don’t think everyone who doesn’t like beyonce is a hater. i, myself, do not like several artists and do not consider myself a hater. however, you wouldn’t find me in a persons post i didn’t like insulting their fans and dissecting their personalities as if i knew them nor would you find me continuously posting hateful things about the artist (like i said earlier, i was always thought that when you didn’t like something or someone, you ignored it/them). my post wasn’t really directed at you specifically, i just noticed your one line and began to speak in general terms. it’s just baffling to me how someone can call me “ghetto and a tranny” because i don’t say the same hateful things that they do. thank you for addressing me in a mature manner :hifive:

  50. i feeeel the chemisty she never smiled like that with jay-z (but,… i can see why).

  51. @kenny,

    like i said, you are boy (not a man) on a blog hating on a successful SISTA….nuff said. call me ghetto and tranny all you want, i KNOW better. i’m not the one with the growing up to do and judging by your posts, you are either under 18 or you are a grown boy with the mind of 6yr old. i don’t care if you don’t like my taste in music but your hypocrisy is clearly showing. i will continue to enjoy the fact that the 27 year old can give me TWO sides of herself…the serious side and a playful side. there’s nothing nursery about the I AM side and like i said, you are an unintelligent moron so i wouldn’t expect you to know that either way. if you have anymore problems with the fact that i am a fan of this woman, you can see kiss where the sun don’t shine on your way to a mental institution to get some much needed help 🙂

  52. @woohoo
    I dont care about you, you can be a fan of anyone you like…..I wasnt even talking to you but being this is all about you, you took it upon yourself t respond. You were calling people haters, so how is that appropriate? You can spend all your money on her I dont care, please I urge you to! Why are you even responding to me if I dont make sense, this shows that we are on the same level…..keep it moving after this, please dont waste anymore time.

  53. I think it’s for “Samash Into You” (my favourite single off I Am…) or “Ave Maria”…to me, Beyonce can do no wrong…so far, she’s been clearly dominating the music world and I don’t think this will be any different…She the QUEEN and she looks gorgeous in these shots, nice, simple and it looks like a simple love story going on here, and she looks very natural, which every1 loves. Oh, and “Diva” jumped 12 spots to number 3 on the billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts, and halo’s coming up behind it…so she’s doing her thing. So HATERS, FALL BACK, CUZ YA’LL KNOW SHE’S THA ISH: an upcoming legend of our generation. So U GO BEYONCE…KEEP TAKIN OVER THE WORLD. lol

  54. wohoo. I agree with you but you see it’s a blog and people will express their opinions. It will amaze you what people would say about celebs they don’t even know, namecalling, insults, etc. But some stans are like that too. They insult people who disagree with them. When you read a blog, they usually ask for the readers’ opinions. Now I don’t agree with people who call Me or You or Others names because Beyonce is not their favorite artist. I used to love Mariah Carey’s music and the way she conducted herself. Then I don’t know what happened to her but she really changed overnight and started to dress like a prostitute. Yes, I said it, “like a prostitute”. But if someone likes her, I don’t mind. I’m not gonna call them “Prostitutes” just cause they like Mariah. I hope you get my point. But I wouldn’t like it if someone called me “jealous of Mariah’s fashion” for example because I disagreed with them.

    I don’t hate Beyonce. I actually like some of her songs. I think she is pretty. But there are also things I don’t like with her but that’s normal.

  55. I really do apologize for offending anyone with my comments regarding tranny/ghetto, it was inappropriate but it irks me that people call others haters because of a comment or an opinion.
    @ Woohoo we dont even know each other so we really shouldnt be debating over this, but I left a comment earlier and you directed one towards me bascially calling me a hater when I was giving my opinion or asking a questions. If people call me out I will defend myself just like anyone else. 🙂

  56. @kenny,

    you really are not doing your best to prove me wrong about those unintelligent comments i’ve been made about you. you said and i quote “beyonce is so rich and successful because of her ghetto/tranny FANS buying her music.” i am a fan, therefore you insulted me because i enjoy her music (meaning, you were indirectly speaking to me). i will be ashamed of myself if i was EVER on your level.

    toodles and now you can stop wasting your time on me 🙂

  57. @kenny,

    i responded earlier before i read your comment. i will try to refrain from using the word hater. it’s a reflex word like stan is a reflex word to others. i wasn’t intending to insult you on purpose until you purposely indirectly insulted me (i’ve seen that you’ve apologized and thank you for that). from now on, i will TRY to stop using the word if it’s that offensive to others.

  58. LOL @ reality check ’09…

    I think you need a reality check your own crazy self…Cuz Beyonce’s first cd “DIL” did indeed go diamond…(over 12 mil sold ww)…Get’s your facts straight honey.

  59. @wohoo
    Honestly, I understand I would be upset too!
    I come here because I enjoy the comments and this site is a little more mature then others so I dont want to offend anyone and bring it down like the other sites. Heat of the moment I guess! 🙁
    btw….I am a female, Kenny is my nickname.

  60. People enough!!! If either side cannot stand others’ opinions then maybe it would be a better idea to lay off the blogging community for a while. Seriously!!! Don’t get a heart attack over this. Beyonce (the subject of this post) is not gonna pay for your doctor’s bills, I love Stephanie but she won’t use her money to get you to a good heart doctor, and Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama…. Well you get my point. Don’t be too worked up over others’ opinions, there are just that, OPINIONS.


  61. Lawd A Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t remember ever posting on a blog EVER but yall kill me with all this drama!!!!

    Beyonce is talented and I love her but that doesn’t mean everybody else did…. But when I heard her say in the song Diva that she has “so many benjamin’s she cant’ spend em” I got to thanking…let me quit giving these folk my money!!! Because I dont have any benjamins to spend.. Heck I’m unemployed!!!

    But I do appreciate her talent..

  62. Jesus! Who has the time, yet alone interest, to keep up with an artist sales? Apparently, Beyonce isn’t a 1 hit wonder and she’s been doing fairly well for herself; but to talk numbers and figures when it comes to her success or any artist everytime you speak their name is just downright creepy. It would be much “safer” to just keep it ol’ skool and state how talented she is (and that’s excluding her looks, because we all know that appearance and sex sells). But the fact that she can sing/dance should be enough. But please stop feeding the public with how much money she has or how many albums she then sold. It is really starting to take away from her shine (in my opinion).

  63. Bey posts always go awry. I don’t recall seeing half these commenters on other posts, but as soon as a Bey post is up, they come flocking!

    I typed it in the last Bey post, and rings true still. Those that do not like Bey(for whatever reason) comment more than those that do(fans/stans).

  64. nah a hater is someone that calls someone else ugly when its not true
    a real person say well she is pretty but imo she is not the prettiest
    a stan say oh she the most gorgeous person in the world
    Now arguably all of these are opinions, but we judge and we criticize so pick your side I AM REAL cuz i state my opinion and im fair when i need to be fair like when iiwab came out and i was everywhere defending it!

  65. lol people kill me with their hate towards beyonce…”live ya life” because beyonce appears to be living heres…i think this video is smash into you…i also think shes doing her video album so theses videos might not surface for some time now….im just proud to be a fan of such a wonderful entertainer total package and i cant wait for obsessed!

  66. so anyway, im not tired of this girl people say she need to take a couple years off…hell her last album was released in 2006 oh yeah butits okay for other artist to release an album every year…anyway… im not tired of ya girl so if you aint singing the hell out of your songs for anyone else at least do it for me bee! i so hope you give us a superdeluxe with ‘FOREVER TO BLEED’ blow these haters out the water with that track because the world needs to hear your vocals on that track!

  67. MARIO- I think your post applies to you too LOL. Don’t tell me to go and live my life. Otherwise, nobody will read this blog or any other blog for that matter. It’s a damn blog, if you can’t handle people having a different opinion than yourself then maybe internet blogs aren’t for you. I haven’t read anybody calling her “ugly” or “untalented” so the word “hater” is really out of the line. Beyonce isn’t my favorite singer but I’ve never bashed her looks or talents or money. Her music is just not my cup of tea. So you’re like “So if you don’t like her why are you posting?” right??? Well, I love and I am commenting on this blog, any story, it doesn’t have to be about Beyonce. I have the right to do so, whether someone agrees or disagrees with my comments. I don’t like 50 cents but that won’t stop me from expressing my opinion on him. Then you’re gonna say “You don’t even know him”. It’s true but I know a lot more on celebs cause everytime they put something out, they are asking me, directly or indirectly, to buy their stuff. So I am a customer and I have the right to “review” the product I’m trying to buy.

  68. Don’t tell me to go and live my life. Otherwise, nobody will read this blog or any other blog for that matter.

    Exactely like people dnt have a life just cause they talk about beyonce :lol2:

  69. . It’s true but I know a lot more on celebs cause everytime they put something out, they are asking me, directly or indirectly, to buy their stuff. So I am a customer and I have the right to “review” the product I’m trying to buy.

    Pure intelligence

    with that being said beyonce needs to lose a few pounds and im saying that as a voice of the industry she is fine in my book , but as far as competition she needs to step her game up she look like a big ol thing, and also we gon get tired of her dealing with fine ass men in her videos like she needs them to make her point? i could see her sitting down staring out of a window, walking down the beach, writing faking playing the piano something to make people say damn bee is deep, but is she going to waster all of her great material on videos showing her getting cosy with others dude? halo’ s video made halo sink, we need to see her as something more deep and inspirational , but hey i’ m not a fan what does my vote count for right ? too bad following her fanbase she done none but crap with huge hits song….

  70. All I know is Beyonce looks 35 or up, her thighs in the bottom picture to the left should not look like that at that age of 27, and she is a performer so it should be tighter. If this is not proof of her real age I dont know what is…..people open your eyes, she is lying.

  71. Beyonce is OK , I’m not that much unto her music to buy her album, but most of her single are usually hits,… but im looking at the picture of her in the white shirt and they did her dirty she has crazy celulite for a person her age, … I would sue if I was a star and a picture like this was publish.

  72. Wow I thought this blog was visited by well-educated black women like myself but clearly not! Peoplea are arguing like they are related to Beyonce! She’s not your mother so get over it!

    This is a blog so people should be stating their opinion about whether or not they like the photo or what the artist is currently doing, NOT boasting about the record sales of an artist or going on about superficial irrelevant things. People need to grow up! I think its an African-American thing the obsession with beyonce because in europe other black artists (who I won’t name) are a lot more/or just as successful and there is no obsession over them!

    And to let the following know: @Just a Thought- Taylor Swift is under an independent label so they wouldn’t be able to afford to buy copies of her album! Thats why her success has been soo shocking because she wasn’t signed to a major label like Sony BMG! Taylor can’t sing for shite but she is a great songwriter (actually writes her own damn songs) and has a big teenage white fanbase.
    @ Coco- actually Mariah Carey is the biggest selling female artist of all time- and people rarely ever acknowledge what an amazing job she (and many other female artists) have done in writing their own damn songs and setting new barriers for females in the industry.

  73. Im not really feeling this album!……I think it’s ok but i feel she’s trying to hard to appeal to mainstream with all the alternative music….I wish she would go back to songs she did on DIL!….more soulful stuff her voice is made for sould music!….but wut eva floats her boat!…………………………..I see she’s back to wearin those butt pads or her butt must grow over night!

  74. She looks gorgeous in the green dress.

    Who’s ole dude? He’s a cutie. :brownsista:

  75. 2 words BUTT PADS ….I dont get why she feels she has to try to make her body look perfect ….and I must agree she does look pale and her hair looks a mess she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OVERRATED!
    No hating here……it is what it is this is my opinion like it or not …..and for u ppl who are praising her like she is god get over it ……what the hell is she doing for u!! lol :stop:

  76. i havent heard one person in here prais beyonce…sometimes you people take acknowledgement way to far, i have not read one person comment on here that sounds like “praise” come to my church and you will learn the meaning of the word….

  77. Love Bee. Don’t think she’s an over kill nothing. I just think she’s boring this album. LOVE the Album but just boring.

  78. i know know why some of you psycho’s act like beyonce has to give us any her of money. she’s succesful because she works hard at her craft. the girl has been doing this since she was little, it’s her destiny. stop being so bitter and go chase after a dream of your own. maybe you can get $80 million in a year too

  79. After Single Ladies (which I love) – it got boring. I only bought that on itunes. I just wasn’t feeling it this time around.

  80. @ a lot of people

    some of these comments are just silly garbage. I for one like to believe in the integrity of the music business. Everyone claims that music world, or columbia are buying albums. How do you KNOW? Do you work for them? IDK, everyone is attributing Rihanna’s new success to the beating, how do you KNOW? how do you KNOW? what people are thinking when they buy the album. How do you KNOW ghetto trannies are buying beyonce’s album? The only thing we do KNOW are the facts. Beyonce I AM Sasha Fierce has sold 1.85 million copies in the U.S. in about 3 months, and 3 million world wide. Kudos to her. Taylor swift has sold2.4 million copies in the U.S and 2.8 million worldwide in a littl more than 3 months. Kudos to her. Rihanna has sold 2.3 million in the u.s and 7 million world wide of her Good Girl Gone Bad Album in 22 months, kudos to her. You see what I’m trying to say, everyone is doing fine. They are ALL very successful. So, drop the UNFOUNDED bull crap comments, and if you wanna prove your points, stick to the facts. I am personally indifferent on the matter, but I would PREFER to hear some truth.

  81. sometimes she looks so petite and other times she looks so chunky. well, we thick women fluctuate.

  82. Okay, this is a crystal example of why some Bey stans go hard at defending Bey. The first 5 comments were posted JUST TO HATE ON HER and it is always the same posters too. WTH!!!! People say, well it is not a fan blog, we can say whatever we want and that’s that. Well guess what? If I am not a fan of an artist and I go to their post over and over JUST to say negative comments about her, then don’t that make me look like a fool? Yes, it does.

    65% of the “beefing” would cease if those who aren’t Beyonce fans would stop posting their predictable comments just to try to get “stans” riled up. But they don’t want to do that, because they get their “kicks” from doing this and they look like clown jesters and idiots. Too bad the joke is on you. Y’all the ones who look like fools and are seen as crazy and deranged.

  83. ….Beyonce not performing at Oscars..Anne Hathaway…not hating just sharing info… :hifive:

  84. @ Rondo, Diva went Top 20 on Billboard Hot 100 and Top 5 on Billboard Hot R&B! 😆

    It is #9 on Itunes Pop Chart! 😆 It’s #16 on Hot 100 Airplay. 😆 Diva tanked! :noway:

    Beyonce continues to sell over 50K in the USA weekly. She is certified platinum and has sold over 1.8 mill in the USA and over 3 mill World wide.

    Beyonce is about to go on a worldwide tour, so I’m sure she is just getting her work done ahead of time. This will not be released anytime soon.

    Beyonce fat, yeah right! I guess if it makes you feel good.

    I agree, the Beyonce haters are always the first to post and then live in the thread! They hate her, but can’t stay away! 😆

  85. @ Liverpool, Beyonce is performing at the Oscars, so is Anne Hathaway. You can’t believe everything in the tabloids (Life & Style $2.99). 😆

  86. Voice, lives in a Beyonce thread! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: And yes your are a :hater: ! Get a life girl! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  87. I am afraid to say what I feel, I don’t anyone getting upset, Beyonce has gained weight!!!! Sorry but she doesn’t look herself!!!

  88. @ Curtis Yeah everyone hate on beyonce because she is better than every each one of us, she is our first lady, she will be first page in history books, she is changing our economies, one word from her and all violence end, she is creating new jobs for everyone, and she stopped the war in Iraq, so why wouldn t anyone hate on her? Beyonce’s fans are the most empty minded people i have ever dealt with, you can’ t see past beyonce? You think of her as a goddess one shalt not speak against? You have no notion of life or self worth and you need to go back to basics to find who you are, don’ t you know that tomorrow is never guarantied? what if beyonce die tomorrow what will you do ? Instead of appreciating the moment you want to make a point of putting people down and call them names? so what i should feel less than worthy because i went to school instead of getting up on a stage? What is wrong with you? What if tomorrow beyonce could not sing or dance anymore what would you do ? what if wall street crash and she loses all her money, what will be your argument? iif her songs are not #1 anymore does that mean she is untalented? don’ t you feel pitiful oh “she is #1 here and there” but what are you ? I can call out beyonce or congratulate her all i want because i have my own success and my own accomplishments , and i sure as hell feel successful enough to speak my damn mind i don’ t need to be a puppy to feel important and you need to start chasing your dreams instead of living beyonce’ s life! This is my last time answering to You, melissa and others fans/stans, You have issues and need to look into that instead of taking it out on other people!

    Like i log on everyday to “get a kick” at provoking you, you think i care if you people eat and get full everyday ? I don’ t know you!


  89. Steph: sorry for the spam but child i did not see curtis’ s posts until Ivory told me
    so i wanna clock the tea on some things

    Okay, this is a crystal example of why some Bey stans go hard at defending Bey.
    The first 5 comments were posted JUST TO HATE ON HER and it is always the same posters too.
    WTH!!!! People say, well it is not a fan blog, we can say whatever we want and that’s that.
    Well guess what? If I am not a fan of an artist and I go to their post over and over JUST to say negative
    comments about her, then don’t that make me look like a fool? Yes, it does.

    65% of the “beefing” would cease if those who aren’t Beyonce fans would stop posting their predictable comments just to try to get “stans” riled up.
    But they don’t want to do that, because they get their “kicks” from doing this
    and they look like clown jesters and idiots. Too bad the joke is on you.
    Y’all the ones who look like fools and are seen as crazy and deranged.

    uhn uhn, i was not even going to adress your smple hypocrite behind until i realize i was one of those first 5 comments
    so i’ m a hater uh? do yall have anymore wrds in ur vocabulary? beside hater? okay lets play a game i
    challenge you to find another word than hater to describe people that dnt praise goddess beyonce…
    and you are so -1% for real, just because you are not a fan u aint allow to post comment on them?
    well thats dumb how do u become a fan? u review material, which mean u look at a pic or listen a song
    then from there u can say oh she fly i like her or uhm that song is fiyah ima start giving her a chance
    u cant ALWAYS not like someone or their work i.e i love halo i love iiwab i love dil i love resentment i love listen
    i hate diva video phone get me bodied single ladies and shit but there is some material i like ,
    how is it you was cosigning me and hi fiving me back when i was defending iiwab and all of the sudden i’ m a hater?
    YOU look deranged YOU look insecure and YOU look immature

    So we should come everyday and forbid ourselves from speaking so your little feelings won’ t get hurt?
    people are spose to walk on eggshells around you or you just going to kill yourself over beyonce?
    and you say people that talk about beyonce on a other level that you all are look like clown? really?
    you took a national survey and find out that people that speak “against” beyonce are clowns ?
    sit down ? you sound ridiculous and not that bright , he who claps for the clown is the bigger clown
    if we are clown and you are answering to our clowness then u dumber in the whole matter,
    if someone “hate on beyonce” and you “stan” back
    then you are a bigger fool than the “hater”. so you can stop right there kay ?

    @ melissa: u dnt even deserve an answer u gn be very shocked to be surprised in a few…i got you

  90. tld
    don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Every one else does. I don’t want you to feel left out 😆

    B has gained some weight, and she looks very much herself. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time she adds or loses some pounds. Have you seen her during the Beyonce Experience Tour? She was thick; then, she lost the weight. Now, I think she’s back to that size again. I happen to find her even more attractive with some meet on her bones :thumbsup: . Hers, at that stage, is not so much excessive weight. It’s just right. I myself could use a couple of pounds 🙂

  91. i hope this is the video for brokenhearted girl.. i love that song

  92. i don’t see why you people are so obsessed with this woman. she is human just like everyone else is and she is THE QUEEN at wat she does..she dosent care what you think of her. Beyonce is the best. And this is the video for Broken-Hearted Girl..and on the sasha fierce side the next single is Hello

  93. haha beyonce is that chick its so funny, yall haters butter get on it because after she takes over (which she pretty much already has) i would hate to be you…

    yesterday i was driving down the street (i never listen to the radio but got tired of beyonce on repeate for a minute so decided to turn the radio on) and diva was playing “NA NA NA DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLA!” song goes of… turn the channel and there it is a again “NA NA NA DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLA!” man she is everywhere and good for her…if i hated her like most yall in here i would be angry with her too

  94. She’s trying waaay too hard. I mos def still bump to Crazy in Love at the club, but now, do us all a favor and take a break, Ms. B. Please.

  95. Beyonce is doing her job! She is an entertainer. Her fans are enjoying her brand, music, and upcoming tour. If you don’t care for her, just use your energy enjoying someone else. Why can’t the :hater: take a break! Why don’t you all go on a one month fast and not discuss her! I bet some of you could not making it pass one day! :lol2: :lol2:

  96. Melissa
    i went to see madea goes to jail yesterday and when the trailer for obsessed came in a group of about 20 girls start clapping nd yelling beyonce
    when i looked over to them they was nothing but fat ghetto yellow, pink blue haired gum smackin eyes rolling uneducated the snapping tight jeans wearing gay dude then i remembered that if i was one of them ill stan too
    that would make me feel good about myself… so go on sexy 😀

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