Sasha Fierce vs. Beyonce On The Charts

And she’s off again. Just a day or two after being spotted arriving at LAX from Washington D.C, singer Beyonce was spotted back at the airport, reportedly heading overseas. The singer is said to be starting her second round of promotions for her newest singles, Halo and Diva.

The singer’s alter-ego seems to once again be winning the battle on the charts. Many expected Beyonce pop tunes, If I Were A Boy and Halo, to dominate the charts, but instead it has been her R n’ B tunes which have the propelled the Sasha Fierce album to over 3 million copies sold worldwide.

Billboard Magazine once again notes how Diva is quickly rising up the charts, presently sitting at #37, while Halo languishes outside the top 50 on both the Pop and R n’ B charts. Diva, like it’s predecessor, Single Ladies, is also spawning a craze on You Tube, with everyday fans spoofing the video.


  1. It’s true, domestically, Sasha fierce is leading. But, worldwide, IIWB did better than single ladies, and nearly half of those sales come from out of the country. So, yeah, Sasha is rocking the states, but B is killin the world.

  2. It’ s beyonce! One day you’ ll wake up and all i am’ s song will be in the top 20
    She is great like that

  3. How happy is that airport security officer! They don’t smile at me like that, lol!

  4. She looks pretty at the airport! I liker her travel attire…not keen on the weave.

    Co-sign SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS MUSIC that is true.
    I guess the states are more into Sasha, however, I prefer Bey

  5. Yeah, Sasha is killing the US charts but Beyonce is still doing its thing. Because Halo is designed for the commerical charts, it has gotten a slower start than Diva because SL is killing the pop stations right now. However, Halo is getting some momentum now so this “battle” should be interesting. Either way, this is a great era for Bey thus far with SL and IIWAB being in the top 5 and Diva moving its way up. Even her America the Beautiful performance got some airplay last week.

  6. Congratulations Beyonce!

    Anyways, I want to say first hand that “Diva” nor “Halo” are doing well here on Chicago radio. They rarely play these songs and they love Beyonce here. “Singles Ladies” made this album very successful. She better thank that zesty choreographer and the young dark skin woman that people kept saying was a man, and last but not least that SNL skit with Justin Timberlake helped as well. Oh yeah and The Dream for writing it for her. Beyonce is just boring they love the everly so cunty, over the top snaps for the kids Sasha.

  7. Congrats to Beyonce who ALSO has the #1 selling album in WORLD right now! I love Both sides equally! HALO Is better then “DIVA” but as soon as she starts to perform the songs it’ll be on top!

  8. Just saw the video on TMZ of Beyonce being wand searched at LAX! Too funny! She looks cute. I like the jacket and the shoes!

  9. She looks beautiful and relaxed…Jacket and shoes are the bizness!!!! Im not too much of a Beyonce fan BUT……………. I Love her new album its such a breath of fresh air and gives you a variety of everything. I must say she has stepped it up, not too much booty shaking like music,you can tell she is in a more mature and happy stage in her life, more ballads and fresh beats to dance to, “SINGLE LADIES ” is still my joint! lol This is her best CD to date in my opinion. I hope “HELLO” and “SMASH INTO U” are her next, next singles! Go Bey!!!!

  10. It’s ridiculous to discuss it like it’s two different people. The Sasha album was just her way of being wild without being called a freak. She didn’t mind being herself when she was DC but now that she’s solo she’s turned into this bland version of her former self. It’s cool to release your freaky deaky bey…no need to hide behind another ego.

  11. sasha is doing her thing and i usually would go for sasha but beyonce did it this time..sasha you just making cash for beyonce because beyonce has the true artistic ability…the bey side of the album is classic, timeless, beautifull…though the sasha side is kinda meaningless i still rock hard to the songs lol

  12. @ivy smash into has to be her next single…EVERYONE is saying that not just those online either…all my friends are hoping smash into is next…and i really think it will be

  13. I love this new album. I want “Broken Hearted Girl” or “Hello” to be the next singles although “Smash Into You” is another great choice. Congrats to B; she deserves this 🙂

  14. Bey is that chick and will always be cause she has the talent and smarts to back up the beatuty and banging body. She walks like that cause she can back it up!!!

  15. she needs to keep it R&B. She pretends that Celine Dion pop ballad sh*t is “the real her” but… c’mon people.

  16. Kelly finally broke away from the Knowles.Knowles.Knowles, KKK clan is now doing her own thing

    hopefully she will have the opportunity to outshine beywulf

  17. Beyonce is that CHICK and no one can take it from her…I AM SASHA FIERCE is a very very good CD. I hope “Ego” and “Disappear” are the next singles. YA’LL KNOW SHE WIL DO “EGO” FEAT KANYE WEST!!! THATS GONNA B HOOT

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