Sasha Fierce’s New Dereon Ad Campaign

Our favorite Diva is about to heat things up for Spring/Summer 2009. Check out Sasha Fierce below posing seductively for her latest Dereon ad campaign. The singer is shown wearing a $89.00 Show Girl Short Romper that features a zip front closure, scoop neckline and smocked waist.

beyonce for dereon spring 2009

The peachy retro outfit is a one of a kind, limited edition, Beyonce designed original that is only available online. You can also dress up the ensemble with matching accessories that include a belt, purse and shoes- all designed by the singer as well.



  1. It’s alright. I won’t be purcahsing it. Never cared for that clothing line. If an average (non-celeb) was to try and wear that she would be called a slut or looking stank!! Hopefully whomever purchases it has the right body for it and wears it right.

  2. Yeah I don’t know about wearing that on the street you would have to be really thin to pull it off. Not trying to be funny but the bottom reminds me of those shorts that you put over a babies diaper with the elastic or the shorts that go under the baby dresses, forgot what you call them.

  3. LOL!! Exactly. They photoshopped the heck out that picture just to slim down her legs. I have big legs like hers as well. Except mines are more muscular and I refuse to wear it. Then I’m short. EXTRA no. LOL!! I’m sure someone out there can pull it off though.

  4. Not trying to be funny but the bottom reminds me of those shorts that you put over a babies diaper with the elastic or the shorts that go under the baby dresses, forgot what you call them.

    I was thinking the same thing when I first saw this photo πŸ˜†

  5. @ Lingre thats soo funny!!
    None the less, Im just too damn old to wear this, even if I had the body once you pass 25 you cant just pull off anything, you have to look like a grown up! The colour is cute though.
    What’s with all the photo-shopping? Its not right to grossly misrepresent ones-self like that. Wear that thing with your thunder thighs girl, its why ppl love you, now with this very obvious photoshopping you’re sending out the msg that you’re not proud of those curves!! Not right!!

  6. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: She looks FIERCE!

  7. Who’s actually going to wear this? This is the question Tina should ask when designing clothes. From the whack color pattern (tie-dye?) to the cut and style, this look is awful. To me, it looks cheap, even on Beyonce. Can you imagine how it’d look on an average Jane?

  8. @koko


    I just can’t take Beyonce seriously.

  9. We know that pink looks good on brownskin but she doesnt have to overdose on the tan it looks uneven on her legs,if this was a mini dress or flowy long dress i wud have given it a thumbs up,the fabric looks beautiful and feminine,they always design unwearable clothes,they have to come down to reality and spend time with real people instead of fashion weeks then they wud know what is wearable,i have to say she looks sweet and sixteen on this picture,maybe thats their target market.

  10. :lol2: :lol2:

    Here she goes again. Wanna be fashionista FAILED, wannabe actress FAILED, wannabe icon FAILED, and so on………………

    Sit’cho a$$ down!

  11. The picture is fierce, but I wouldn’t wear that on the street! I agree it would have worked better as a dress!

  12. Just saw a picture of the Romper on the Dereon Model via Dereon website and I have to say it looks better on the model. The belt and the off-the-shoulder look is over kill (probably for advertising purposes) and takes away from romper.

    BTW, let’s all keep in mind that rompers should only be worn by women under size 10 (probably even 8) anything over that, or the age of 25 would look RIDICULOUS.

    Dereon isn’t that bad, but like Baby Phat, you have to add your own style to it. Keep in mind the thing these two lines have in common is that, their creators are overly confident women who are so over the top it’s crazy.

    Personally, I can only take Dereon, Baby Phat and every other “urban” line, in doses. Too much of it and you look tacky

  13. I have not wore romper like that since I was about 4 years old. I am 30 today. We had the ones with no sleeves but strings to tie on each shoulder.
    There is no way I would wear something like this. And evidently she would not either b/c they photoshopped her legs to death.

  14. She looks so skinny in this picture. I just don’t see anybody in their right mind wearing that outfit in the streets. Maybe baby girls since they need those shorts to hide their diapers. I don’t know why they photoshop her thighs this much. I thought the whole appeal of House Of Dereon was the fact that curvier girls can wear fashionable and sexy things too!

  15. okay so NOBODY would wear this?…. :iagree:


  16. I just don’t see anybody in their right mind wearing that outfit in the streets. Maybe baby girls since they need those shorts to hide their diapers.

    Before you and coco I thought I was the only one who thought this outfit looked like something you would put on a baby. The cinched bottom gives the whole outfit a very “diaper covering” look.

  17. Did anyone read that Beyonce told a London reporter that Michelle Obama told Beyonce in private that Beyonce was Sasha & Malia’s biggest role model. WTF. Is this chick that delusional that she wants everyone to believe that she is the Obama’s new BFF. Please. The Obama girls have two parents that are awesome role models to them and anyone else. Their parents did the impossible by growing up in the south side of Chicago to attend and graduate from elite universities to grab the highest office in the United States.

    Beyonce is a performer who’s popularity is based on her sexed up image and overexposure. She loves popping her coochie for everyone to see, singing songs about Freakum Dresses, Putting a Ring on It and Upgrading. She can’t even put together a sentences without sounding like a five year old. She is a selfish brat, liar, stealer and back stabber. Oh yeah Beyonce, you are such a great role model. She really needs to get her head out of the clouds.

  18. @Everyone above you is toooooo funnny. Like i can not say nothing got me over here laughing. But yes that outfit is too kiddie even for a eighteen yr old like come on please lol. I would not even wear that to bed look uncomfortable. That the tucking and pulling out of the private area n butt outfit.

  19. It looks good on her.

    The ONLY place I could possibly wear that little number is inside my bedroom πŸ˜† I would be too self conscious to wear it anywhere else!

    Tina and her daughters are stepping it up in the Dereon Jean & bag department. I see some things that I like. Keep it up :thumbsup:

  20. I’m sorry but Dereon looks like pure garbage.


  21. I think Miss Tina is still designing outfits for the stage. No ine could wear that out and be taken seiously. Her stuff on the HSN is more functional but uh-uh. I can’t get with that. (Even if I was skinny, and I am not) πŸ™

  22. Well….at least Dereon(and or the logo) isn’t foiled all around it πŸ˜†

  23. lmao…DEREON is makin BREAD who cares if 7 of you wont wear it cuz 7,0000 OF YOU would!! LOL Go Bey she’s look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! :hifive:

  24. Beyonce looks great! I would wear it and rock it with some cute white sandle pumps! Ya’ll trippin.

  25. LOOKS like the haters beat the fans to post AGAIN! lol Bey looks so cute and I would wear the hell outta that fit!

  26. Bee looks pretty. Leave her alone. She making that paper! :bowdown:

  27. That out fit is HOOOOOOTTTT!!! Im not a big fan of Dereon but Im feeling this outfit.

  28. @Naomi

    I agree with some of what you said. Baby Phat is SUPER whack. That damn cat needs to go on the inside of things. I like this outfit especially b/c its really girly and sheek. Dereon isnt the very best but they have some cute stuff and there jeans are the bizness. Even celebrities wear Dereon, Ive seen Trina, Remy Ma, Tiffany Evans and Daneille from ANTM rock some cute dereon stuff.

  29. LOL@Blac girl swag…isn’t that always the case.

    The bottom half of the outfit wouldn’t be so bad if the middle part wasn’t hanging down. The overall look of it is a little too gaudy for me, but we all know there are plenty of women out there that would rock that outfit to the club in a hot second. You know the size 18+ girls with the colorful hair and vaselined legs. Yes, they will rock it in a minute and know they look good.

  30. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: that is ugly as heck bee her cd is pure wack she comin with new singles every other week so sick of this brad im loving that keri hilson dissed her in that new song and guess what rihanna married to chris now heard it on the news today

  31. @Tray An album that has gone 2x platinum in 2 months when just releasing 4 SONGS is far from whack!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: YEAH and Keri Hilson got her a$$ fried and laughed the fucc out for tryna come at beyonce and Ciara! :lol2: :lol2: That b!tch came out wit 2 songs and aint wrote NOT one song for Beyonce. She’ll be gone in about………..eeehhh 1 year! lol

  32. all these people who are complementing this crazy outfit are out of their minds,yes beyonce looks pretty,sixteen,sweet,lean,overbrown and lean but the outfit is ridiculous….. stanz wud buy anything…how pathetic


    Ummm, hate to burst your bubble, but I Am DID NOT go double platinum in 2 months. As a matter of fact it’s double platinum status is based on RIAA, CDs shipped not actual sales. Her sales are like 1.9 million according to Soundscan. Close, but no cigar.

    Dont’ want to argue with you, but the whole reciting her numbers is so childish. And as for House of Dereon, it’s doing ok. Not the numbers others are doing, i.e Sean John, Baby Phat. Her target is supposedly high end as in cotour. Yet, I only see girls in the hood wearing it. A sale is a sale, but most high end shoopers do not rock Dereon.

    I think the line needs an overhaul, new designers (get rid of your mama) and real models, not Beyonce. Hell even Diddy don’t advertise his clothes they way this chic does and he’s a lot more successful with his line.

  34. :stop: @ Yachi

    I AM SASHA FIERCE has gone 2X platinum in the USA. Please re check ur facts. People in the hood wear dereon as well as folks out of the hood. Dereon is doing better then OK. they are doing the damn thing. Having sold over 3.6 mil pair of jeans alone. Dereon has its selective pieces but Beyonce is getting money big time. And if Beyonce wants to model her own sh!t that cool. OPRAH has her own magazine but guess who always graces the cover?? Oprah. so its all about what you want. Beyonce doesnt need dereon in reality. She hasnt bought a diamond or a car since she was 17yrs old. BEYONCE IS PAID!

  35. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: with HEATHER!

    Beyonce has gon 2x platinum in the USA. And over all 5x platinum including in other countries. Beyonce is definitely on her sh*t,she’s been holding it down for 10 years straight! I just HAVE to mention this whole Keri Hilson fiasco, She hasnt wrote a song for Beyonce and everyone on the Radio has been going in on Keri for coming at the queen. She killed all possible chances of high album sales with that remix tape. Saying it wasnt her idea and she is distancing herself from that track! LOL WORD has it that Bey was like …Was she talking about me?? Becuz I didnt want any of her tracks! πŸ˜†

    BTW: This is a cute fit. I would rock it, and make it look FIERCE!

  36. HOD is not doing well Heather. It’s nothing against her, but, a lot of celebrity clothing lines are failing. I think if they were a little more realistic with their advertisements it would probably do well. I don’t really see a bunch of people walking around with their clothes on. What I would like to know is why is it that every black celebrity who comes out with a clothing line has to have their name all over it. I hate that. Just make some regular clothes for people who are not on the red carpet.

    I mean seriously what grown woman will wear a romper room set. The first time she finally wore their designs on the red carpet it was distarous. This is too much. And I don’t think that is Beyonce’s body, I think that’s her face. Maybe what they should have done was actually hired models for their clothing line and maybe people would have looked at it more seriously. It’s getting to the point where people are really sick of her because her PR team is on overdrive. She really should just take a break and let people miss her and anticipate her next project.

  37. We know she got big legs so why try to deceive?

    This particular outfit..hell to the naw! Diaper shorts do not look good on anyone over 5yrs old.

  38. PLEASE :stop: Beyonce doesnt have big legs…Have u seen SINGLE LADIES which there is no photo shop going on in there. Her legs are stunning. NOW the haters have come out. :hifive: Dereon is doing very well. Do you know how many teens and young adults wear Beyonce’s line???? πŸ˜† You all have been living under a rock!

  39. @bee Beyonce did take 2 years off. BDAY came out in 2006. But the media cant get enuff of her! No matter how long she takes off she will forever be overexposed and followed everywhere she goes. Its not Beyonce that over exposes herself its the media and paparazzi! anyway Im just here to leave my comment. This is a pretty good site. Beyonce looks flawless in that pic but my fat ass could never fit that! lol I would if I could tho.

  40. Maybe I’m just old fashion but is it really neccessary to call her out her name.

    @GirlPlease – (I love to read how people feel they really know celebrities) – You don’t really know her to judge her, you only know what the media puts out about her and what you assume about her in association to what they say. Not knocking you for feeling that way but I wonder if you’ve ever met her, and if you did what did she do to you to make you feel that way?

    In regards to Ms. Hilson and Ms. Ciara…. :lol2: :loser:

    Ms. Hilson has been in the “game” since 04′ and her album is coming out… Don’t get it twisted she writes good music but she’s not …IDK… she has no MASS appeal. I mean I could be wrong (I am…Human, LOL) but I just don’t see it. Turnin’ me on is hot but is it really going to help her “launch a career”?

    and Ms. Ci-Ci, :lol2: won’t be relevant in the next 2-3 years. Sorry, Ci-Ci fans. She is cute and she can dance but… she’s trying too hard.

    In regards to the romper, again.. “to each his own”.

  41. BTW, HOD is NOT doing very well. That is why the line went through a rebranding process. HOD is now, solely evening wear. Dereon on the other hand is doing extremely well, with the introduction of the new girls line.

    I sound like I work for them….. Ah, MUSIC WORLD, give me a job already!!!

    I kid, I kid… unless your gonna hire me. If not, I kid, I kid. πŸ˜‰

  42. :iagree: Noemi!!!! Keri Hilson has only actually written maybe 2 ACTUAL BILLBOARD Making hits (ICE BOX AND TAKE ME AS I AM) Other then that she’s nothing. She need to try and keep the 5,000 fans that she has. :bag:

  43. :stop: :stop: :stop:

    yall lose so much focus its a dag on shame to the poin tthat every B post sounds the same..

    the outfit is WACK and id laff if i saw a grown woman wearing it. i wouldnt wear it over my bathing suit.

    and YES B has very big legs and a real STAN would know that becuase they are very NICE BIG OL LEGS dumb dumb…lol aint nothing wrong with them.

    look how thick they were on that beach photoshoot/video…duh

    and yes B does photoshop/edit her vidoes as well.

    dont be such a fan that you become delusional to the truth just to contridict a Hater….B having Big legs is a nice truth..

    im done…

  44. LOOKS like the haters beat the fans to post AGAIN! lol Bey looks so cute and I would wear the hell outta that fit!

    I so rest my case on stans being ghetto… uneducated and just so empty…
    I wouldn’ t wear this but hey beyonce is perfect so i’ m sure everyone will be rocking this..My op is if they kept the print and made it a short mini dress it would have been sexier..But hey I don’t have 400 millions like her so i’ma shut up and take it to the left


    STFU B!TCH! You sound ridiculous. Id love to see what your hidious face looks like and what your chicken legs look like! πŸ˜† Girl Beyonce is that b!tch and you need to accept it and move on. ALL BEY POST are the same due to the same hating azz MOFO that consistanly love to post on a person they “hate or dislike” sooo much! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: That just makes the FANS laugh so hard. Ya’ll fight us to the post 1st!! Beyonce looks fantastic and Im sure this fit will sell like HOT CAKES…Just like the Hoodie in RING THE ALARM sold out in 1 day!!!!!! :hifive:

  46. @IVORY
    Thanks baby do us all the favor, wit your ghetto and tasteless self! :loser:

  47. yachi shut up. that girl has sold 2.8 million her and 1.2 million overseas, totaling to 3million copies. study your facts before you start hating so hard

  48. is this post about HOD or album sales? i now know that some of the people who call us haters are on music world’s payroll,we cnt even comment on something without them coming after us,if figures are so important then you are using profits from HOD to inflate your album sales,i was realy amazed how crap like this wud sell so much in this economy and stop shutting down blogs that dnt like beyonce….keri just playing with your minds and you come out guns blazing screaming figures figures,you pretend not to care or read,why do you make a big issue about youtube views and first myspace listening session,leave us to to blog as we like and go spend your time on inflating those 45million views to a billion and make history.

  49. real talk is real sad….

    again a delusional fan getting they blood pressure up just to contridict truth….if “it” could read correctly…

    i was giving beyonce big-ups for her wonderful legs…

    but your obsession wouldnt let you see that…

    sad…you make her REAL fans look bad…


    love beyonce HATE the romper

    and yes i have chicken legs…. :loser:

  50. @ liverpool

    1st WTF kind name is that?? 2nd You said Beyonce has VERY BIG LEGS, how is that a compliment? Your so delutional of the fact that Beyonce will sell MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of HOD clothing with or WITHOUT you! :lol2: Just let it be….and her album sales wldnt come up if the STANS dont bring the ish up! SHE IS THE BEST IN THE GAME HANDS DOWN…who is coming for her NOT Ciara NOT Rihanna, NOT Jhud, NOT Keri who??, NOT Cassie, NOT Brandy, NOT Monica, NOT Keyshia Cole, NOT Mary J, NOT Christina A, NOT Britney, NOT Pink, NOT ANYONE! :bowdown:

  51. This post is about the spring collection of HOD. Nothing to do with record sales, youtube views, platinum this platinum that. I don’t give a sh*t how much she sells, who likes her, who doesn’t, how big her legs are, how hot she is, how perfect she is, how overexposed/underexposed she is… I don’t give a sh*it. I know I don’t like that piece of clothing in that picture and I don’t care how you wanna call me for saying that. I really wanna see her or Tina wear that on a red carpet. I haven’t seen the whole collection yet but as far as that picture is concerned, I am not feeling it.

  52. WELL IF YOU DONT GIVE A SH*T THEN FOLKS NEED NOT TO BRING HER RECORD SALES OR ALBUM UP PERIOD! Beyonce is that b*tch and HOD is making more money then any of you will ever see in a life time! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: whether u go and buy or not!! …..COCO, (FAT) Lady, Liver pool and IVORY!

  53. YEA I CALLED ALL U H0ES OUT! :hifive: Ya’ll dont have a sense of fashion anyway…yall probably shop at RAINBOW, RAVE, BABY PHAT, ECHO, PAYLESS, LEVEL 10, LUCAYA!! LOL thats not style thats called costumes!!!!!

  54. Hmm…looks like we got the same people posting under different usernames in here (again). Check the dialogue style…the signs are there. πŸ˜†

  55. To such a HUGE EGO- You are immature. I hope Stephanie blocks your IP for good. She doesn’t like this outfit either so according to you she has no fashion sense and she is a HOE. I hope you get banned from this site. You don’t know how to express your opinion without being a bully.

  56. Just checked out the site and the outfit looks NOTHING like the one on the ad. The print, colour and finish look better on the one Beyonce is wearing. The one on the site looks like a “bootleg” version. Where’s the brighter print Beyonce? Where’s the belt Beyonce?…Kinda hard trying to pass your “urban” line as a “legit” fashion line if your going to use false advertising. πŸ™

  57. What in the world does she have on??!! That is not a cute look at all. I agree with the poster that said the bottom looks like something you cover a baby’s diaper with. From the belt up, it’s cute. I like off the shoulder tops, but the bottom ruined the whole outfit.

    Then there are accessories to match it? Oh boy. Beyonce, honey, please stay to singing. Please.


  59. @such a HUGE EGO you funny ass hell. :lol2: You know you be creeping up all them store. As far as a hoe you the hoe and beyonce your pimp.

  60. You could throw a towel over Beyonce and she’d look good. REAL TALK.

    With that said, this outfit sorta looks like a tie-dyed towel.

    With ‘that’ said, I see very few people wearing this item.

    Are there any other images to the collection???

    This -ish is :thumbsdown:

  61. Does she really think people will wear this outdoors? I might wear it on the beach if it gets a bit cool or for my husband…but hey might not even like it

  62. i am a bit confuse about this oufit, are you surpose to wear that in public just like that?

    are you surpose to wear a skirt or jean with it?

    what grown woman is going outside their door with just this on πŸ™

  63. The thought of the level of photoshop done to this picture make me say I am not feeling none of this foolishness!!! She allows herself to be lightened in some picture and extra tanned in others…and we’re not going to even touch on her legs in this picture. I can’t stand when people present tomfoolery to the masses and insult grown folks intellegence…b*tch please.

  64. :brownsista: To all u haters, this stuff is for the “Urban girls” there is no need screaming out where you belong. You rock in anything you wear Bey.

    I’ll fit perfectly in this for a club or a party with “the girls!”, all haters be upgraded! :bowdown:

  65. okay, first i am not a hater, i adore *B*, but she needs alittle help with her designs for her clothing line, maybe its because she’s from texas, and i am from way far north, but her sense of style is lost on me!!!

  66. Are these people(stans) on Beyonce’s payroll? πŸ˜†

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