Sasha Teams Up With Gaga

According to Life & Style Magazine, Sasha Fierce has teamed up with Lady Gaga for the video release of her next single “Video Phone.” The two reportedly started work on the project last week and word is it will be a fashion extravaganza. Details are few, but early reports have Beyonce rocking a feathered dress, while Gaga goes for something even crazier. Video Phone will be the umpteenth video/single released from Beyonce’s multi-platinum “I Am… Sasha Fierce” CD. To date the disc has sold over three million copies in the U.S. and over six million copies worldwide.

Sasha Fierce



  2. @Kanyade, Why Gurl, I overlooked that Horrific Sight, but u mentioning made me have something…

    WTF!!!! What is that creation, looks like a holloween coutume ala cheap 5 dollar suit at a sex store…..Its not Fierce!!!SMH!!!

  3. SMH….my my what do we have here?…a piece from the House of Dereon’s new fall line?…lol

  4. @ MercifulLove

    “SMH….my my what do we have here?…a piece from the House of Dereon’s new fall line?…lol”

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Thats Passed Tacky Dereon attire,this is Baby’s Gaps Adule Line…LAWD!!!

  5. Bey’s outfit reminds of that episode of Girlfriends when Joan did the Cinco De Mayo skit @ the Senior Citizen home {youtube it}.

    Very interested in hearing this collabo.

    @ LMAO- YES! W/ Rih Rih it would’ve been totally, non-topping it FAB!, IMO…

  6. Why? I mean what is beyonce trying to accomplish by collaborating with lady gaga? I tought she was a queen? Why is she playing with the new comers? Idk but since her fans will buy anything go right ahead

  7. “Why? I mean what is beyonce trying to accomplish by collaborating with lady gaga? I tought she was a queen? Why is she playing with the new comers? Idk but since her fans will buy anything go right ahead”

    Maybe because beyonce calaborates with another female everytime she comes out with a re-release, just like with shakira…SMH, whats with u voice, always throwing shade and coming up with some conspiracy theory with Beyonce…SMH!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!

  8. What about the latest deluxe version that came with videos. I gussed this won`t be included. And then she would re-released another version of deluxe version?

    I love couple of tracks from this album but she should move on , going to the studio and start recording new tracks.

  9. ^^^^ I agree Monica, but she is to busy, She has A tour onto march, and then 3 movies…and than a new album…she needs to rest

  10. What conspiracy theory? I was just wondering girl please dont start with me it is too late for that mess f-ck you and beyonce got that ?

  11. ^^1. the act or process of collaborating.
    When two talented artist decide on a collaboration, they (dun,dun,dun) COLLABORATE — to enhance a specific song that suits a mutual vision. That has been the case since the dawn of musical time; idk why that’s so hard for you to comprehend.


    Beyawnsay can’t do it alone anymore. She’s employing the #1 RISING pop star in the industry. Funny Beyawnsay’s stans dog Lady Gaga because they were threatened, now that she’s sinking and needs Lady Gaga to boost that sluggish immature, ghetto single, Lady Gaga is suddenly the best. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Can’t you all see through this opportunistic chick Beyawnsay’s game?

    Beyawnsay is a wash!!!!!!!

  13. work b!tch work!! i love bey and gaga, this collaboration is going to be insane!! can’t wait for the finished product!

  14. it’s so pathetic when people analyze every move beyonce makes like she is a big fame whore always doing stuff for attention. this women is known all over the damn world, people love her!! why do some of you feel that need that she is attention starved? she has no reason to be. some of you ladies need to quit acting so bitter and jealous

  15. Everything Beyonce does is for media attention and money. She only wants to work with Gaga because she is the up and coming it girl and has a huge gay following. I just wish a major scandal would break out about Beyonce so that she can go away for years. She is over exposed to the max and it is becoming over kill.

  16. Skeptical of this video with Lady Gaga. I was expecting Diva to be great and it WASNT!!! My hopes have been high for all of her new videos and IMO she has dropped the ball on every one! I’m no longer interested in what she will do next….she has let me down too many times. I guess I am not really expecting anything GREAT from her anymore.
    I guess I will see when the video is released…

  17. Yes it was funny how they down play lady gaga. Now they doing something together now they riding gaga. Now if she did something with rhi-rhi everyone would be doing the same thing. To me she need to come out with some grown and sexy music. Im going to be honest im tired of her period.

  18. that is such a terrible outfit and i HATE lady gaga…i don’t even like the song on the album…so not looking forward to the video

  19. Damn people relax, she’s doing a video with the girl, not a whole album. My goodness……the same people who complain will be the same ones talking about the video two seconds after is debuts! Go Bey keep up the good work.

  20. Bey has done some good work. I love a lot of her songs & videos, but I also notice that she has always had a strategy of trying to pair up with any and all females that appear to be rising to the top. When Bey was just starting out, SHE & Letoya have said that Bey was the one to ask Letoya to join the group. She & Matthew are said to threaten to pull Beyonce from any awards show that LeToys PERFORMS in. They tried to sign Jennifer Hudson in order to slow her rise & continue to promote Bey. Jennifer refused to sign “for her own reasons”. Then there was Shakira. Now Lady Gaga. I hope no other rising icon is stupid enough to fall for her tricks/strategy. Bey is just like WalMart.No matter how much wealth and success they have, they still strive to shut others down. I shop in WalMarts often, but I see what they do and I see what Bey does.

  21. after that mtv performance i don’t wanna c gaga ever again in my life. this video is sure to have many demonic manifestations between Beyonce’s demon alter ego sasha and gaga, she don’t need an alter ego she’s crazy enuff-sure 2b a spectacle.

  22. Jay even said, My girl is outta control she need 2 slow down, but she won’t stop till she have a breakdown. Like Rhi said in the hook “Im addicted to the fame or life” anyway i’ll pray 4 her, there is a steep price to pay when u become an addict to money and fame and that is obviously her driving force, i don’t think $ but fame, absolutely

  23. @whateva-i kinda agree, Why you wanna team up with GaGa? Is it cuz she taking half the spotlight, i guess b say if i can’t beat em join em

  24. I agree with ruserious…after gaga’s disturbing performance on mtv I don’t know if this is a good move on bey’s part…the song isn’t even that great so the point is….

  25. Beyonce has not sold over 3million and 6million worldwide. Please state facts.

    She’s around 2.5M in the U.S. and 5M worldwide

  26. For anyone on this thread who doesn’t like Beyonce and decided to spend their time posting on here to prove it:

    Beyonce will never have to worry about going out of business as long as she has you. Like Kandi said in “I Fly Above,” you’re no one if you don’t have haters.

    Love her or hate her, she’s on your mind, and that’ll keep her in business! Gotta admit it.

  27. Sure she is hooking up with Lady Gaga. Gaga is the hottest artist in the pop world right now. I was expecting Beyonce to collaborate with Taylor Swift by now after the VMA’s. I am sure Daddy Knowles is working over time to make that deal happen too.

  28. i hope gaga dont wear something stupid like she always does. sometimes i get the impression she’s a man.

  29. Idk about this I dont really like the song, but hopefully I like the video and Gaga can REALLY sing better than half these chicks dont sleep on people that makes dance music.

  30. just a question, how do “haters” keep beyonce in business?? we don’t by her nonsense?? we just comment on the stupid stans who fall for her demonic bs…but what ever floats ur goat!

  31. Even though I do agree with Ruserious, I am not the “whateva” who posted the second comment. I’m the one who compared Bey to WalMart. Just wanted to let everyone know that the two “whatevas” are two different people posting -just in case we ever have two totally different opinions on the same article.

  32. i can’t wait myself, love the outfit. Question ho she never consider a music video with Ri Ri?

  33. @ whateva

    Agree!!! Notice it’s NEVER a black singer! lol Save the excuses

  34. I’m lovin this…GO BEY and Gaga!!!

    Haters used to say Bey NEVER collaborates with other artists because she’s SELFISH and she wants the spotlight for herself…
    NOW it’s she never collaborates with a BLACK singer??? WTF???

    Get it together HATERS!!!
    You starting to look a lil foolish right about now!!!

  35. She is only working with the chick because she is on the come up. She’s an opportunist, pure and simple. I’m with Greeneggs … it’s overkill and it’s annoying. She needs to go away.

  36. Poor Lady Gaga.. Another person for selfish, clamoring Beyonce to use. I was listening to the interview on Gayle King radio show.. Beyonce said the word I like way too many times for me. The sign of a selfish person.

  37. I went over to PerezHilton to check out the Alicia video but didn’t see it yet anyway he had a first look at Lady Gaga on the set of Video Phone. She looked like a white Beyonce, long curly hair and white leotard with yellow pumps.

  38. Is Bey feeling some competition? I feel that Gaga can’t compete but I think that’s why she did that song with that no singing Shakira. Lady Gaga should be named Lady Gimmick.

  39. Don’t HATE on Lady GaGa! She has MAD Talent!!!! The Gimmick is just trying to cater to her WHITE audience as usual that’s why she’s TRYING to hook up the hottest pop artist. LMAO @ ya’ll idiots who will go through hell and hot water for this gimmick Beyawnce. ROFL

  40. What 3 movies do she have. And a new album. Beyonce you need to rest from all the entertainment and start your family with your husband like right now so the both of you can grow with your children. Your fans will still support you and even bigger if you leave now and come back in 2to3 years. Beyonce you are beginning to look tire so take a break.

  41. I can’t wait! Beyonce and Lady Gaga will be fiyah! Hating is a sickness peeps. Collabs have been going on for ages! It’s nothing new. Now, folks have a problem because BEYONCE and Lady Gaga are working together!! Stupid folks. You mad at this! Just wait till her TV special airs on ABC on November 24th @ 9 PM! Yes, haters, Thanksgiving night. Just like last year.

  42. I hardly every comment on this thing but everytime…i click beyonce…you’re there giving nothing but negative comment! bt when i see you on rihanna’s post you’re doing exactly the opposite. beyonce already gone grown and sexy music….and if you didnt like that fuck off. In FACT…she already released hola and broken heart…what more do you want from her. She made her mark in the music industry…she can do whatever she wants.

  43. But i do have to say lady gaga is weak so beyonce doesnt need to play down on her. beyonce shouldnt team up with her!!!!

  44. i love the news about Beyonce that out.. She doesn’t write her own songs… Duh.. Beyonce can barely construct a sentence so we all know she’s not writings any songs.. I will be feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving Night just like last year…

  45. I am excited about this and I REALLY think this will be an interesting video. I am not a big fan of Gaga, but I do think she is interesting. I love Bey, so I am happy to hear that she is trying to do something different with Video Phone, then what was first presented as the song alone. Happy that she is trying to do something more out there by bringing in Gaga, I would have never guessed it, but I support the effort.

  46. it will be interesing to see how they blend their concept,i mean beyonce is the dragqueen lookalike and is gaga a shemale wow!!! fireworks chemistry….cnt wait

  47. what’s the hype all about…both are copycats…

    one is madonna and the other is tina turner!!!

    a repeat of history…calm down.

  48. um..i am a hugee beyonce fan but i think the video gonna be weird with lady gaga in it..especially after her paparazzi video(strange as heck)lol..but i will support whatever bee does or wants to do..ilyy bee!

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