“Say It Loud: I’m Pregnant, Ratchet & Proud”

So recently on Twitter, Amber Rose said that she “loves it when Wiz calls her his baby mama because it makes her feel ratchet and she likes it.”

One of the definitions of the word ratchet according to the Urban Dictionary is:

1. A whore
2. Dirty/Nasty
3. Ghetto as HELL
4. Annoying
5. Busted

So….. this is how building his legacy makes her feel. This is what she is thinking while she is pregnant with his child. Brothers, I keep telling you to look beyond big asses, thick thighs, and a pretty face because NONE of that is relevant if her mind isn’t right. You mess around and have your future trapped in an undeveloped mind, your child being held hostage in a mind that is not even close to thinking like God, therefore lacking the capability to give birth to one!

It’s already been revealed that she is having a boy. Let’s refer back to number one of the ratchet definition, which is “a whore” and if she likes the way that makes her feel what is she teaching her son, regarding his view of women while he is in the womb? What will be his treatment of women? A whore is defined as:

A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.
If his MOTHER likes the way being a whore makes her “feel” then what type of woman will her son seek? Is he more likely to treat a woman like a whore, or already see her as such, and assume that she likes the way being a whore makes her feel, since this is something he learned from his mother? Right now because of her warped views and mindset, she is instilling warped views in the mind of her son.

It is true that women are the first teachers and the FIRST lessons are taught in the womb. When a woman is pregnant, whatever she intakes mentally, spiritually, and emotionally so does the child. That is why conception should take place in the MIND first. Brothers, you should see how fertile her MENTAL ground is, and if she can cultivate the spiritual and intellectually seeds that you plant there. What good is physical fertile ground if the mental ground is barren?

Whenever I post something on my Facebook page, my inbox becomes flooded with messages, and this time was no different. When I wrote a status about Amber Rose and what she said, I was immediately emailed by several Sisters stating that he made her a “baby mama“, once again using old faithful, aka “deflection“. When I initially saw what she wrote on twitter, my thoughts were, why do we love being baby mamas? Why can’t we love it when we are referred to as “his wife?” So when I received the inbox messages, I thought how can someone “make” you a baby mama? No one can make you what you aren’t or haven’t already volunteered to be. Every time you lie down with a man, and he is not your husband you are running for the position of “baby mama” and your back becomes your platform.

Basically the message stated that if he married her, then she would love it when he calls her his wife. Maybe if SHE made marriage a requirement before she allowed him to receive the benefits of marriage, then that would be the case, but SHE didn’t so it’s not.
Amber Rose is role model for so many of our young girls and young women. What message is she sending to them when she boasts of how she loves being called a baby mama? Instead of “turning a hoe into a housewife” our young girls probably think they have to be a “whore” in order to BE a wife, or baby mamas, which sadly, some of us feel like being a man’s baby mama, is the highest honor. This is a woman that said she was “a south Philly hood rat” and when asked about her previous relationship with Kanye West, she said that she was an “ill b*** to a rock star.” So she likes all things ratchet, she was a self-proclaimed hood rat, and she was an ill bi*** and this is the type of woman our young girls are choosing to emulate.

In order for God in a man to reproduced, the God in him must be present. Amber Rose is unable (at this time) to reproduce the God in Wiz, because he hasn’t revealed the God in him. She is reproducing him in his current mental state, coupled with her mental state. If he was on an elevated level he wouldn’t have placed his future in the womb of a ratchet loving, ill b** hood rat. . If she was on an elevated level, she wouldn’t desecrate the place where life is being formed with those types of damaging thoughts nor would she see herself in that manner.

Listen to the immature terminology that we commonly use in our community, “baby mama and baby daddy”. Black Woman, you were not designed to be ANYONE’s “baby mama”, you are to be his WIFE, and once you are his wife, then your womb becomes the pathway to extend his life. Through YOU, his legacy becomes physically manifested.

Black Man, you weren’t created to be a “baby daddy”, you are to be her HUSBAND, and you plant the seeds that will continue your existence. That is the DIVINE order. We have to stop trivializing the procreation process. Sisters, you should love your husband so much that reproducing him is an honor. His qualities, spirit and mind should be so beautiful that you know that reproducing him is vital to produce a positive change in our community. Now does any of that sound ratchet to you?

Of course I also received messages that referred to men being ratchet due to their behavior and mistreatment of women. It never fails, regardless of what I say, women will always attempt to redirect it back to the men, but I navigate right back to us. Here is a woman, that with HER own words, says that she likes feeling ratchet, and somehow, someway, there was an attempt to shift it back to men. Listen, if you have ratchet thoughts while you are pregnant, that equates having a ratchet womb, because as a woman “thinketh” so IS she, along with what SHE produces. So if you are upset at the so called ratchet behavior that a man displays, I suggest you immediately seek out the owner of the ratchet womb that produced him.



  1. Love it, but I have to point out one thing. Reproducing with the man that we love is not just a way of continuing HIS legacy, but a way of continuing ours as well. Our children should be reflections of both their parents.

  2. First of all we have no right to judge anybody about what we feel is right or wrong. Secondly, Amber had a rough childhood and upbringing from the streets of Philadelphia. I personally feel happy she has made it to the point to where she is today. She has her own career in gear modeling, commercials and her own eye wear. In November 2011 she became the spokesperson for Smirnoff and appeared in a TV ad and billboards for the company’s new flavors Whipped and Fluffed.

    Congratulations to Amber and Wiz wish you much love and happiness to come 🙂

  3. well i believe that each person has their own definition of what every word means. i know i do and to me i would have never thought of ratchet as that i always thought of ratchet as acting in a reckless or immature manner not in every situation, but in some situations’ and although your argument is great and true, i think you went in too hard on amber because it is apparent that her definition of ratchet is not the urban dictionary definition.

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