‘Scandal’ Heading to BET in the Fall


Kerry Washington’s hit ABC drama ‘Scandal’ is heading to BET this fall. According to published reports, season one and two of the political drama will begin airing in late summer, while current episodes of season three will air a week after they are broadcast on ABC.

BET will begin airing the first two seasons with a marathon starting in August and will continue to air episodes up until the season three premiere in September.

The magic number for shows to be sold into syndication used to be 5 years, 100 episodes, but in recent years shows with exceptional hit value have had their syndication rights snapped up as early as their first season (Glee, Modern Family).

Congrats to Kerry and company.

Ain’t no money like syndication money. LOL


  1. @Candycoated, stop that backwards as$ thinking. The show has a bonafide following now and that’s all that matter.

  2. I am a huge fan of the show on ABC — a lot of stuff that happens on basic TV never makes it the same on cable (even basic cable) like what BET did to The Game. Shondra Rhimes is a phenomenal writer and producer of her shows. It speaks volumes, so I hope BET doesn’t change anything.

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