Scandal Preview

It was May 18, 2011 when I first got an email informing me that actress Kerry Washington would be starring in a new Shonda Rhimes produced drama for ABC. Originally scheduled to be a mid-season replacement, the show never debuted and rumor had it the network wasn’t sure if their audience would tune in to see a show with an African American female lead.

Fast forward almost a year and I guess ABC is a bit more sure because “Scandal,” originally titled “Damage Control,” will finally make its debut on Thursday, April 5th.

The show is inspired by real life crisis management expert Judy Smith, who was a former White House aide under president George H.W. Bush.

According to Kerry, her character, Olivia Pope, will be a complex personality, full of contradictions. “In her professional life she is always the smartest woman in the room. In her personal life she’s a total mess.”


  1. I will be watching. So will everyone else. Beauty and brains can’t go wrong. If Whoopi could have leading lady movies that smashed the box office and even led to theatre productions – sister act etc. If Oprah could have a show and be at the top. Why can’t Kerry? If the show is good and Kerry has a spark. Black, white, green, purple will tune in…

  2. I love Kerry and from the previews, this will be extra juicy!!!! I’ll be there………….

  3. Shonda seems to have the golden touch and Kerry is an awesome actress so this could be huge.

  4. This is EXCITING news!!! I will watch for sure, regardless of what the critics say. It’s getting good with Sanaa Lathan on Boss, Joy Bryant on Parenthood, Vanessa Williams with a successful stint on DHW and now Kerry Washington! It’s funny how television is attracting film actors like it did in the 1950s as the old film studio system collapsed and movie goers stayed home with new their television sets.

    Now tv and cable networks are dominating and people only come out to see mainly blockbusters, franchises or films based on best-selling books.

    We are playing a significant unspoken role with increasing visibility and profits for networks with Shonda Rhimes (Creator – Executive Producer), Tyler Perry (Syndication), Ice Cube (Executive Producer), Don Cheadle (House of Lies Actor – Executive Producer), Mario Van Peebles (Director – Boss and Damages), Debra Lee (Viacom owned BET), Cathy Hughes (Network Owner), Martin Lawrence and others.

    It’s nice to have positive media images as reality shows will never end (too cheap to produce)!

  5. Why is every attractive Black woman on network TV always paired with a White man?

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