Scandal Returns


Scandal Returns with New Episode ‘It’s Hard Out Here for a General’

Rise and shine Scandal fans, your show is set to return in less than two weeks. Via ABC, the winter premiere will take place February 11th, and apparently a lot has happened since the fall finale. As we all know, Olivia and Fitz broke up again, and in the six months since we last saw the pair, things have changed dramatically.

According to the show’s synopsis, the former love birds are dealing with their newfound freedom is very different ways, which is probably code for Olivia is playing the field, while Fitz sits in the White House drinking himself into a stupor.

Whatever the case, Pope & Associates is back in business, episode stills and preview video below.

FYI: I did not watch the mid-season finale. When I read Olivia had an abortion to the tune of Silent Night, I knew that particular episode was not for me.


  1. Kerry looks good in that orange dress. Scandal’s wardrobe department continues to kill it every single time.

  2. Well Sista, I am glad you pointed out that elephant in the room for the mid-season finale of Scandal. I did not know what was going to transpire on the show, so when I saw it, I was completely shocked and appalled. As someone who is PRO-LIFE (no exceptions), I was greatly offended at the way in which that scene was handled. I mean after the abortion, Olivia Pope’s character drank wine and smiled at the end with a Christmas tree and snow back drop. Hello???? As a result of the pure SIN, I will never watch the show again. That episode crossed the line for me (coupled with the other foolery), and I watched that show from the first episode. I like Kerry Washington, but unfortunately I have made the decision to not watch Scandal nor How to get away with murder ever again (that show, HTGAWM has gone off the cliff, as it relates to sinful behaviour), and I love Viola Davis. I also stopped watching Being Mary Jane, Empire, Power, House of Cards, Shades of Blue, Sleepy Hollow, and started and stopped watching Brandy’s show Zoe; all for similar reasons. It is sad, as I love supporting the Sista’s or a good actress, but I love God waaay more. Some of these shows are just not healthy, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect character or show either for me to watch. The television landscape as it relates to morale’s is a microcosm of society, we clearly have to check ourselves and return to the Lord. We are accepting anything. The devil is running mass media, we have to put a stop to it. The youth are growing up watching this garbage, with no balance, the media is conditioning them to think sin is fine as showcased in music, magazines, movies and television. If man can think it, then it’s okay, because don’t they promote now that we are our own god’s. I am now regulated to watching box sets of old shows and the choice shows here and there, soon I’ll just stop watching television, as even the news can’t be trusted.

  3. The devil has always run Hollywood, so why stop watching the shows now? Were you not offended from the beginning of Scandal when you found out Olivia was sleeping with a married man? Was the behavior not SINful enough for you to give up on Olitz?

  4. TV is not what it used to be. It seems no one have any morals anymore and just “letting it all hang out” is the culture we live in. Viewers don’t have to be perfect but the characters we see on tv do help shape the world and how we navigate based situation we may never be in. I don’t know it’s just me. I will still watch Scandal because I like the show and I would never have an abortion. It no reflection on me but it could someone else. Anyway@Brownsista I have been on this site for a few years and I want to say I really like the new look. Thanks!

  5. Primetime television is not what it used to be. It’s gone darker, edgier, etc. Kim, you mentioned “Shades of Blue” and I feel I know what part of that show convinced you to stop watching. I have similar Christian values, however, I do believe in telling a story and presenting a truth. The scenes in “Shades of Blue” to which I think you are referring could’ve been handled more subtly but could also have gone further. It is just enough—enough that the network could get away with and keep the rating it has.

    On topic, I stopped watching “Scandal” after Olivia was rescued. I stopped watching “Sleepy Hollow” after the first/second episode of this current season. I stopped watching “Empire” after one-half of the first episode. It just wasn’t for me. With “Scandal” and “Sleepy Hollow” I’m more disappointed with the character development of the lead AA actresses, not necessarily the subject matter.

    As for “HTGAWM”, I’m still a fan. I think after season one, for me, it has somewhat mellowed in its “shock factor”. “Shades of Blue” I find is a good show. I’m liking it. I like seeing JLo play a tough, “real” character. No issues with it–just enjoying the character study of cops who operate in shades-of-gray for seemingly “legit” purposes.

    I am disappointed in “Chicago Med”; only watched the first episode and saw the favored “leads” and decided no. I don’t have Starz so I can’t see Jill Marie Jones’ new venture. I’m hesitant about watching Meagan on the new addition to “Code Black”, I think? Simply because I’m not too keen on hospital shows. My schedule got too busy and I forgot about “Minority Report”, though I do plan to rent it once available. Not a zombie fan so never supported Danai on “The Walking Dead”.

    I ramble, but I do in my television viewing try to support shows that feature AA women in lead roles because that is what I want to see. But I won’t sacrifice watching what I like and what appeals to me in favor of blind support–especially for a show that does its AA lead wrong, as many of these series do.

  6. Well I concur, Kanyade. As I love watching shows that feature us, in particular when we are the leads, however I have reached a point in my life when too much exposure to the darker elements has run its course. I watched Scandal and HTGAWM, never missed an episode, but it went too far and after the mid-season finales, I said that was it. I watched Sleepy Hollow, up until fall of last year, but the constant degrading of Abbie’s character and the demonic element finally got to me. When I saw Jenny in a cave on her knees hypnotised by evil with Pandora and some devil, I said that’s it. I watched the first season of Power and when it came back, I backed away, no need to get my mind twisted on too much violence, peculiar behaviour, and explicit relations. I’ve always been a JLO fan, I admire a lot of her acting, so of course I watched Shades of Blue, but yes, it was that alley scene with Ray Liotta where I said you have got to be kidding me. As for the Brandy show Zoe Moon, it needs some help in many areas; acting, story line, plot, direction, characters, etc.. Brandy is one of my all-time favs, so not to watch her show and supporting this project is sad. As soon as I started watching Chicago Med I stopped, I was tired trying to find Yaya. I watched Empire up until the fall of last year, and as a Christian it was just not happening. Only so much reasoning I could tell myself to keep on watching. Do I want to support the Brown Sista’s, Yes! But unfortunately the writers (professionally speaking) are not supporting God. For goodness sakes in House of Cards current season, they had Kevin Spacey’s character, spit in Jesus Christ’s face and have Our Lord fall off the cross and break in pieces. We as a society have come that far that someone would actually write that, the actor would agree to do it, the network would say ok (greenlight), and the public would be like, ok. Well needless to say, I promptly broke the DVD (it was bought, unfortunately) in pieces and threw it in the trash where it belonged. There comes a point and a time where you have to say, am I living man’s will or God’s will. It’s a process, but the first step is letting go of the mundane. So no more Olivia Pope for me, as the abortion scene was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  7. That someone would actually write…a truth? Ray Liotta’s character in “Shades of Blue” exists in the world in one capacity or another. Nothing is new under the sun. Homosexuality and the display of has been around for a long time. I once had an employer tell me she wishes it [life] could go back to the way it was back in her “Leave it to Beaver” days and “Andy Griffith”, etc. I just looked at her while thinking that yeah, those days were seemingly better (I mean, what part of childhood doesn’t seem better than the time we live in now?), but it wasn’t so great for black folks. Of course I let her have her moment, and didn’t insert what I felt about her statement into the discussion. Let us all go back to the old time way where censors prevailed and freedom of speech was limited and everyone was happy, seemingly so, on the surface; where television even of the trashiest kind only inferred and didn’t blatantly display or provoke vices and immorality that existed, but existed far, far away from us.

    I grew up in the 80s. I’ve seen the change in television. I’m also a writer and know the ways of the penned-samurai. You want to tell a “truth” but not alienate your audience. But when your audience is desensitized, why not show the truth of what you write—especially when the audience has come to expect it? Ray’s character is gay—okay, let’s give him a “scene”. It makes the show seem more daring, more provocative, more than just the norm. The writers are doing what they do and yeah, the studios are like, “cool” this is what the folks want anyway—an HBO type feel to primetime telly. Also, it’ll sell and maybe reign in a couple of Emmy nods along the way.

    These shows do what they do to “rise above” the rest, but I feel also that there is a way within storytelling in which understanding a character does not demand such explicit actions. There are shades of gray to storytelling—levels in this. But some shows just which to display the stark, the harsh contrast of what lies between a simple black and white telling. And that’s fine, too. Doesn’t mean I have to watch it.

    Yes there’s lots of evil, bad, no-goodery stuff on the telly. You have to draw the line at what you watch. For me though, the line was drawn due to crap writing of would-be great characters in my AA leads. The morality of these shows or lack thereof is secondary. And I dare not question the actions of Hollywood or society at large stemming from television and film. Hollywood has always been about the money, on one level or another.

  8. In today’s society The Lord is not present. TV shows and movies are geared towards absolute sin and disgrace. It hurts me to see these things going on and it is corrupting the minds of our young and old. TV or the “demon box” you can say is planting seeds into the minds of people and many people do not recognize the damage that it is truly causing. I know for many years I must admit I use to watch every scary “NOT OF GOD” TV shows and movies under the sun. It didn’t phase me I always wondered why? It would actually make me laugh and I knew what was coming next. I use to be into Zombies, Werewolf’s and Vampires you name it. I was watching the rubbish! I never knew it was planting seeds of hatred in me as well as the anger that formed within in heart. God was always in my heart I just never realized I was pushing it down and dismissing The Lords call.

    I enjoyed watching Scandal, HTGAWM, Sleepy Hallow, Minority Report and even Zoe, but I have realized that a lot of these shows are just whack! It’s like watching every storyline fall over the deep end one after another. I enjoy watching Keri and her Gladiator crew take down some scandal but the abortion and the other types of story lines I don’t care to discuss is just out of this world.

    Sleepy Hallow use to be the bomb my favorite show, but it went downhill the demon calling and dismissing of our leading ladies with whack storylines enough is enough. I can’t watch those shows anymore because it takes me back to a place where I do not wish to ever go again. I don’t need the rubbish to sit in my head and carry on like everything is all dandy when you look at the absolute truth it’s not! Satan took over the air waves…

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