Scandal Season Five Promo Clip

SCANDAL SEASON FIVE PROMOWhile I’m not the world’s biggest Scandal or Olitz fan, I do respect ABC and the show’s writers for being smart enough to give the fans what they want.

Unlike shows like Empire, which recently unveiled a promo clip full of scenes from their upcoming season, Scandal’s promo clip instead features nothing but love scenes of past Olitz rendezvous, including some that actually managed to make even me blush.

Love or hate the show, Olivia and Fitz, collectively known as Olitz, are the driving force behind its success, and unlike shows like Sleepy Hollow, Scandal is smart enough to take advantage of that.

Season four left us with Olitz embraced in a scorching kiss and hope of the pair actually becoming cannon in season five will be the carrot on a stick ABC dangles in front of fans to make sure they tune in.

How I wish Fox and Sleepy Hollow‘s writers were as smart.

Oh well. Fans will have to decide which show they’ll watch live and which they’ll DVR as the two will go head to head this fall when Scandal returns on September 24 and Sleepy Hollow debuts a week later on October 1.

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  1. I still can’t get over this chick just waiting for this married man inside the White House and slobbing him down. Sorry, Olivia. You are not in the right. You need to be handled.

  2. Kerry and Tony burn up the screen together whether talking or sexing. Nicole and Tom play great friends but I see zero sexual chemistry between their characters. I’ll be watching Sleepy Hollow live but Ichabbie is no match for Olitz dressed or undressed. ?

  3. Honestly, the couple that I’m going to be watching on Thursday nights is bamon from tvd 😉

  4. I’m not up on all my ships. Bamon is who? I know it’s Kat Graham’s character, but not much else.

    Guess I better hit up Tumblr.

    Edit: got it, Bonnie and Damon = Bamon 🙂

  5. I devour/adore watching Scandal due to the intense reckless passion of Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant. The way they cleared the path for the last 3 minutes of season 4 was slightly raggedy storytelling wise BUT it was a long time coming. Hope has sprung AND now to see what the next chapter brings…more power & clout for Pope or jam and kids in Vermont. Either way I am a stan for all of it.

  6. We’ve waited a long time for Olitz together. Right or Wrong, it IS and I’ll be watching.

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