‘Scandal’ Soars in the Ratings


Kerry Washington’s time has come.

The 35-year old beauty saw her Shonda Rhimes hemled series ‘Scandal’ reach an all-time high in ratings last night, averaging a 2.4 rating among the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Loosely translated, the show pulled in 7.8 million viewers and at one point 7 of top 10 trending topics on Twitter were related to the show.

Ratings for the show were up 18% from its fall finale and won its time slot, beating CBS’ ‘Elementary’ by four tenths.

Other notable standouts were Taraji P. Henson’s show ‘Person of Interest.’ Averaging a 3.3 rating, the show pulled in 15.6 million viewers, besting Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy, which averaged a 2.4 rating and drew 11.3 million viewers.


  1. If Taraji’s show got much higher ratings, why doesn’t this article focus on Taraji rather than Kerry?

  2. Scandal is one of only two shows on network TV where the lead character is a black woman. The other is Meagan Good’s new show Deception. I chose to big-up Scandal for that very reason. Person of Interest is about two white men and Taraji is the lead female, but the show doesn’t rise and fall on her. I still celebrated her show as well and am happy it is doing so well.

  3. This post/focusing on Scandal was appropriate. Bye Trina.

  4. I missed it last night. Going to watch it when I get home. Scandal and Deception are both good shows.

  5. Olivia Pope is such a well written character! Strong woman yet feminine, I love it 🙂
    Kerry Washington is an excellent actress.

  6. i have not watched deception yet but i am going to catch it on hulu soon. but scandal is one of my favorite shows and definitely person of interest is great and regardless of the fact that the main characters are white, still taraji plays a major role and if someone else was in that role it would not be the same. but i am glad black women are getting their shine on network tv and the movies.

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