Scans of Ciara In King Magazine

Ciara appears in and on the cover of the March/April 2007 issue of King Magazine and just as I thought she would, the sista kept her pics cute and classy.Ciara is totally dressed and this in my opinion sends a great message to her fans who are mostly teenagers.Enjoy the scans below and check out Ciara’s gallery on which has been updated extensively over the last couple of days.


  1. I knew you guys would have the inside pics first and I was waiting to see them.I’m glad Ciara kept it on not just because of her fans but because I think that is just who she is.She wants to make it on her talent and not her booty.Yeah looks and sex appeal help but she’s not trying to ride that.Kudos to her for taking the road less traveled.

  2. That quote about her only dating one man her age was meant to passify all the Black male perverst out there.I remember when she was with Bow Wow the whole issue with brothers was why she wit that young boy, he can’t possibly know how to f%ck her right.Old ass men always wanna be up in young girls face.I always loved the fact that she dated within her own age range rather than dealing with some older guy that just wanted to sexually turn her out.

  3. I can’t get used to seeing her sexy. Reminds me of a little sister. She still has such a young look to her I don’t even like the dress pic. The jumper is boarderline Brittany. Not Brittany Spears now but right before she started to push us into looking at her the other way. Not trashy but more sexy, risky. Kiddy porn type stuff. :banana:

  4. Ciara’s image when she first came out with Goodies was very sexy.Does anyone besides me remember the video? Over time however she became a little more tom boy-ish and lost some of the sexiness in favor of a more b-boy style dance and dress.Her sexiness has never been over the top so to me these images are in keeping with what she has alwats done.

  5. :iagree: I liked her look in the Goodies video. She has a pretty face and an athletic body, but there is no need for all of that damn weave. It is a bit too much 😕

  6. Didn’t you know- the more famous a sister get the more damn hair they add. :lol2:

  7. These pics are a little too bland for my taste.Nothing about this shoot really jumps out and grabs you.

  8. Ciara looks sexy in all her pictures. Big ups to KING magazine for this one. I love the pic of her sitting on the counter in that blue dress lookin all sexy and innocent.

  9. I like the one of CiCi bending down in front of the jukebox :booty:

  10. She looks alright, I have seen a little more sexier pictures of her, but I guess that’s not what she’s trying to promote. So keep doing your thang girl.:koolaid:

  11. Man I read through this whole magazine and the finest, sexiest chick in it is Kelly Borger. But this aint about her this is about ciara. My badd, she looks good too.:mrgreen:

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